Modern Events Calendar Vs. The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar plugin is an event creation and management plugin on WordPress, which also has a free version ready for download.

The event plugin has many sought after features such as recurring events. Using this plugin you can put your tickets up for sale or for public booking.

The Events Calendar also provides you with useful visual tools, analytics, and even Facebook integration. Though you’ll need to purchase additional addons to gain access to those features. In any case, you can find Facebook import in event calendars for free in other plugins like Modern Events Calendar.

The Events Calendar

This plugin has been made with WordPress in mind, meaning it’s highly compatible with it. The Events Calendar plugin has been reviewed by numerous reviewers such as Mark Jaquith.

He’s done a very in-depth audit of the plugin in terms of security and compatibility.

Their support team has spent thousands of hours helping customers regarding their issues and as a result, has acquired a large database of the users’ needs. Ease of use is at the forefront of the design and development team’s concerns. That’s why they’ve created a plugin that can stand above the rest.the event calendar

One of the primary features of this plugin is its ability to display multiple events at the same time. The events can be displayed in part or whole as grid view or list view.

There is also a handy search bar for your visitors to search through the events they want. You can also customize the events to a degree until they’re somewhat close to your theme and also highlight a certain event.

the event calendar - google api

The Events Calendar is fully responsive. Your visitors can view your website from any device; personal computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Some event calendar plugins struggle with mobile displays but this one accomplishes this feat with ease.

Since events are stored, you won’t need to do much if you’ve got a recurring event at the same venue and even if newer events are added just copy the event and do some minor adjustments. You can also categorize your events and include tags.

The event taxonomy or tag archive page allows you to group your events even better than before.

the event calendar - create an event

The style sheet within The Events Calendar gives users the ability to choose from a vast number of different calendar styles.

There are enough styles available to help you choose one that more or less fits your current theme. Or use the available customization options to change the overall structure and style of certain parts according to your own vision.

You also have the ability to import and export data within The Events Calendar including events, venues and event organizers using CSV. Users can get exports for each individual event or import whole sets of events from iCal or Google Calendar. The imported events are added perfectly to your current settings without any need for modification.

The Modern Tribe team is well-known for this addon. Modern Tribe is a digital agency specialized in high-grade commercially designed WordPress products. They have a brilliant policy to continuously improve their user experience.

the event calendar map view frontend

The Events Calendar is a yearly subscription service and you’ll have to pay an additional fee in order to gain access to additional features.

The most basic subscription for this plugin will run you around $99 a year for personal use.

The 3 Sites option is $199 annually and allows you to install it on 3 different websites.

The last option is 10 Sites and that costs $399a year allowing you to use it on 10 different websites.

There two other packages that were probably made due to popular demand. One allows you unlimited installs on websites with an annual fee of $799.

In order to manage multiple websites from one WordPress management system, you’ll pay $399 a year to gain access to Multi-site.


Modern Events Calendar Plugin

modern events calendar review

The first thing that draws the attention in this WordPress event calendar plugin is the degree of care and foresight put into every feature. Modern Events Calendar is available in both a Free and Premium version. The free version has loads of useful features that are easy to use and look great.

Just take a look at the feature’s list and you’ll soon realize that the free version includes loads of features that are hidden behind a paywall in other similar event plugins.modern events calendar countdown view

The folks behind this plugin, Webnus, have prioritized user satisfaction and ease. The plugin comes with an in-depth online documentation filled with useful articles on how to get started.

These guides have been added over time thanks to the valuable user data extracted from technical support chats. There is also a demo version of MEC Pro available for use.

This is a very powerful event creation and management tool. The best part is that due to its straightforward design there is no barrier to entry gap and users from every background will able to use the event plugin to suit their needs.

modern events calendar frontend vs the events calendar

Modern Events Calendar Vs The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar plugin allows you to organize and display events that are to be booked. For example, if your websites sell concerts or different programs then this plugin will streamline the way you set up and organize your events.

