Elementor Single Builder

With the help of this add-on, you will be able to create a ready-made template for all your events, add styles that you like to your single events, and change the layout in Elementor with a single drag and drop. Also, if there is a widget that you do not like, you can delete it and use other widgets in the single event of your website. You can use all the widgets of the single event separately and create any section that you want with whatever size that you want. You can also set an animation for each widget.

Elementor Single Builder 1

Elementor Single Builder Addon

Key Features

Creating Templates

Create a template with single event widgets for all events using Elementor.

Unique Styling

You can change the style of the widgets for single events and change the typographies.

Dedicated modal pop-up

set a template for the pop-up modals of your shortcodes.

Active Alongside Other Page Builders

You can use Elementor with other page builders such as VC, Divi Builder, and KC.

Activate On MEC Lite

You can use the add-on on MEC Lite and MEC Pro without any restrictions.

Creating unlimited templates

You can set as many templates as you like for single event