This addon will enable you to sell seats in any spot and create a layout plan for them. One of the awesome features presented on Seats is the possibility of hiding or disabling the booking of certain seats in your venue. Additionally, you can assign a different ticket to each row or even each seat separately to set a different price for them, and it is quite simple to generate report sheets with a list of all the booked seats. The Seats addon can also set individual seat layouts for each event in additional to providing more general settings.

Seat 1

Seat Addon

Key Features

create a plan

You can have a general plan for all events or specific plans for each event

Edit seats

Each seat can have three statuses, bookable, non-bookable, not visible

Edit rows

All of the features for seat editing all available for row editing as well to make your job easier

Assign ticket

You can have several types of tickets and assign each seat/row a type

View venue info

Next to each plan you can view info about the venue such as empty seats and the colors that are displayed

View seat info to buyers

Users are able to hover over each seat and see its info in a tooltip

Create complex plans

With this addon you can create the most complex plans and each row can be distinguished from the others by a label

Import/export feature

To make things easier, you can export the plans you've created and import them in main settings or each event