This while the plugin has failed to consider some basic customization options such as a shortcode generator and most customizations require adequate knowledge of web development. So if you’re an average user trying to start your online business on your own, then this plugin might not be all that worth it.

In addition, it is not possible to send reminder emails automatically to remind people who have purchased the event. This feature can be of great help to event organizers to ensure that no one misses the event.

In comparison to other event calendar plugins, Modern Events Calendar has the best pricing point for a complete product. For example, you’ll need to pay around $99 in The Events Calendar to gain access to features like weekly view, Google Calendar integration, Day and Time Countdown while all these can be achieved with Modern Events Calendar for free.

Modern Events Calendar also has some advanced features such as the QR Code module that can be set up for each event to allow for easier access to your event details.

The table below will showcase the different features available in both the free and premium version of Modern Events Calendar and The Events Calendar to provide you with an overview on which event calendar plugin will best suit your professional needs.

If you’re looking for a solid plugin with a reliable support platform then Modern Events Calendar is the right choice for you. The free version already gives you access to a lot of the features; this is to ensure that you willingly upgrade to the premium version.

You can also experience a demo of Modern Events Calendar Pro by going to this link.

Detailed Comparison Table of Modern Events Calendar and The Events Calendar

FeaturesMEC (Pro)MEC (Lite)The Events Calendar FreeThe Events Calendar Pro
Single day events
Multiple day events
All day events
Full Calendar view
Daily view
Weekly view
Countdown view
Grid & cover view
Slider & carousel view
List View
Event locations system
Event Venue & organizer system
Multiple organizers
Front-end Event SubmissionAdd-on + $85.00Add-on + $85.00
Never end events
Event widgets & sidebar
Custom sidebar
Recurring/Repeating events
Shortcodes generator
Direct/Modal link for single event
Show/Hide option for search bar
Filtering optionsAdd-on + $89/yrAdd-on + $89/yr
Google calendar integrationAdd-on + $89/yrAdd-on + $89/yr
Reporting dashboard
Local time
Manage Notifictions
RSS feed
Social share icons
Custom Color
Search Bar Shortcode
Schema Ready
Woo Payment IntegrationAdd-on + $99/yrAdd-on + $99/yr
QRcode moduleAdd-on + $99/yrAdd-on + $99/yr
Reminders notification
Organizer Payment$149 to access the feature
Customizable Notifications Emails
Ticket price per date
Customizable Timetable
Import .ics fileAdd-on + $89/yrAdd-on + $89/yr
Auto Update
Map view + Directions
Agenda view
Masonry view
Timetable view
Available spot
Ticketing systemAdd-on FREE / + $99.00/yrAdd-on FREE / + $99.00/yr
Booking system
Booking form builder
Weather module
Premium Support
Total Price$79/yrFreeFREE + $273/yr for addons$99/yr + $663/yr for addons
    Avatar for Doris Cooper
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    Avatar for Doris Cooper
    Avatar for Doris Cooper
    Bastiaan Houtkooper May 31, 2020

    Not a fair pricecomparison. We use Events Calender and we just ordere MEC for testing. To get the same reporting, Woocommerce connections etc we ended up paying 249 (one time) and still don’t have the exact possibilities like attendees lists, shared thickets amounts between events etc. If you pretend to make a ‘neutral’ list, make it fair. In most cases you have enough plus points to convince people.

    Avatar for Doris Cooper
    Amelia February 26, 2020

    I thought the free version of The Event Calendar was pretty cool. Little did I know about the Modern Events Calendar. Thank you for mentioning it and for making this comparison. I can’t believe how much better MEC is! Even their free version is so, so good! It’s amazing that they are practically giving away so many cool features. And then there are the differences between the paid versions where there’s also a big discrepancy. So many features are lacking in the events calendar or you have to pay a lot of money to unlock them while they may be included for MEC. Seeing this comparison, side by side, makes things very clear.