5 Tips to Building a Growth Marketer Way of Thinking

There are many things to learn and master before you can enter a growth marketing business. First and foremost, you should have a clear idea of what it deals with and how it is different from other areas of marketing.

Also, take some time to learn about the specific features of its process and metrics, as well as make an effort to gain the critical skills required for this job.

To become a thriving growth marketer, however, it is not enough to simply build a theory-and-practice skillset. You have to develop a specific frame of mind. And to achieve that, there are certain thinking patterns to embed into your daily lifestyle to set your head on the growth marketing wave.


Tips to Building a Growth Marketer Way of Thinking

They are as follows:


Question the Established Practices

According to Pro-Papers psychology expert consultant Sheryl Morgan, questioning the established practices of doing things, is a sure way to get your creative juices flowing and come up with new unexpected solutions.

For growth marketing, it would mean stepping aside from the ingrained methods, most used, oversaturated channels, and maybe even giving the ball to new ones. 

As a matter of training, start calling into question the most routine and entrenched aspects of your day. From picking the milk to analyzing your marketing tasks, this is a good way to see the problem from a different perspective and end up with valuable insights.

It doesn’t mean that from now on you have to decline every traditional method of solution that comes your way. But at least give it a try to see and test more than one approach. Once you do, you’ll be able to make the calls based on careful consideration, data analysis, and your sixth sense.


Put Experimenting Over Building Hypotheses

It’s good to have a plan of your goals and vision. However, make sure that you don’t get sucked into building endless theories and hypotheses that lead nowhere. Instead, accept the fact that life is shaped by infinite experiments that can be discontinued if they don’t bring the desired effect.

Start with small day-to-day tasks and slowly move to the more important aspects. These can be cooking the dishes you’ve always wanted to taste, trying new physical exercises, or simply picking different routes to drive to work. Just make it a habit to ask yourself: “Is there a new way to try this today?” 

After a while, you’ll notice that experiments bring significantly more opportune life and growth marketing solutions than simply theories and pondering.


Don’t Let Your Focus Stray

Perfectionism is one of the biggest obstacles to successful growth marketing when you try to fix every tiny concern that may arise. Instead, it’s important to concentrate on the most crucial metric of your experiment and not let your attention disperse on other small, less relevant things. 

On your way to developing the mindset of a focused individual, start with jotting down the key metrics for every aspect of your life. What would be the key criterion to estimate the quality of your relationship? What is the most important aspect to invest your time in? Or, if you had just one day, what would be the most essential task to complete? 

By starting to live a more focused life, you’ll feel easier to see that most significant focus in your experiments as a growth marketer too. 


Be Committed to the Process 

Every process has a strict number of steps that lead you from nothing to success – or an insightful conclusion, as an option. However, many growth marketers struggle with showing diligence and giving themselves up to the process, and constantly seek new ways, which only estranges the result. 

What you should do here is simply find the system or pattern that proved effective for other companies or individuals and when you have a template, stop considering new options and methods – just stay committed to the routine. This rule can be also transferred to your day-to-day goals, such as personal relationships, health, or education and career.

If you dream of having a fit body, you already have the list of steps to follow so that you could get there. No additional information or methods are required. All you have to do is to stick to the devised routine that will lead you to the desired result. 

Soon enough, you’ll notice that commitment has become a habit that can help you in building and scaling your growth marketing campaigns without a sweat.


Keep in Mind Agile and Lean Principles

Agile and lean principles are on everyone’s lips, and they are the best friends of a good growth marketer. While lean thinking will teach you a waste-free and systems approach, agile thinking is what can help you bring higher-value implementations at less time-cost. These two mindset patterns are strongly intertwined, and therefore should be pursued as a single notion.

To develop a mindset like that, you simply have to do what these two principles preach, that is looking at things as a system, finding ways to remove wastes, and making small implementations that would bring the highest value at the most minimum time possible. 


Extra Piece of Advice

There are also two things you can do to ignite your career as a growth marketer. They are being on a constant hunt for brand new marketing channels and looking for brand new ways to harness common marketing channels. 

Here is the thing, if something works great today, it doesn’t mean it will work as well tomorrow. Therefore, look for new feeding grounds while the old ones are fertile yet. This way you’ll stay aware of the emerging trends and be way ahead of your competitors.


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