Is This The Roadmap to a Thriving Digital Agency in 2023?

The most common crossroads for any freelancer who is profiting in the age of internet money is whether they should scale their offering into a digital agency. Understanding what it takes to build a digital agency and the key aspects of what makes one is the perfect starting point.

It can be a mammoth challenge, with many obstacles and difficulties on the path to building a fully-fledged digital agency. It can also be something that elevates your finances, giving you financial freedom, generational wealth, and a business that can scale up in value.

The world is rapidly becoming more digital – businesses are closing their brick-and-mortar stores and setting up online shops through e-commerce to stay ahead of their competitors. A lot of these businesses have no clue when it comes to lead generation, digital marketing, or online advertising.

The Roadmap to a Thriving Digital Agency

If you can apply these skills and also build a dynamic and growing digital agency, you can build something that can accelerate in this rapidly-growing online world.

Focus on Your Offering

The first thing you should do when starting your digital agency is looking at who you are trying to work with and what services can you provide them. Whatever you decide on, you need to prioritize that your offering has to bring value to them, and to do this most successfully you should be applying metrics and pain points in your sales approach and outreach.

A study carried out by the Digital Marketing Institute found that online work in demand covers search engine optimization (SEO) sales-boosting email marketing, engaging social media marketing, and brand-building content marketing. If you can deliver these to clients regularly with deliverables and results, you are on your way to building a digital agency.

Build a Talented Roster

Just like in any sport, building a talented team is crucial if you want to win a championship – the same parallel can be found in building a digital agency,

Building a team with a strong culture, each member holding themselves accountable, and a range of clearly-defined roles and responsibilities will lead to effective communication and collaboration – this has been found by a Harvard study to be the function of a well-organized work team.

A positive and encouraging workplace is something that will not only keep your best talent working for you, but also attract more talent and great workers – even if your workplace is remote through a Slack channel, you can find ways to keep positive and fun energy flowing through the agency.

Equip The Best Tools

If you do not give yourself and your team the best tools to do the job, the work will suffer and the client will not be happy. At a minimum, without having the tools for the job, you will be wasting time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

Whether your staff needs better tools or protection, you can even find a VPN for free, so cost should be not a stopping point – it is on you as the agency creator to search and find the best online tools to help your team get the best work done most efficiently.

Build The Brand

An overlooked step in building a digital agency is in-house marketing and brand building. You need to ensure you have a powerful and widespread online presence, this will require a lot of time and effort to set up but can be the key focal point in generating MQLs (marketing qualified leads) which is essentially the lifeblood of your agency.

Building your marketing channels is key to putting your brand out there, that can include:

  • A website covered with branding, insightful content, and your services with testimonials
  • Multiple social media channels that build your brand up and expose yourself to potential leads
  • Content on all these channels, pushing yourself and your digital agency to the top of thought leadership around your digital niche.

Keep The Customer Happy

Finally, the key aspect to a successful digital agency is clients – not only keeping them happy and satisfied to retain them, but also boosting referrals which can generate more business.

Having an advocacy program could be a smart way to build up user-generated content through reviews, case studies, and testimonials. You build these through working with clients and keeping clear communication channels whilst delivering timely work with exceeding results – you will blow their expectations away with this kind of behavior.


It is a tough endeavor but a worthwhile one. By applying a strategical and methodical manner to building your digital agency, you can understand the key elements of the digital world we operate in and build a huge enterprise in the midst of it.

Learning the key elements in this article will help you grow in this rapidly-growing industry, helping you position your digital agency for growth and revenue, boosting profits, and opening the door to a ladder of success in the online world.


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