Troubleshooting for Syncing MEC with Google Calendar

 Troubleshooting for Syncing MEC with Google Calendar is a presupposed feature of the modern event calendar plugin. In this article, we will walk you through this process. 

Syncing MEC with Google Calendar

We will provide an explanation of Google Calendar and check to see if there is anything you may have missed.

1- The Google Calendar should be public to import.
2- The timezone on WordPress and Google Calendar need to match together.
3- APIKey should be enabled for Google. Check the client ID too.

It has been explained how to do it in the video above.

Checking the Cron Jobs

Cron Jobs, check these items :

1- Import manually for the first time so the API would be set in MEC.

2- Go to MEC Settings > Import/Export > Synchronization Tab, and copy the URL it provides.

3- Go to your site CPanel and use this URL in cron jobs.

Please Note: Cron jobs are a feature of CPanel, and you need to contact your host provider to set it.

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sirlordrouter June 13, 2020
| |

Events Configuration like pictures, Category gets overwritten with sync – is there any way to prevent this?

Ryan December 12, 2019
| |

I want to set up Google Calendar 2-way sync. I’m only seeing tutorials on how to import from one to the other. 
Can you help me out with this?