The Best WordPress Restaurant Theme 2023

If you are a restaurant owner and thinking about starting an easy-to-handle website for your business, you should search enough to find a proper WordPress restaurant theme. In this article, we will be discussing the most important features of a good website for restaurants and introduce a great option to you for this purpose.

What are the Major Features of a Restaurant Website?

Decoration and furnishings of a restaurant is the first point of focus for someone who is going to start such a business. The ambiance of a restaurant directly affects the feeling and experience of the customers and can be a key factor in your success. If your interior design can’t convey a positive feeling, there is little chance that customers recommend your place to family members and friends, even though you serve the best food across the universe! When people are comfortable and feel welcomed in your place, your sale increases and makes more profit.

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Having a website for your restaurant is a fundamental need and similar conditions apply to its appearance and features. Many website owners limit their online presence to social media such as Instagram, or third-party websites dedicated to ads. Among those owning a website, more than a half, have an outdated or a simple one that does not grab the attention of visitors in a way it should do. This is a dreadful mistake that eventually hurts the business.

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Pretend that you are googling the name of a restaurant you have heard from some friends, or just searching to find a good place to eat. Which condition leaves a better impact on you, seeing a stylish website, an Instagram page or just some ads? Of course, a quality restaurant theme design leaves you with a more positive feeling about that place. A proper website includes the essential information that the customers might be looking for and engage them online in an attempt to finally attract them to the eating place.

What CMS Should You Use to Start a Restaurant Website?

A restaurant website should be dynamic and regularly updated.

It needs to be simple and flexible enough so that you won’t need special skills and knowledge of coding for its management along with your restaurant management.

The possibility of adding multiple languages could be another important feature you could consider since your customers may prefer to see content in their native language. Other general key factors like SEO and media management can be very handy for managing and improving your website.

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Taking these into consideration, WordPress can be the ideal choice. It is considered as a top dog in the world of CMS which is used by more than 75 million websites. The module-based design makes it easy to make significant modifications in almost every part you wish. WordPress themes also bring you a world of unlimited choices for the design of a website, from which you can select a genuine restaurant WordPress theme. Don’t forget that Your website is the face of your restaurant that forms the first impressions of a potential customer.

What WordPress Theme Should You Choose for a Restaurant Website?

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Considering the explanations above, what would be the most important features you should have in your restaurant WordPress theme? We suggest that you find a WordPress restaurant theme free downloadable version in the first place to get familiar with all its features. Read on to have a better understanding of these attributes and make a better view of what you should be caring about before selecting a theme.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

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Smartphones have now become versatile gadgets that people use for most of their daily activities. In the year 2015, for the first time ever, British adults spent more time using the internet on their mobile devices rather than PC. People tend to search for restaurants around either on the browser application, online and offline maps, or even the voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant.

Seeing a website with an unfit screen size that requires zooming to clearly see the texts is really annoying. The importance of mobile-friendly restaurant WordPress theme design is particularly higher since the market for online food orders is increasing. Therefore, a restaurant missing mobile capabilities for its website is potentially losing a vast amount of the target market.

You can check your restaurant WordPress theme’s responsiveness on the Google mobile-friendly test website and find the problems to fix.

Moreover, with the increased focus on this feature over the past few years, Google introduced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). It can be easily activated on popular CMS platforms like WordPress using designated plugins, and for other types, some codes should be added.

Online Reservation or Booking

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Online ordering is easy and tempting to do and it favors many individuals. Many customers prefer to enter their credit card information on a secure website instead of reading the numbers aloud while talking on the phone. This can also minimize the chances of misspelling and entering wrong information.
A WordPress theme featuring a restaurant online ordering system allows your customers to view available foods and orders without the chance of human errors, and you can also be certain of reliable and fast bookings

Furthermore, busy restaurant shifts could increase the mistakes of staff, even the experienced ones. Thus, the less they get distracted, the better service they can provide. In case you have a dedicated member for taking orders, this feature of a restaurant WordPress theme can help you have more time for the greetings.

