Fluent View Layouts

New skins designed for future! These skins are created based on the latest design methods to make your website so much more appealing and your visitors will surly admire it. The Modern Events Calendar, as the name implies, is designed in a stylish and modern way that lets you enjoy the appearance of your calendar immensely.

Fluent View Layouts 1

Fluent View Layouts Addon

Key Features

New Skins

More than 20 skins for all shortcodes and single events. Just with a click!


It’s compatible with all devices; mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Professional Filtering

Just the good old ones, with the new UI and improved UX.

Reservation System

The previous system with a more stylish UI and more optimized UX to let the end user communicate with your website.

More Freedom

Besides the new skins, you can have the fluent styles as well!

Optimized Accessibility

Now it is simpler and more optimized to access the events.

No Need for Special Configurations

You can choose the fluent view from the skins, just with a click!

Single Event Widgets

The widgets are now more stylish in the single events, giving a modern-looking design to your single event page.