Multisite Event Sync

You can now sync events in your subsites with the main website and any changes to the main website is inherited by the subsites. You can select the subsites to be synced in admin panel.

Multisite Event Sync 1

Multisite Event Sync Addon

Key Features

Syncing the events

Sync events with one or more subsites from the main site with just one click

Ajax Sync

instead of syncing all the events, sync every event and setting after each update.

Field layout

Layout the fields in a form just like you want.

Viewing in the shortcodes

On the subsites, view the synced events in the shortcodes

Sync settings

Sync MEC settings between the main site and the subsites with just one click

Syncing Multisite

With only a few clicks, you can sync both events and settings with your subsites

Ease of use

With only a few clicks you can start syncing

Limit editing

Read-Only Access: Synchronized Events