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WordPress Event Calendar

With the ever growing population of WordPress users in the world all together with the expansion of the WordPress tools and features makes WordPress event calendar the best option for creating an event management website. As the best event calendar plugin, Modern Events Calendar provides you with numerous features and options to create and manage your events.

Set up events

Detailed settings and

50+ Event display

Booking & Ticketing

Various payment


WordPress event calendar
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Event Management Solution for All Businesses

Modern Events Calendar has been designed in a way that event planners manage the events in different businesses such as education, restaurants, communities, etc. And easily Sell tickets, earn revenue & grow your business.




Small Businesses

Group Exercises


Music Groups







Nonprofit Organizations

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Status

Since event managers are going through a difficult time considering all the problems caused by events cancellations and the need for running online events immediately. So our team attempts to help its audience as best as possible.


Event Display Layouts

Modern Events Calendar has the most stylish and practical design among all other WordPress event calendars. It's been created using modern design methods. If you ever wanted to add event scheduling to your website, MEC plugin has more than 50 layouts with different skins and its beautiful layouts are in an effective combination both in design and functionality.

Responsive Events Calendar

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

Display all your calendar and event views perfectly in all devices.

Webnus development team, with 10 years of experience in creating WordPress themes, is proficient at making responsive elements, that’s why all the event views of MEC are perfectly responsive and mobile-friendly.

Front-end Event Submission

You can let your users submit their own suggested events. Also, they can submit their events with all necessary details, and event planners can manage them easily.

Front-end event submission
Ticketing and Invoice

Booking, Ticket and Invoices

Sell tickets & Register attendees on your site

You can easily sell your events in your website using MEC booking features. Design your own custom forms for registering attendees. Accept Secure Payment with Credit Cards, PayPal and Stripe. Using the advanced add-on called Ticket & Invoice, you can design your own invoice. QR codes on the tickets enable you to check-in attendees using the QR code scanner device.


Modern Events Calendar is integrated with most of the popular third party tools

Google Calendar
Facebook Calendar


Convert your events in a few seconds

If you are using other Event Calendars and are willing to migrate to the best WordPress Event Calendar plugin then there’s no need to worry about transferring your current events and content. Within a few seconds (in the span of a few clicks) your current events and their content will be imported automatically in full detail.

The Events Calendar

Events Manager

Calendarize It



Event Espresso

Google Calendar

Facebook Calendar

Premium Support

Our responsive customer support team boasts a high customer satisfaction rating. Should you have any issues with the best WordPress Event Calendar, do not hesitate to contact us and remember we are always here to help.

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Successful events have a tremendous effect on the brand growth and positively influence communication with customers. The wide array of features in MEC that recently has been expanded even more, by the addition of several different addons, allows you to have your events and manage them easier than ever.

Woocommerce Integration

Woocommerce Integration

$35.00You can use the WooCommerce cart to purchase tickets, that means each ticket is defined as a product. You can purchase tickets and Woo products at the same time.

User Dashboard

User Dashboard

$35.00Create exclusive pages for users. These pages can contain ticket purchase information, information about registered events. Users can now log in to purchase tickets.

Elementor Single Builder

Elementor Single Builder

$35.00It provides you with the ability to edit single event pages using Elementor. Manage the position of all elements in the single page on desktops, mobiles and tablets.

Multisite Event Sync

Multisite Event Sync

$35.00Sync events between your subsites and main websites. Changes in the main one will be inherited by the subsites. you can set these up in the plugin admin panel easily.

Wordpress Maintenance Service Icon

Event Management Website Services

We Design, Build, Optimize and Maintain Your Website

Wordpress maintenance Service

If you plan to have a website for managing events, our professionals can help you create and maintain that!

Who better than us to be left in charge of your website’s maintenance?
We can confidently claim that we’re one of the best maintenance services available. it’s probably time to let experts take care of maintenance and other menial tasks while you focus on your business.

Website Design

Setup Booking System

Speed Optimization

Hosting + CDN

Up-time Monitoring

Add & Mange Events

Create & Insert Content

Security & Backups


Weekly Reports

Affordable Prices

Purchase the most advanced event management software, with the most affordable price on the market.

Don't pay monthly or yearly charges and also, we do not charge you per ticket, per location, or per event. Manage your payments in your own website. No need to refer your customers to third party websites.

mec features

Key Features

Organizer Payment

Organizers can add a new account with their own information, and the payments will go to their own accounts directly.

Shortcode For Page Builders

A shortcode which is fully compatible with your Page Builders including: Elementor, Divi Builder, WP Bakery Page Builder, King Composer.

Search Bar

Place the form in any page you want and the result of the search will be the events along with all their features.

Customizable Timetable

Choose the number of days during a week in the shortcode timetable five or six and or seven days and use colored events.

Event Status In Submission Form

It shows the user’s event status in the events list. Therefore, the end users will know about the status of their registered event through the event submission.

Search Filter For All Shortcodes

Professional search functionality within all of MEC’s features in all the shortcodes including tags, categories, locations, organizer, speaker and ...


Breadcrumbs for the Single Event Page have the home page link and events archive

Customizable Notification Emails

You can customize the notifications emails with use professional templates for the sending emails.

Gutenberg Ready

Edit events in the Gutenberg Editor with all its options by simply enabling it.


