7 Best Marketplaces to Sell WordPress Themes & Plugins

Do you want to sell your WordPress themes but don't know which marketplaces to use? Then this article is for you.

Here you will learn about the best and most popular marketplaces for selling WordPress themes.

Each platform is safe to use as it is trusted by many users.

If you already have your custom WordPress themes then you can sell them on these marketplaces.

This will help you increase your customer base.

If you are still in the process of creating your own custom themes, then we advise you to read the article “Creating a Custom WordPress Design Theme“.


The Most Popular Marketplaces for Selling WordPress Themes & Plugins

The best trading platforms on the Internet are few and far between.

But we present to your attention, the top 7 of the best that users have already rated.

These websites have gained the trust from others so use them for your projects.


Master Bundles

7 Best Marketplaces to Sell WordPress Themes & Plugins 1

Master Bundles is a platform for the very best collections of WordPress themes.

Lots of buyers are using this trading platform to create their amazing projects.

Master Bundles has earned its popularity thanks to the incredible amount of original themes that will suit everyone's taste.

Thus, this is where you can find your customers and leave them happy with your themes.




Themeforest is one of the best theme marketplaces.

And at the same time it is one of the largest markets in the network.

Here you will find many of the same thinkers, who put up for sale many of their works.

The authors have filled out Themeforest's collection of over 40,000 WordPress themes.

Hurry up to become one of them!

In order for you to sell your work on this marketplace, you need to create good quality WordPress themes.

Thus, if you take its rightful place among the competitors, this platform will be for you the best platform for the sale of your creativity.




CodeCanyon is another top choice for designers and anyone looking to sell their WordPress plugins.

Therefore, if you develop your own plugins and strive to actively sell them, use CodeCanyon.

This trading platform is identical to the others, where you can find your audience and increase sales.

Do not forget that there is a commission, as well as on other sites, so the more high quality and good work you create, the more chances you have to earn good money.




TemplateMonster is a very good and popular marketplace for your WordPress themes.

Top developers and designers publish their products, theme collections and WordPress plugins here.

In the first three months you will receive 70%, and do not doubt that this is one of the best bonuses, if you are just starting your job.


Creative Market

Creative Market

Creative Market is a unique marketplace that differs from others in the absence of a verification process.

A large percentage of 70% attracts any developers and designers, whether it is exclusive or not.

In addition to WordPress themes, you can share any of your creative designs using the Creative Market.


Mojo Marketplace

Mojo Marketplace

Mojo Marketplace is less popular than other trading platforms for WordPress.

But working in this market will please you anyway.

Many users are looking for themes here, so you won't have any problems with the audience.

Keep in mind that the site takes a commission, and use it for their own pleasure, selling their exclusive themes and WordPress plugins.




Codester is the latest in our selection of the best WordPress theme marketplaces.

Each of your WordPress themes or plugins will find its buyer here.

As in some unpopular markets, it does not require exclusivity.

So feel free to use and display your designs on Codester.



In conclusion, whether you are new or veteran of selling custom WordPress themes, anyone can find the right marketplace for their work.

Be original and purposeful in order to break through the competition and you will be able to find your audience and increase your earnings using the platforms that we have selected for you!


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