5 Misfortunes of Contextual Advertising that SEO Solves

Any person who is engaged in the promotion of commercial sites knows that there are two main ways to achieve notable results, traffic, and conversions.

These are SEO and contextual advertising.

If you're at a crossroads and can't decide whether to spend your budget on SEO or PPC, we recommend that you figure out cases when SEO will be more effective.

SEO is a comprehensive promotion of your Internet resource.

To make pages of your Internet project appear in the SERP and increase the potential profit, you need to optimize the site in all aspects.

Fill it with appropriate text content, develop a promotion strategy, analyze competitors, and keep many other decisive market factors in mind.

With the right market analysis, your site can be ranked high in Google.

In the case of PPC, you regularly pay directly to Google.

The price may depend on the region and niche.

But most of all, it is influenced by how many clicks you want to have and how much your competitors pay for PPC.

In really competitive niches, the cost per click can be really high, and such ads will never earn its keep.

Having dealt with the essential understandings, you can figure out how an SEO specialist can neutralize the weak sides of contextual advertising, thereby bringing potential clients to your resource.

The higher the position of the site in ranking, the more users visit it.

Therefore, the following works are important for the SEO promotion results:

  • making pages relevant to specific queries;
  • optimization of structure and content;
  • improvement of commercial factors;
  • improvement of the page code;
  • building up external factors of the resource's reliability.

Anyway, rules are set by search engines.

Each of them uses and regularly updates its own ranking algorithms, which are composed of many factors.

And although the formulas are kept secret, experts know which factors have the most weight.

By building your SEO promotion strategy according to them, you can improve the site position for key queries in search results.

User behavior, user-friendliness, and site loading speed are critical to SEO promotion results.

With the development and complication of algorithms, the importance of these factors is steadily increasing, which ultimately improves the relevance of search results.

Google strives to deliver the most useful content to a user request.

Therefore, site owners need to publish content that is most interesting to their audience.


Is SEO Better Than PPC?

First, look at statistics:

Statistics | Misfortunes of Contextual Advertising that SEO Solves

In 2018, research was conducted showing that search algorithms are moving away from keywords and now focus more on the site content, optimization, and uniqueness.

Now, this trend is even more noticeable.

Nevertheless, there are still situations when PPC is the simplest and most effective way – usually, when you need to quickly get the first customers with the launch of the site.

In all other cases, the bulk of the work falls on SEO, although there are even hybrid options.

Let's say you have a café.

Due to the epidemic situation, it must be quarantined, which will lead to financial losses.

So, you decide to open an online store to deliver goods to your clients’ homes and offices.

In this case, you can use both ways of website promotion.

Get orders instantly with the help of contextual advertising, and work on getting more audience and potential customers.


What Are the Five Main Benefits Of SEO?

With initial SEO, it is almost impossible to immediately get to Google's first page.

Contextual advertising works unconditionally, bringing a stable number of clicks daily.

But there are at least 5 reasons why you’d better spend more time on SEO.



Cost | Misfortunes of Contextual Advertising that SEO Solves

The first reason is cost.

Contextual advertising is effective, but you have to pay for it regularly.

If you want to get sales, you will need to invest a certain amount of money in advertising every month.

This is not the case with SEO.

Once the core work is done, your site will be at the forefront all the time if you regularly post content and improve your backlink profile.

SEO does not have a top end.

You can get as many visitors as possible, unlike in the case with contextual advertising.

Thus, the optimization results depend somewhat on the SEO expert’s level of professionalism and on the company's monthly budget.

If you need professional SEO services at an affordable price, you should contact Clickmatix SEO agency.


Duration of The Result

Duration | Misfortunes of Contextual Advertising that SEO Solves

The effect of good SEO will last for a very long time.

For this, you will only need a minimum investment in content marketing.

Even if you completely stop all promotional activities, your site will remain in the SERP for quite a long time – it depends on the level of competition in your niche.

Contextual advertising brings you visitors only when you pay the search giants regularly.

Once you stop paying, your site is invisible to users again.


More People Involved

SEO is guaranteed to bring great audience reach.

Your site will be displayed not only for one target query but also for related keywords.

Besides, most people trust sites that are not tagged as ads in the search results.

In addition, if you have an informational, content-oriented site – an online media, for example, – you actually don’t need to pay for contextual advertising, as you need just more traffic, not sales.


Increasing Brand Awareness

In the modern world, it is very important to increase brand awareness and users’ loyalty.

With SEO, your site will always be in sight of those who are interested in products or services in your niche.

Along with the constant work with comments on your site, social media management, and other types of Internet marketing, SEO will slowly but steadily help you gain the trust of your audience.

As for contextual advertising, users will know about your site only as long as you have money in your Google Ads account.

Once the ad stops running, everyone will forget about you.


Get More Clicks Overall

You are not forced to stick to one side when you can get results from both strategies and place your page in the Google Ads section and in the organic results.

This way, you will not leave a single chance to your competitors! Also, it’s a great strategy if you are already working on SEO but need sales right now.

In this case, you pay for contextual advertising and do SEO work consistently.

In the meanwhile, you get clicks and traffic from contextual advertising, this makes your site more reliable in Google’s eyes, and your ranking also grows.



Where to Start?

Before sticking to any approach, whether it’s SEO or contextual advertising, start with research.

Analyze your competitors, examine how they work on their site and conversions.

You can get such information from professional tools, like seranking.com.

Doing the competitor research, make sure to find answers to these questions:

  • Do they rely on PPC only?
  • Do they do SEO?
  • What keywords work best for them?
  • What is their current ranking?
  • How much will you need to pay to launch an ad with these target words?
  • How tough is your niche?

Only when you get the broad picture, you can decide whether to pay for contextual advertising or to start with search engine optimization.



SEO and PPC work in different ways.

If you need quick results and sales, choose contextual advertising but be ready to pay again and again.

If you prefer to spend less and work on your site systematically, choose SEO.

If you want long-term results, SEO is the right choice as even when you stop all work, you will still get traffic.

In its turn, contextual advertising is good for quick hypothesis tests, one-pagers selling some products or services.

Anyway, you don’t always need to choose one side, you can always do both SEO and PPC.

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