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Header Builder

We claim that Deep Theme Header Builder is the best, most powerful and also most customizable tool to create header in the world and there was no feature such as this one. With this tool, in visual mode (back-end editor or front-end live editor) you can build your desired header with drag & drop.

20 pre-build amazing headers are ready which you can easily import and start your work with them.

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Visual Page Builder

In Deep theme, we provide you three powerful tools to create pages that each one of them has unique features. Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder and King Composer, choice is yours.

deep theme - plugins


The most advanced frontend drag & drop page builder

With Elementor page builder, you edit the page and simultaneously see exactly how it looks like. Elementor features live design & inline editing, so the whole process of writing and designing is done directly on the page.
Elementor within Deep theme has unique features. You have access to all the Deep theme shortcodes as elementor widget and you can easily create all Deep demos using elementor.

Most powerful plugin package for Elementor

Zemezjet are a pioneer group in creating elementor plugins that have built the best elementor tools up to date and now they are added to Deep theme.
By Deep theme amazing features and functional widgets for elementor and powerful Jet plugins being added, you can easily design any website you like.
Let’s get more familiar with these plugins:

deep theme - plugins

King Composer Pro

New, lightweight and powerful in front-end editor

King composer Pro displays an exact preview of content while you edit on-screen elements. You can even preview your content on mobile and tablet devices. King composer is extremely lightweight in performance. Design your ideas with drag & drop, copy/paste between tabs, even customize easily from a right-click menu.

Learn more about KingComposer

Right Click Menu
Free Workspace
Responsive Settings
Template Online
Preset Online
Copy & Paste
deep theme - plugins

WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)

Well-known and popular page builder of all time

In deep theme, we moved one step beyond WPBakery Page Builder’s normal options and added unique features which make the page builder easier to work and more enjoyable. For example, scrolling animation, copy section tool and pasting it in other pages is new feature that we added to increase page building speed.

Also Deep theme is compatible with the new visual composer and the divi builder

deep theme - plugins
deep theme - plugins

Visual Footer Builder

No longer worry about footer design restrictions. In Deep theme, you have all the options to design a page so you can create and design your preferred footer in visual mode.
Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder or King Composer, choice is yours.

Footer builder - deep theme

Included Premium Plugins

We gathered most popular and powerful premium plugins in Deep theme. Everything is ready, just start! You’ll find list of available plugins of the theme as following:

best wordpress theme

Deep users can benefit 20% discount on WP-Rocket Plugin for all pricing plans.

Webnus partners with WP Rocket for best-in-class cache and performance optimization. Improve the performance and loading speed of your WordPress website today.

Speed - deep theme
Speed - deep theme
Speed - deep theme
Speed - deep theme

High Performance

Since the version 2 of Deep Theme a new feature called Automatic Speed Booster is added which can be a revolutionary change in coding theme pages. From now on, used CSS and JS elements will be loaded in source code pages and extra codes won’t load in the page. As a result, the pages’ size will have a considerable decrease and it will boost the loading speed.

By clicking on each one of them, you’ll see speed test result

Best Importer

Deep Theme importer is the best importer that has ever been created for WordPress. By using this importer you can:

  • Select the page content of different Page builders (Elementor, WPB, KC) separately to import.
  • The list of utilized plugins will appear separately on the desired demo which you can install them as you would like.
  • You can separately import all the importable items (Pages, Posts, Images, Sliders, Widgets, Options, Portfolio,…)

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white labeling - deep premium wordpress theme

White Label Branding

Deep theme and especial options of white labeling with using power of material white label plugin provides unique experience.

From now on, web designers easily can Re-Brand their projects with Deep theme in the best way to provide better UX to users.

Advanced Mega Menu

There is no limitation. Complicated layouts, menu, background, shortcodes and anything that you need are ready for you by Deep theme to design your desired mega menu. Just imagine and then easily design mega menu in Visual mode. Use Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder or King Composer, choice is yours.

Mega menu - deep theme

Advanced Shop

The Deep theme brings full options to build an online shop. This theme is powered by WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce platform. This theme is based on a modern and minimal design using ajax technology which provides a very unique and practical experience to users. This theme is appropriate for all kind of shops like cloth, electronics, furniture, accessories or any other known kinds.

Deep Shop Demo

Super Responsive

Recently we see that page view on mobile devices are more than desktop, it emphasis double on being responsive for websites. Simply check theme pages to learn how much we did care in this regard to provide a unique experience for mobile users.

deep premium wordpress theme
deep premium wordpress theme

Powerful Theme Options

One of the strengths of Deep is its Theme Options which offers extensive and practical options for users to customize the theme easily; this increases web implementing speed.

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Live Customizer

Deep theme uses powerful framework of Redux for its theme options. Users can edit their website options in WordPress Live Customizer and see applied changes in real-time.


Section Templates

best wordpress theme - importer Section templates

Users will discover this experience that building unique websites quickly is possible by practical templates and easier than ever.

deep theme - magazine

Advanced Blog & Magazine

Whether you want to run a simple personal blog or even a widespread magazine, Deep theme can be the best option for you. This theme provides 2 independent templates for blog and magazine which both come with unique and modern design. In addition, by using several features users will get satisfied with the result generally.