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Online bookings can have marketing benefits for you, too. When you take orders by phone, you would probably ask a name and a contact number. Online orders on your restaurant WordPress themes, on the other hand, offer you the wonderful chance of obtaining email and physical addresses, or even the date of important occasions such as their birthdays.

When used properly, this information can help you with future marketing plans and turning them into permanent customers. So don’t underestimate the effects of this capability, whether it is a free WordPress restaurant theme you use or a premium version.


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Once visitors open your website, “ease of use” is what conditions them to whether stay on the page or leave it. Your page speed should be optimized since people nowadays lack patience and won’t wait long for a page to be loaded. Otherwise, they will just move on and might never come back. Google page speed insights tool is a free website that can analyze the pages of your restaurant WordPress theme and show you the results. A high level of bounce rate can show that the page is slow and visitors leave the site.

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From a user perspective, on their primary interaction with the website, it must be designed in a way that invites them to take a look at the website further. Your restaurant WordPress theme should arouse the curiosity of your visitors so that they will click on other sections and pages, too.

Style-Matching Website Theme

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The atmosphere of a restaurant or café is hugely important. This applies to your online presence, which is your website, too. Consider the colors, elements, graphic designs, etc., as an extension of the surroundings in your restaurant.

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

– Milton Glaser

Consistency is a key factor because your site is in many cases the first thing people see before they go to your eating place. Depending on the type of food, beverages, and your services, your restaurant WordPress theme design should provide a virtual version of your atmosphere. If you mainly focus on wealthy people, the minimalistic design would be a good option. Likewise, if your place is dedicated to young people or families, your theme should display this sense.


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One of the major reasons for people to visit your restaurant website is to see your menu. Having a well-organized online menu in your restaurant WordPress theme is enormously important.

You can see on some websites that they have uploaded a photo or PDF file for their menu information which is completely wrong. Not only it makes the search engine indexing harder, but it is also more difficult to see on the mobile phone. Besides, making users download a file for the information is an unnecessary extra step that should be totally avoided. Website visitors will click it off the moment they see a prompt to download a file.

Customizable Elements

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As a restaurant manager, you are well aware of the importance of changes in menus and offers. Menus might change periodically and you may wish to consider special offers and events. These changes interest your loyal customers through the variety they see on your website.

It, therefore, stands to reason that you should have a website by which you will be able to show your physical changes online. Waiting a week or more for website updates is simply not acceptable in this type of business. Special offers and menu changes should be added and removed on the website in the shortest time possible. This is the advantage that a good restaurant WordPress theme can offer and allows you to make changes easily in few clicks.

High-Quality Images of Foods

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Having professionally photographed images is a powerful tool to attract customers. By giving the responsibility of photography and edits to a skillful photographer, you can be sure to have appetizing quality images that look tasty and people love.

Although the quality of smartphone cameras has advanced dramatically, it is not a good option for your restaurant WordPress theme photos. These photos can be used for your social media, too.

It might be interesting to know that people usually like to see the portion sizes of the foods. Therefore, don’t forget to be honest about this important point on your restaurant WordPress themes so that you don’t make your customers unsatisfied by seeing a smaller plate.
You can even design your menu with photos of each dish so that the person can see how it looks while reading the ingredients and price.


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Reviews and ideas of other people are the most acceptable proof for many individuals whenever they want to make their final decision about trying or buying something. After that your potential customers find where you are located, see pictures of your place, etc.; they look for a shred of evidence that shows the place is a good choice for having meals.

You as a restaurant manager should be able to show social proofs on your restaurant WordPress theme to help this group of customers make their final decision. Naturally, the guests come up with questions like “who else has tried the foods in this restaurant?”, “what others say about this place?”, and so on. It would be a marvelous idea to utilize a combination of reviews, ratings, and testimonials from your own social media or other review social media and websites.
Provide easy integration with all of your social accounts such as Facebook and Instagram to help people easily visit your profile and like or share what attracts them. You can also share the number of followers, page views, likes, comments, etc., on the restaurant WordPress theme as a good social proof.

