Modern Events Calendar

Responsive Event Scheduler & Booking For WordPress

Modern Events Calendar - Responsive Event Scheduler & Booking For WordPress 1

Modern Events Calendar has been created according to trending design methods and latest technology with an attractive design based on a practical concept of design.
We gathered all features of event calendar as you desire with the advanced booking system and many other useful options which are practical in the real world!

Modern Events Calendar - Responsive Event Scheduler & Booking For WordPress 2
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  • Add event image
  • Location Maps
  • Single day events
  • Multiple day events
  • You can create events that hold more than 1 day
  • Ability to create all day events
  • Add to Google Calendar feature
  • Add to iCal, Outlook, etc. by downloading .ics file
  • Advanced event locations system
  • Advanced event organizer system
  • Ability to insert images for locations and organizers
  • Ability to tag events
  • Ability to categorizing events in unlimited categories
  • Repeating events
    • Ability to create daily events
    • Ability to create weekly events
    • Ability to create monthly events
    • Ability to create yearly events
    • Ability to repeat events on weekdays and weekends
    • Ability to set custom intervals for events.
  • Never end events
  • Ability to create never end events
  • Ability to set a certain date for event finish
  • Ability to finish an event after certain repeats
  • Event countdown
  • Simple and Advanced Google Maps direction feature
  • Shortcode creator interface
  • Advanced filtering options for shortcode creator
  • Dynamic event labels
  • Ability to hide past events in shortcodes
  • Ability to insert custom CSS in settings
  • Ability to show only featured events
  • Smooth Month navigation
  • More than 10 different map styles for Google Maps
  • Ability to export all events from WP backend
  • Support comment form in single event page
  • Translation Ready
  • English and Spanish language support

Display options

  • Font Awesome icons
  • Multiple color skins
  • Ability to select custom colors
  • Monthly/Calendar view
  • Weekly view
  • Daily View
  • List/Grid views
  • Map view
  • Show events on the Google Maps based on their location
  • RTL support
  • Custom colors for events


  • Ability to create various kind of tickets
  • Ability to set a limit on total bookings
  • Ability to set a limit for certain tickets
  • Ability to create free tickets
  • Add custom fields to booking form
  • Global Tax/Fee creation system
  • Ability to create certain fees for each event
  • Coupons and Discount manager
  • Ability to disable coupons feature
  • Advanced currency options
  • Implemented 3 payment methods
    • Pay locally
    • PayPal Express
    • PayPal Credit Card
  • Ability to enable/disable payment methods
  • Send different notifications to booker/admin
    • Booking notification for booker/attendee
    • Booking notification for admin
    • Booking verification to attendee
    • Booking confirmation by admin to attendee
  • Ability to automatically verify free and/or paid bookings
  • Ability to completely disable booking feature if you don’t want to use it.
  • CSV export option for bookings
  • MS Excel export option for bookings


  • WPML ready
  • WordPress Multisite ready
  • Visual Composer addon
  • Cache plugins compatibility
  • SEO plugins compatibility


  • Completely developer friendly
  • Ability to override archive and single pages in a theme
  • Ability to override skin files in a theme
  • Ability to filter plugin options using WordPress filtering system
  • Ability to fire custom functions using WordPress actions API

Bold Features

  • WooCommerce Payment Integreation
  • Stripe Payment Integreation
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • BuddyPress Integration
  • Archive Page Skin
  • Single and Multiple day events
  • Advanced Google Maps
  • Import events from Google Calendar
  • Export filtered events into CSV, MS Excel, JSON and XML formats
  • Exceptional Days
  • Google Recaptcha
  • Hourly Schedule
  • Available Widget in all Sidebar
  • Matching Shortcode and Widget
  • Matching Shortcode and Visual Composer
  • Custom CSS
  • Advanced categorizing and filtering options
  • Event note for frontend event submission
  • Frontend Event Submission
  • Notifications
  • Recurring/Repeating events
  • Next Event Module
  • Shortcode Creator
  • Auto verification ( Email & Booking )
  • Taxes / Fees
  • Multiple color skins
  • Slider View
  • Cover View
  • Countdown View
  • Carousel View
  • Monthly/Calendar View
  • Weekly View
  • Daily View
  • List/Grid View
  • Map View
  • RTL support
  • Booking
  • Advanced Tax/Fee system
  • Multiple Tickets system
  • event submission by guest (Not logged-in) users
  • Event Details/Single Event Page
  • Coupons/Discount system
  • PayPal Integration
  • Multisite Ready
  • WPML Ready
  • SEO ready
  • Developer friendly
  • Choose Weekends
  • Create Booking Form
  • Eruop language completed


Any media – Photo, video used in preview are not included in this item and you need to contact authors to get permission in case you want to use them in your commercial or non-commercial projects.

Modern Events Calendar - Responsive Event Scheduler & Booking For WordPress 14

Nice plugin and fast and good customer support.

Modern Events Calendar - Responsive Event Scheduler & Booking For WordPress 14

AMAZING, FULLY-LOADED BOOKING PLUGIN with OUTSTANDING SUPPORT. I really can’t praise these guys any higher. To purchase any other similar plugin would ve madness! I speak as I find, Modern Events Calendar kicks butt!

Modern Events Calendar - Responsive Event Scheduler & Booking For WordPress 14

Great plugin, probably the best for Meeting management both in terms of visual/display quality and flexibility in customization. Moreover the support is excellent both in terms of time to response (always in 24hrs) and in availability to help you also in extra customizations. Good job Webnus and thanks!