Advanced Portfolio

To design agencies and for creative people who intend to introduce their work on web, portfolio has vital importance which Deep theme covers this specific need. Deep portfolio demo contains 9 unique grid designs and 18 single projects.

Portfolio Demo
Portfolio - deep premium wordpress theme
Click to Expand Single Project Types

18 pre-defined project types are designed which by clicking on each following icons you’ll see them.

deep premium wordpress theme customize

Single Project 1

deep premium wordpress theme

Single Project 2

deep premium wordpress theme

Single Project 3

deep premium wordpress theme

Single Project 4

deep premium wordpress theme

Single Project 5

deep premium wordpress theme

Single Project 6

deep premium wordpress theme

Single Project 7

deep premium wordpress theme

Single Project 8

deep premium wordpress theme

Single Project 9

deep premium wordpress theme

Single Project 10

deep premium wordpress theme

Single Project 11

deep premium wordpress theme

Single Project 12

deep premium wordpress theme

Single Project 13

deep premium wordpress theme

Single Project 14

deep premium wordpress theme

Single Project 15

deep premium wordpress theme

Single Project 16

deep premium wordpress theme

Single Project 17

deep premium wordpress theme

Single Project 18

BuddyPress Template

If you are going to implement Community/Social Network WordPress Theme, for sure Deep is your best option. This theme comes with an independent buddypress template which is designed based on most modern trends and covers several known features in this field.

BuddyPress Demo
deeper comments - deep theme

Deeper Comments

Deeper Comments is a revolutionary move in comment subject that will bring new experience for user which was never like this before. This is a free WordPress plugin which will be replaced for WordPress native commenting system. This plugin has the most modern design methods. It comes with complete set of commenting functions and features.

Understand More
deep premium wordpress theme
deep premium wordpress theme

160+ Useful Shortcodes

Deep theme shortcodes have most complete shortcodes collection with more than 160 elements. You can build and customize your pages with several available options such as color, border, background, Google font etc. Different styles are considered in all shortcodes which makes it easy to edit and customize them in visual mode.

Adaptive Images

Achieve faster loading and also less bandwidth by using power of adaptive image which re-scales your web page images automatically according to your visitor’s screen size appropriately.

deep premium wordpress theme

Animation Tools

Modern websites use animation to show their content better. Scroll animation is one of most interesting ways of animation for page elements. Scroll animation, in fact, is creating animation (change position/size/opacity…) during page scroll according to position of each element.

Animations - deep theme
Google maps - deep theme

Advanced Google Map

Google Map shortcode in Deep theme is advanced in a way that you have never seen the example of it before, it contains many features and provides maximum customizability for you. Most of Google map API features are included in this shortcode.

WPML Compatible

The Deep theme can easily be translated by using the po and mo files or you can use WPML Plugin if it is needed, so the theme is available in your language too.

wpml - deep theme

Useful Widgets

One of inseparable friends of WordPress websites are widgets. Deep offers a complete and practical collection of widgets to users which all of them are created according to modern design methods.

  • Advertisement
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Copyright
  • Latest Posts
  • Latest Reviews
  • Login
  • Mini Slideshow
  • Popular Posts
  • Post Slider
  • Social Icons
  • Subscribe
  • Testimonials
  • Tabs
  • Youtube
  • Daily Post
widgets - deep theme

Advanced Parallax & Video Sections

Parallax section is one of most popular techniques in creating web pages. We had a special look for this in Deep theme; we did re-write its codes so the result is the best parallax script in the world. It works fine and smooth in all conditions; even it has the ability to be shown on mobile devices which is unique. In addition, maximum features have been considered for video sections.

Deep theme - documentation

Helpful Documentation

From the very beginning steps of installing WordPress to details in features and options of the theme, all are taught in documentation. In all subjects leading images and video tutorials are used to help you enjoy while implementing and running your website.

Online Documentation
Click to Expand Documentation Titles

Best WordPress Theme

We gathered all you may want from a WordPress theme in the Deep theme to help you in implementing your desired website. Some of these features are available as following:

Title Builder

IconBox Builder

Content Slider

Various Icon Sets

Instagram Feeds

Copy/Paste VC Sections

Advanced Typography

Perfect Codes

Translation Ready

Pricing Tables

Theme Auto Update

Gradient Features

Edge One-Pager

Page Options

Layouts Options

Thumbnail Generator

Testimonial Features

Video Play Features

5-Star Support

We have best support team of the world and we are proud in this regard. All Webnus support team are motivated with full energy to help users as best as they can.

Webnus Support Center

Practical Page Layouts

Generally, in templates, internal pages have less importance but in Deep we have created all internal pages with full attention to users need based on real content. You can simply import and use these pages.

deep theme page layouts

User Reviews

deep premium wordpress theme

Everything Visual

An ideal WordPress theme for novice users and designers is the one that provides all website elements (header, page and footer) in front-end editor by visual mode and also brings ability to edit the settings in real time. Now designers dream come true and by Deep theme you can design your website just like Photoshop application.

This is a unique feature of the Deep theme, you can do entire edit operation (header, pages, footer) in back-end and also front-end environment. The choice is yours.

deep premium wordpress theme

30 Day money back guarantee

User satisfaction is our highest priority, so in case you were unhappy with your purchase then request for refund we will accept it for sure. Keeping happy users is the most important principle for us.