9 Sources for Marketing Data to Make Your Affiliate Content More Effective

Marketing data is a powerful tool that allows you to give great power to content and make it reliable.

Even the most interesting thoughts, without accurate data confirming its veracity, may not be perceived so well.

Therefore, it is important to back up words with authoritative information.

There are many sites that inspire confidence.

These websites have posted various studies, supported by facts.

This is where you can take marketing data and refer to them in your articles.

This will help you create a positive image and gain the trust of your audience.

You will be able to create truly interesting and viral content.


Sources for Marketing Data

Below are resources that can come in handy:


SE Ranking

This is a great site that will prove especially useful for SEO blogs.

Here you can find many helpful articles and information for creating your own unique and authoritative content.

SE Ranking is a powerful tool for comprehensive website audits, competitor analysis and more, allowing you to create charts for use in your articles.

It will help to make the content more visual and attractive.

SE Ranking | Sources for Marketing Data SE Ranking 2 | Sources for Marketing Data SE Ranking 3 | Sources for Marketing Data

Example information that can be obtained: 10 most common SEO issues to avoid in 2020

The SEO cloud platform is ideal for articles related to SEO promotion.

It allows you to create visual instructions that will make your content valuable to the real pros.

Take screenshots directly from SE Ranking modules and create visual and eye-catching charts.

Share your own SEO results and achievements by demonstrating the effectiveness of your own strategies.



MarketingCharts | Sources for Marketing Data

Image Source

Here you will find a pool of marketing data that you can leverage in your content.

You get access to diagrams on various topics, allowing you to choose the right ones for your audience.

The site provides information on two types – from sources and original.

This greatly simplifies the process of finding the right data on the Internet.

You do not need to do this on various sites, just one is enough.

There are many original materials on MarketingCharts.com, some of which must be purchased.

Therefore, it is not entirely suitable for those cases when 100% free information is required.

It should be borne in mind that the quality of paid materials is high, so for most projects, this is justified.


Example information that can be obtained: What Reasons Do Consumers Give for Loving Brands?

This article is a study that demonstrates the reasons why people prefer certain brands.

The data are presented in the form of a graph and give a clear idea of what qualities a company must possess in order to receive consumer recognition.



Buffer | Sources for Marketing Data

Image Source

Any content is more credible if it contains links to authoritative research.

Ideas can be different, the main thing here is the reliability and quality of the text.

Make sure the content is written correctly.

You can verify this using special services or find an experienced professional.

Buffer is an expert platform that perfectly supports your thoughts with data and it's great.

It is an interesting digital marketing blog with a high concentration of interesting and useful information.

All in the best tradition of quality content.


Example information that can be obtained: 2019 Report – State Of Social

Buffer presented a study that demonstrates trends in social media.

The report allows you to form an opinion about consumer preferences and understand in which direction to move.

Such data helps make the content truly interesting and exciting.

Reliable analysis and graphs.

What could be more impressive for the audience?



Moz | Sources for Marketing Data

Image Source

One of the best resources when it comes to marketing data.

It’s hard enough to compete with him, so if you want to create authoritative content, you are definitely here.

Here is a lot of SEO information.

As you understand, due to the specifics of the subject and the level of the resource, it is well indexed.

Market leaders refer to Moz, for example, WordStream has done this a huge number of times.

Here you will find marketing data that you can link to in your content, strengthening its strength and reliability.


Example information that can be obtained: 2020 Google Search Survey: How Much Do Users Trust Their Search Results?

All sites strive to get into the TOP, but do users trust search results.

Moz has gathered information to better understand consumers.

The data will perfectly complement your content and help you to improve your website.

Each article from this resource is like a new breath of air.

Explore it and create outstanding content.



MarketingProfs | Sources for Marketing Data

Image Source

A great resource where useful marketing data is posted.

Original information is presented on it.

Often places publications from well-known experts from the Institute of Content Marketing, etc.

This approach makes the site one of the most reputable on the Internet.

‘Useful content is a powerful tool for website promotion.

It allows you to achieve impressive results in a relatively short period of time.

To do this, it is enough to select relevant keywords using the keyword generator tool and write articles that are interesting for the target audience.

Turn your content marketing into a system and you can get targeted traffic by transforming it into conversions,’ admits Rene Linehan, a marketing specialist from essay writer service.


Example information that can be obtained: Top 5 Critical Components of Great Customer Experience

Always reliable and high-quality information to make your content even better.

After all, MarketingProfs.com clearly knows a lot about this.

From the article it becomes clear why consumers are not always satisfied.

Marketing data confirmed by research and figures.

All you need for quality affiliate marketing.



ChatPorn | Sources for Marketing Data

Image Source

Another good place to find information for your useful articles.

The difference from previous sources is that it is not a thematic resource.

Here you can find data on various topics, from history to economics.

All information presented on the site is taken from other sources.

This is a great advantage, because you do not need to explore the vastness of the Internet.

Everything you need can be found in one place.

The search is quick and easy.

You may find some data inappropriate.

However, one can always include imagination and creativity.

Remember, to create high-quality content it is not necessary to use the usual methods and standard logic.


Example information that can be obtained: Interesting diagram and article on knowledge management.

The diagram reflects well the design features of the learning environment.

ChartPorn allows you to go to the source of charts and infographics and study the information in detail.

Use graphic elements for greater visibility.



NeilPatel | Sources for Marketing Data

Image Source

A very popular resource for finding marketing data.

Pictures allow you to find a huge amount of interesting and useful information.

A huge variety of topics makes it possible to find supporting data for almost any content.

The blog is owned by Neil Patel.

The Wall Street Journal calls him one of the most influential people on the net.

According to Forbes, he is among the top ten marketers.


Example information that can be obtained: Infographic: How Colors Affect Conversions

Visual infographic linking conversion and colors.

Nice design and extensive marketing data will improve the quality of your content.



HubSpot | Sources for Marketing Data

Image Source

Giant in the field of marketing data.

Here is a huge range of information, among which everyone will certainly find interesting.

You will make your content interesting with it and you can confirm your point of view with reliable data.


Example information that can be obtained: Search Engine Optimization Statistics

The resource collects up-to-date statistics annually.

One example of a report display is shown in the diagram below.

High-quality and well-structured data that will help you to be the best in your field.



Statista | Sources for Marketing Data

Image Source

A popular resource with lots of research.

Your content will acquire new colors with it.

Moreover, this is not just a place to collect data for articles, it is an opportunity to follow e-commerce trends.

Who knows, maybe it's time for your affiliate site to add shopping cart.

If so, be sure that Statista has the most up-to-date information.


Example information that can be obtained: Percentage of U.S. company sales over the internet as of August 2019, by vertical

Statista presented a chart where you can see the percentage of sales of US companies as of August 2019.

Information is broken down by industry.

Such a report makes it clear which areas are popular.

For an existing business, this is an opportunity to better track trends.

For those who are just planning to start their own business – this is an understand



Data in affiliate marketing plays a huge role.

Your thoughts, even the most interesting ones, cannot cause 100% confidence if they are not backed up by reliable sources.

Therefore, it is important to refer to authoritative publications when creating content.

This will help to attract attention and, over time, generate loyalty and gather an audience that will certainly trust you.

Use the resources provided above and constantly look for something new.

So you will always be in the know and not only seek confirmation for your content, but also find new relevant topics that have not yet been mass-published.

Remember, quality content is credibility, benefit, and interest.


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