Stylish “About” Section

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The “about us” section of a restaurant WordPress theme is a great part for increasing the engagement of your visitors. Tell your story, interesting points about your job, your purposes, and so on. Are your ingredients locally sourced? Do you use any special recipes, maybe one from your grandparents? Do you buy any special type of oil or spices? Talk about all of this information to your readers.

It can likewise be a perfect place to describe your key advantages. Services like free Wi-Fi, free parking, your reputation, and achievements, or even any chefs with special skills that you have can be stated here. High-quality photo collages of your food or place, along with skillfully written mottos or texts can bring an air of excitement to your customers.

So, use this page on your restaurant WordPress theme to indicate your highlights and beat off the competition.

Images of Your Restaurant

As we mentioned earlier, your restaurant’s interior affects the customers significantly. Providing images of the ambiance in your restaurant theme design sets the scene for people so that they know what to expect when they step foot into your place. If your exterior is designed well, you can include photos of the outside as well.

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Featuring such photos on the restaurant WordPress theme can help others recognize your brand easier when they pass by it and welcome those who have already seen your delicious foods on the website.

“Deep theme”, the Most Multifaceted WordPress Restaurant Theme

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We at Webnus, have put our focus on preparing WordPress themes that can satisfy the needs of clients in all different categories. We presented Risotto as our first free-standing product which achieved notable success among users on the ThemeForest.

Keeping up with this favorable outcome, Vision, Michigan, Happy Pets, Church Suite, Hotella, Florida, and Easyweb themes were designed and published.
Using the experience and the positive feedback we received, our team developed the Deep theme. We applied a real deep insight into the requirements of modern website designs based on the latest trends and standards.

Obtaining impressive results from creating the Risotto theme, we added the correlated features to the powerful Deep as well. It is currently equipped with different demos such as shops, businesses, blogs, etc.

We have also prepared exclusive stylish designs and demos for those who want to start a website for their restaurant or café. The restaurant WordPress theme is developed with optimized codes for the fastest loading speed, search engine optimization, responsiveness.
Taking the importance of reservations in a restaurant WordPress theme into account, we have prepared WordPress restaurant theme online ordering features which makes the reservations simple for your customers.

The same considerations were applied to the menu designs which can be grouped based on the type of food and are combined with high-quality images.
Easy customization is what makes WordPress website management more pleasant. Full set of blog templates, header and footer builder, and events and recipes manager all help you present a brand-new restaurant WordPress theme to your visitors.
The Deep theme is integrated with Elementor, the most advanced page builder on the net. This integration has led to unique features to make a more eye-catching website. The top-selling Elementor add-ons, Jet plugins, are also included in our restaurant WordPress themes which provide you with a world of functionalities and customizations.

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Testimonials and social media combinations are beautifully designed to give you and your brand more credit. Portfolio publishing capabilities give you unique outlines for your products in a modern way in accordance with your general layout. The Deep theme is programmed with multilingual capability and you can have your website in the mother tongue of the customers as well, which gives them a special fondness for your place.
If you are interested in our product and want to experience it yourself, you can see a test demo online or get a WordPress restaurant theme free download link on the website to examine everything on yourself.
A team of experts for your WordPress maintenance needs
In case you are a busy restaurant owner and need your time and focus on other activities, you can leave your website management to our team of experts and have no more worries. A complete and suitable WordPress maintenance checklist includes different tasks that need to be handled professionally to obtain the best available results.

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Having more than a decade of experience with WordPress designing and websites, we can competently manage your website and optimize it in the best way possible. You can check out our pricing plans on the WordPress maintenance service page, select your restaurant WordPress theme, and leave all the rest to us right away!

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