Map View Skin Settings

 Map View Skin in the Modern Events Calendar is one of the most practical views. Your website visitors can get to know the event location and find those that are close to them at a glance. Or go for hotspots and the most attractive event sites.

Map View Skin Shortcode

You can use shortcodes in your internal pages to have this on your website. The shortcodes are located in M.E. Calendar > Shortcodes. If you want to use “Geolocation,” you need to enable this feature:

Map View Skin

Then, on the front end of the website, the end-user should be allowed access to the location on the browser.

Map View Layout

Here is the demo of Map View Skin in the Modern Events Calendar:

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itsme3 February 2, 2020
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Hello, is there a way to control the hieght of the map? it looks too big in the single-event page