The Best Ways to Develop a Corporate Identity for Your Business

In this article we are going to introduce the best ways to design and develop a corporate identity for your business.


Develop a Corporate Identity

Evaluating a business by the effectiveness of business performance is really important. This allows you to work in the right direction and create conditions for growth.

But this is not enough. To work successfully, you need to expand your reach and achieve recognition.

Therefore, a corporate identity is of great importance for business: it is able to provide a close connection between the audience and your brand. Let's talk about corporate design, its elements and methods of creation.


What Is the Corporate Identity for And Why Is It so Important?

What is a corporate identity? This is a visual image of the brand, created to attract attention, increase memorability and identification of the company against the background of the modern highly competitive market.

So, even after this explanation, it becomes clear that the development of corporate design is a difficult task that you cannot delegate to a casual employee.

What is corporate design for? We list its main functions:


Creating an External Image

This is a unique brand image that the audience remembers. The reputation of the company depends on it.

If we follow the current trends, it becomes clear: nowadays the brands do not promote products, they promote the image: the higher the reputation and recognition are, the more opportunities for sales growth you have.


Persistent Associativity

One look at any element of the corporate identity is enough to recognize the brand. We see two letters: HP, and we recognize the manufacturer of computer equipment.

We see three stripes, and we recognize a famous sports brand.


To Stand out From Competitors

Today, there are practically no market niches in which there are few competing brands.

There are a lot of offers, the quality of the products in their price categories is approximately equal, and so is the price. How to stand out and attract the attention of customers?

Only in a unique way: with the help of the brand’s corporate identity.

Corporate identity is unofficially called brand DNA. Brand building is the result of a combination of the right strategy and corporate symbolism.

It gives direction for the development of the company, demonstrates what it wants to achieve in the market. Each strategic decision must be associated with corporate identity.

What will happen if one soda manufacturer with recognizable red trucks suddenly starts sponsoring MMA? The created image and corporate identity does not allow doing it.


Basic Elements of The Corporate Design

Elements of corporate identity are a global concept, as the brand identity includes a large list of attributes. We list only the main ones that no company can do without.



This is a text element of corporate identity. The name along with the slogan is a concise reflection of the purpose and goals of your company.

It usually starts with the name, since without this distinction no company can exist. The brand name should be unique, memorable, easy to read and pronounce.

If you plan to promote your business on the international market, you need to make sure that the name sounds correctly and unambiguously in the main languages.



If the name is the main test element of corporate identity, then the logo is the main graphic element. It creates a visual brand image and attracts an audience.

The logo is used in all components of corporate design, ranging from letterheads and business cards to advertising products and branded custom packaging, all of which can be uniquely designed to showcase the logo and brand.

Also, the logo is used on the website. Almost every business now has a website because a lot of people shop online and it's easy to create it with online tools like Deep theme.

It is a multipurpose theme that offers many website templates for different types of businesses and a user-friendly website builder. If you don't have a website yet, try creating one with Deep theme.

The logo is both a substantial and concise element, on which the brand image and success in associativity and attracting customers directly depend.

You can trace the history of the logo of famous brands and see the desire for simplification. It can be, for example, a clear, understandable and memorable character that even a child will easily draw. Such a logo has a chance of success.


Color Scheme

Through scientific experiments, it is proved that colors affect perception.

The brand’s task when developing a corporate identity is to choose a harmonious combination of shades that translates the main message of the company.

There are many brands on the market with red and white combinations in the company identity. But the red and white shades of one of the soda manufacturers cannot be confused with anything.


Other Elements

They can be called the details of style-forming graphics. These are business cards, letterheads, corporate clothing, signs and posters, promotional materials, envelopes, souvenirs and much more.

The more such attributes a company has, the higher the level of the brand is. The variety of elements made in a single corporate style indicates a high level of organization and responsibility.

You can promote your brand in the first stages with the help of corporate products, on which elements of corporate identity are applied.

You can do it long before you have millions of advertising budgets and sponsorship at the Olympic Games.


Good Examples of The Corporate Identity

We will demonstrate several solutions for creating corporate symbols, which are successful, in our opinion.

We will not specifically mention well-known brands, because their successful branding was the result of a companies’ long history.

Large budgets were invested in the development and branding updates. Let’s consider a solution created by small and niche companies.



Kallo Logo | Develop a Corporate Identity
Kallo | Develop a Corporate Identity

The British manufacturer of natural products promotes them as an alternative to unhealthy diets. Healthy and tasty – branding emphasizes these key product qualities.

The bird on the logo emphasizes the brand's connection with nature. The special style of the drawings on the product packaging symbolizes that a healthy diet is not boring.

You can take care of your diet while enjoying delicious food. There is a double meaning behind the “frivolous” thematic drawings: they denote the main ingredient of the product.


Winter Milk

Winter Milk Logo | Develop a Corporate Identity
Winter Milk | Develop a Corporate Identity

The ice cream parlors network, located in Mexico City, is known for its desserts, cocktails and, of course, ice cream.

Everything is based on natural milk. Working on the corporate identity, experts revived the atmosphere of the 1960s: at that time such establishments were very popular, because they could gather families.

The emphasis of identity is on the combination of cold and bright colors, symbolizing cool desserts and positive emotions.



Helvetimart Logo | Develop a Corporate Identity
Helvetimart | Develop a Corporate Identity

A Swiss store sells food from every region of the country. Therefore, the owner decided to introduce the features of all 26 supplier regions’  flags.

The name “Helvetia” is encrypted in the name of the store. This is a national sign, which is depicted in a local currency.

The cornucopia, hinting at a large assortment, is pictured on the logo. Geometric patterns complementing the visual style are the result of a rethinking of the Switzerland cultural heritage.


The Best Ways to Create a Corporate Style

How to design a business? You can choose any suitable method:


Order a Corporate Identity Development from A Designer

If you find an excellent specialist (or company), then the result will be a unique, perfectly thought-out corporate symbolism.

But at the same time, this is the most expensive way. Not every business can afford it at the beginning of its way.


Develop the Design by Yourself

This is quite realistic if the business owner (or his employee) understands the essence of the product, knows the USP, and has analyzed the audience.

One option is to create several versions of the symbol and test it on consumers. As a result, you will keep colors, logo and other elements that caused a positive reaction.

The disadvantages of this method are the time resource and not guaranteed successful result.


Use Specialized Online Services

They can be called the “golden mean”: this is a high-quality result for the best price and without involving third-party specialists.

For example, a quality logo can be generated using the Logaster service in just a couple of clicks.

And you can draw a logo layout on the screen in the Logoshi service, and the program will process it.



Corporate identity is the basis for identifying a modern company, no matter what it does. Using recognizable visual elements, you can achieve memorability and associativity.

This will greatly simplify market promotion and become the basis for commercial growth.


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