8 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Vital in 2023

Nowadays, traditional forms of marketing have stopped being as effective as in previous years.

Digital marketing agencies are now realizing that they can elevate their marketing strategies by incorporating more image and video-based content and with the rising popularity of platforms such as TikTok, marketers are jumping at the opportunity to do what they can with video.

Fortunately, everything can be done simply and quickly. There is a lot of video editing software for these purposes, both for pros and for beginners.

Why Video Marketing So Important?

Video Marketing Important

Video production companies are now able to handle the demand for video content on social media. They understand the importance of shooting quick videos that are still informative, in order to drive sales and website traffic. But why is video marketing so important?

Videos Attract Attention

Video Marketing Attract Attention

Being able to capture the user’s attention within a matter of seconds can be hard – but that’s where videos can save you. Creative-looking photos just don’t cut it anymore!

The first few seconds of your video need to be compelling enough to make users stop scrolling and focus on your content instead. While users may stop to look at fun photos, videos are known to hold attention 5 times more than still photos.

Boosts Conversions

Video Marketing Boost Conversation

55% of users/consumers watch videos before making a purchasing decision. When users have an opportunity to see products being used through videos, there’s a higher chance that they will actually buy it. Video is also beneficial for websites as they keep users on the pages for a longer period of time and encourages them to look around the website as well. This is great for those users who aren’t keen on reading product descriptions. You can watch YouTube videos without ads with YouTube Vanced APK download.

Attracts New Customers

Videos are great when it comes to attracting a new customer base. You can use the professional videos that you’ve shot to advertise through multiple social media platforms. YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are great platforms where you can upload your brand videos.

They also have great targeting features that allow you to reach different audiences through ads. You can control your budget and make sure your videos are only shown to specifically targeted audiences. You can get help from a video production company too.

Demand for Video is Increasing

Video Marketing Increasing Customer

The demand for video isn’t only limited to television or films – it extends to marketing for brands as well. Influencers too are known to increase their video content so that they can meet the needs and demands of their followers. By the way, you will need some video editing services for that purpose.

Video Builds Trust

Marketing, in general, is based on trust and relationships. When you build a solid foundation with your customers, you can depend on them to spread the word about your business and your products. Video content does this well.

It’s more likely that video will engage users better and evoke different emotions when compared to text or image stills. Videos allow you to tell a story and get people excited about your brand.

YouTube is a powerful tool to use when doing so as promotional videos on the platform are known to foster trust among viewers. If you have an effective video marketing strategy, you can showcase your products in a more conversational manner, rather than being too pushy.

Users on the Internet tend to feel as though they are victims of fraud when it comes to trusting ads, but when you run campaigns for your products in engaging ways, you’re showing people that you can be trusted.

For example, American Trucks, a platform that sells rims for trucks and other aftermarket parts, does this in a fantastic way with their video content called “The Haul”.

They consistently put out video content showcasing parts and products, which positions them as experts, builds trust from their potential customers, and allows the community to access resources before purchasing.

Google Prefers Video Content

Video Marketing Content

As videos encourage users to spend more time on your website, this will show search engines, primarily Google, that your website has good and engaging content. And since Google owns YouTube, there’s a significant increase in how videos can affect your rankings on search engines.

Similarly to optimizing text content, you need to make sure your videos are optimized for SEO as well. Use descriptive and interesting titles and descriptions, with links that lead back to your website or products!

Videos Explain Things Better

Video Marketing Explain Better

Creating a video to show that you’re launching a new service or product might be more useful to users than just simple text content. By showing users how your product works, they’re more likely to have a better understanding of the service and will be more inclined to make a purchase.

Difficult concepts are also easier to explain through videos, rather than stills. You could use a creative animation to bring your product concept to life! No one wants to see a video of two people simply talking about the product – it needs to be fun and imaginative so that people are actually interested.

You can also add subtitles to video automatically.

Videos Encourage People to Share

Video Marketing Share

Social media networks are more equipped these days to allow users to seamlessly share videos with other users. With Live Video on Facebook, Instagram Stories and even LinkedIn Stories, these platforms are evolving to focus on video content more than they did before – encouraging users to create their own fun videos and share it with their friends.


If your video on social media is quirky and engaging, users will want to share it with others. People will share branded videos with their friends if the video is entertaining and unlike any other brand video they’ve seen before. This will in turn increase traffic to your website!

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