Exclusive feed / RSS for your events and for your feed readers.

Multiple Location

Choose several locations for an event and display these widgets on the single event page.

Import From Meetup

Easily transfer your events from Meetup to MEC, by only a single click.

Facebook Events Importer

Importing Facebook events only by one click in the importer of Modern Events Calendar.

Import/Export Settings

Import and export all the settings of your installed MEC plugin from one site to another.

Schema Ready

Event Schema markup to a single page and shortcodes, recommended for SEO.

Repeat Function

Repeating an event on a particular day of the month; for example, the last Tuesday of the month and assigning it as a recurring event date.

Form Builder

Building an exclusive form for your reservation needs; remove, rearrange and create required fields with customization ability (fields: upload file, date, ...)

Custom Archive Skin Feature

For the category & archives you can simply choose a pre-built skin or a particular skin of the shortcodes just like the archive page.

Import From Third Party Plugins

You can easily import your data to MEC from 4 different WordPress plugins (The Event Calendar, Calendarize It!, EventOn, and Events Schedule).

Profile page

Your users can now be aware of the status of their purchased tickets and easily download the invoice of any ticket they want.

Ticket Price Per Date

A great feature with which you can set different prices for your tickets on different days. This feature is date-based.


You can set a speaker for your hourly scheduled event and also show the speakers using widgets.

Ticket variations

Enables you to add different sidelines to your tickets like meals, accessories or etc. (paid or free).


Using this feature your users can easily find the available events in their area.

Reporting Dashboard

You can see a summary of the undertaken activities such as number of events, shortcodes, locations and organizer.

Auto Update

Auto Update is a wonderful feature in order for you to get the updates earlier than others without any obstacles.

Custom Sidebar

Ability to change single default widget bar, add and remove default sidebar items and add your own widget to a single page (default view).

Local Time

Local Time module for showing event time based on the visitor’s time zone.

Weather Module

This weather widget forecasts the weather condition during your event.

QRcode Module

Using this feature, you can scan the code for the buyer’s ticket information.

Booking System

A powerful registration and booking system in the best WordPress Event Calendar plugin (MEC) has been built for your convenience to receive information from your attendees and connect them to the event.

Google Calendar Integration

One click connects you to Google Calendar and sets up your events on Google Calendar or simply export iCal; no need to configure any settings, we’ve setup integration so you can rest easy.

Shortcode Generator

The best WordPress Event Calendar plugin (MEC) generates custom short code which has many options to configure your calendar like skin and style, also integrated with popular page builders.

Multiple Organizers

Ability to add multiple organizer for one event. (Both in the back-end and front-end event submission).

Google Map

A quick and easy step for Google Map integration. You only need to get the Google Key and set your location in a few steps. Make sure to check out this feature!

Front-end Event Submission

With this feature, users can register their events with several options included on this page without having to enter the dashboard.

Events Widget

Widgets are powerful tools that demonstrate content everywhere they’re supported in your theme; the best part of this WordPress Event Calendar (MEC) Widget is that it is supported everywhere in your theme.

PayPal Integration

MEC has an advanced booking system which enables you to add payment gateways. PayPal gateways for business account and PayPal credit are the two options that are set for PayPal integration.

Recurring Events

Do you want your events to recur on certain dates of the year or month or different days or whatever you wish? The best WordPress Event Calendar plugin (MEC) has got you covered.

Event Custom Color

You don’t like any of these colors? Well let’s change them to your desired one. It’s all in your hand. Easily change each event to a color that is better suited for your event or more recognizable by the attendees.

Event Featured Image

MEC supports special featured event like default featured image, location image, organizer image, label image that act like badge and so on! Just setup your image up for every single event!

Event Countdown

Each event on the best WordPress Event Calendar plugin (MEC) has the possibility to setup a countdown for an event booking, also coordinate with the event recurrence system to setup each deadline.

Translation Ready

Translate the best WordPress Event Calendar plugin (MEC) into your language and use it in whenever you see fit. Every message and every sentence is translatable, also MEC has RTL support for Right to Left language. Personalize your message!

Never End Event

The best WordPress Event Calendar plugin (MEC) has a powerful recurrence system; you can make it so that everything for each event is set up automatically, even set rules for the event to repeat and end on a certain date. Read the documentation for more information.

Perfect Codes

Modern Events Calendar was coded by talented Webnus experts who are experienced on server and front-end programming which have led to the creation of this masterpiece of a plugin called MEC. Easy to extend for other developers who Love!

Multi-Site Ready

WordPress Multisite is one of the most useful and critical features on the WordPress network. Well then, you’re in luck cause MEC is Multisite ready!

Cache Plugins Compatibility

Another big advantage of using MEC is its compatibility with most of the popular and useful WordPress cache plugins like W3 Total Cache.

SEO Plugins Compatibility

One of the other vital plugins for WordPress is SEO plugins that help you improve your website’s SEO. MEC is also compatible with most SEO plugins.

Modern Events Calendar

Modern Events Calendar is an advanced events calendar solution for WordPress that simplifies the task of managing events, publicising events, and taking bookings. It is one of the best ways you can manage events and handle bookings on a WordPress website.

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Price Currency: USD

Operating System: WordPress

Application Category: WordPress Plugin