Social Auto Poster

Using this addon you can share your events automatically and with ease on your social media. We've made everything much easier for you. There are no limits to how many accounts you can add and you are also able to assign categories to them. LinkedIn, Meetup, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are supported by this addon. You can have several accounts linked for each of those. In History section you can glance over the statistics about your posted content. It has both a list view and a chart view.

Social Auto Poster 1

Social Auto Poster Addon

Key Features

Link multiple accounts from each platform

You can add as many accounts as you like from the platforms mentioned above to this addon

Support for multi social media platforms

This addon support Facebook, Meetup, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

List reports

You can get a report in the form of a list from all the events that you have posted on your socials

Manual publish

If you don't want to automatically have the events posted on your social media you can use the manual option to manage them

Simultaneous publishing on multiple accounts

you can publish your event simultaneously on several accounts


With this addon you have the option to automatically post events on your social media

Chart reports

You can see which platform has had the most events posted on it in a glance

Category-based Auto-posting

You can make it so that new events of a specific category are automatically posted on your socials