16 Passive Income Ideas to Build Wealth In 2023

Passive income is a powerful tool that allows you to provide yourself with a comfortable life, financial independence, and confidence in the future.

There is a lot of advertising about it on the Internet and almost everyone dreams of earning it. To form a passive income is quite real, but not everything is as simple as it seems to most people.

You have to understand it, spend a lot of time on the first stages and check everything on your own experience, which means taking risks.

In this article, step by step, we will break down the options on how to make money and where to invest it to get a passive income.

Ways to Get a Passive Income without Investing

Is it possible for a simple citizen with an average salary, without rich relatives and inherited apartments to create a passive income from scratch?

Yes, it is possible! But you must understand that it does not work to create a passive income without any investments. You will in any case spend one of such components as:

  • money;
  • time;
  • effort;
  • all at once.

It is not easy to make a passive income, but it is worth it. So, let's look at 16 ideas for generating passive income.

Ways to Get a Passive Income without Investing

Method 1: Government Programs

Tax deductions, benefits, and pensions can all be used as ways to generate passive income. Find out if you can qualify for any government benefits. Even if it's small, it's still money.

Method 2: Creating a personal blog or sub-publics in social networks and the subsequent sale of advertising space

This method requires a huge amount of time at the start because you will need regular preparation and publication of materials.

When a critical mass of subscribers and readers is formed, you can start selling advertising and delegate tasks (hire content managers, who will take care of the blog) for the earned money.

Method 3: Creating a website, search engine optimization, and making money from advertising

In theory, everything is simple – you create a site, fill it optimized for search engine optimization, and place ads.

The owner of the site earns from each click on the ad links and a percentage of affiliate programs. In practice, it is more complicated, as you will need to learn how to make sites and understand SEO optimization.

Method 4: Selling video and photo content

There are specialized sites where anyone can post their intellectual works:

  • photos;
  • videos;
  • drawings;
  • design elements;
  • etc.

You create a product once, put it on the site, and then get income from each item sold.

Method 5: Renting out your apartment

If you have an apartment in a good area, even if you live in it, you can consider renting it out. The scheme is simple, you rent a 2-bedroom apartment, and you rent a 1-bedroom cheaper.

The result is a little extra income. You can also rent the empty room to students on a graduated lease agreement.

Method 6: Rental car as an advertising vehicle

In large cities, it is possible to place advertising on your car. The advertisement is usually in the form of a sticker on the rearview window or side doors. It does not spoil the look of the car, it is easy to glue and easy to remove. And most importantly, you continue to use your car and earn an income.

Method 7: Affiliate Programs

There are many affiliate programs (AliExpress, Amazon, Ozon, etc.) where you can get a percentage from the purchases of attracted customers. All you have to do is attract customers. You bring a customer once and after each purchase you get up to 30% of the check. Particularly relevant to people with an active lifestyle and pumped-up negotiation skills.

Passive Income Ideas with Small Investments

To begin with, let's define the concept of «small investments». As an initial capital, we will take the amount up to $5000. This amount can be raised by almost anyone within a short period. Consider the most effective methods of investing.

Method 8: Bank deposits and savings accounts

You put your money in a bank, the bank uses it as a means of lending and pays you a savings interest. A very simple method with returns of 1% per annum and a low entry threshold. There is deposit insurance.

Method 9: Interest Loans

You can make loans to individuals or small businesses, earning a monthly percentage of the funds borrowed. In this case, it is extremely important to get detailed advice from a lawyer, as there are high risks of being left without money.

Method 10: Mutual Funds

You entrust your money to the specialists of the company, and they, in their turn, do their best to multiply it. The yield varies from fund to fund, so study the ratings in advance and find out all the nuances of entering and exiting a mutual fund.

Method 11: Buying stocks to grow

Yields depend on the company and strategy you choose. You can either get a small dividend every year/month or bet on long-term growth and get in 10 years +900% (using Apple stock as an example).

Method 12: Info business

This way how getting passive income from small funds is suitable only for those who have skills and expertise. You make a video/audio recording of the lessons, pack it into a training course, set up traffic to the selling site and you get regular passive income from sales.

Passive Income Options with Large Investments

Have sold an apartment, a business, received an inheritance, or saved a lot of money. There is an understanding that in due course they only depreciate and it is necessary that they somewhere «work». We tell you where you can invest the money if you have a large sum on your hands.

Method 13: Rental of cars and special equipment

The idea is to buy cars, concrete mixers, trucks, truck parts and other special equipment to subsequently rent them out to construction companies.. Cars can be leased to both individuals and large taxi fleets.

Method 14: Equity in the business

You invest your money in someone else's business and get a return on your investment as a percentage of the profits. Since all operational management lies with the partner, this scheme is high-risk.

Method 15: Venture Capital Investment

Distribute the money among attractive startups. More than half of them will go bust, and the remainder will grow many times over, which will repay the investment.

The tool requires from $200,000, plus an understanding of trends, plus the ability to risk much money. That is, you must have a safety cushion for at least 5 years.

Method 16: A mining farm

Buy either component with the subsequent assembly of the farm, or an already ready-made version. Once set up and running, such a farm will produce cryptocurrency daily.

The advantage is that the money can be withdrawn at any time and you always have a physically tangible source of income. The payback period of a mining farm is around 6 months to 2 years.

Consider checking the Ath crypto price regularly to make smarter crypto decisions. After the line: Once set up and running, such a farm will produce cryptocurrency daily.


The list of ways to generate passive income to continue is endless, as there are so many. Remember – if you create a passive income you are creating financial independence and support in the future. Take care of this issue as early as possible. Time is a key resource.

Using a paystub creator can streamline your financial documentation, providing a professional and accurate record of income, which is essential for managing both active and passive income streams efficiently.


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