Modern Events Calendar - Responsive Event Scheduler & Booking For WordPress 14

Thank God I can move on from convoluted EventOn. This one is much simpler, looks better, is much more straight-forward, both front and back end and so far is a breath of fresh air. Even a client can use this, with EventOn on the other hand you need a Master’s degree in complications and messy thinking.

Modern Events Calendar - Responsive Event Scheduler & Booking For WordPress 14

I say that Customer Support is the main reason for my 5 star rating, but really this is an amazing plugin as well. Great functionality, very well designed! The support staff is super responsive and helpful.If you need a very flexible, beautiful and functional calendar plugin, look no further. IT DOES BOOKING/TICKETING AS WELL!!!!

Modern Events Calendar - Responsive Event Scheduler & Booking For WordPress 14

Great coding logic and finally, fully functional features. Customisable and user-friendly. Really does what it says! Great purchase. Will recommend for sure.

Modern Events Calendar - Responsive Event Scheduler & Booking For WordPress 14

Absolutely Fantastic – Thank you soo much for the bottom of my heart. As owner of a web business in Canada, I have tried oh soo many free ones and finally decided it was time for a new system. I love yours. In the past we had Timely Calendar, which were duplicating events… Not any more. The features, flexibility and modern design is awesome. Thank you again. Best Wishes from Canada.

Modern Events Calendar - Responsive Event Scheduler & Booking For WordPress 14

If I could give you 6 stars I would. I have tried virtually every calendar plugin on the market. Besides the fact that this is by far the best one, the customer support is simply the best I’ve ever had with any purchase. I can’t give you guys enough credit for an outstanding product and outstanding support. Thank You!

Modern Events Calendar - Responsive Event Scheduler & Booking For WordPress 14

I wish I could select more reasons to validate this rating, but after buying four other plugins in the same category, this is the only one that is fully functional, reliable, elegant, top notch support and the only one I would recommend to buy.

Modern Events Calendar - Responsive Event Scheduler & Booking For WordPress 14

Out of the box this plugin looks great. All the other plugins I’ve used for events have had poor styling and required a lot of extra editing to make them presentable. I haven’t ran into any problems thus far with this program, the support has been fantastic and I’d definitely recommend this to a friend.

v 3.4.6 – 5 March 2019
- Fixed: Display button in Import/Export tabs.
v 3.4.5 – 27 February 2019
- Added: Disable Google Fonts options due to GDPR
- Added: Search field for settings
- Added: Settings import/export feature
- Added: New Monthly Skin (simple)
- Added: Deactivate MEC lite when Pro is activated
- Changed: settings styles
- Improved: Styling Options
- Fixed: Global ticket variations
- Fixed: Showing end time in local time widget when end time or event time is/are hidden
- Fixed: Showing shortcodes in event excerpt
- Fixed: Not showing event title in novel style of monthly calendar
- Fixed: Ticket time in notifications
- Fixed: CSV export for custom fields
- Fixed: Notifications for full attendee info
- Fixed: Social icons when occurrence is set
- Fixed: Next event module
- Fixed: Showing booking tickets.
- Fixed: Some PHP notices.
v 3.4.0 – 23 January 2019
- Added: Profile shortcode to show user bookings’ details
- Added: Import from Meetup
- Added: Auto sync for importing meetup events
- Added: Ability to remove hourly schedule days
- Added: Ability to change ticket price per date periods
- Fixed: Issue in Meetup and Stripe API
- Fixed: Daily view in mobile and tablet
- Fixed: Custom color in masonry category
- Fixed: Masonry in Elementor tab
- Fixed: Typography issues
- Fixed: Google reCaptcha in Frontend submission form
- Fixed: Booking smooth scroll
- Fixed: Event information displaying order in single event page (default skin)
- Fixed: Date-picker in backend
- Fixed: Display Grid clean and Monthly View when search box is enable
- Fixed: Load languages in Lite version
- Fixed: Load speaker in accordion toggle view
- Fixed: Alt tag for images in Masonry view
- Fixed: Modal view when click on thumbnails
- Fixed: Console error (colorBrightness when no event exists)
- Fixed: HTML tags in paragraph field of booking form both in backend and frontend
- Fixed: Invalid occurrence date in single event pages
- Fixed: Some minor issues
v 3.3.5 – 8 December 2018
- Compatibility: WordPress v5.0
- Improved: WPML Compatibility
- Fixed: Stripe gateway
- Fixed: Exporting custom days events to Google Calendar
- Fixed: Time issue on Google calendar import
- Fixed: Some minor issues
v 3.3.0 – 19 November 2018
- Added: Category filter to the full calendar skin
- Added: Featured and Canceled styles for events with certain labels
- Added: Speakers taxonomy
- Added: Option to disable the speakers feature
- Added: Speakers section to the frontend event submission
- Added: Speakers module to show in default and modern layouts of single event
- Added: Multiple days functionality to the Hourly Schedule
- Added: Speakers option to the hourly schedule
- Added: Global ticket variation options (Pro)
- Added: Ability to change ticket variations per event (Pro)
- Added: Ability to order ticket variations per ticket during booking (Pro)
- Added: Monthly Novel style
- Added: Select monthly style option (Novel and Clean) to Full calendar view
- Added: Select toggle month divider option to List > Accordion view
- Added: Modal feature option to booking in single event page
- Changed: Display of hourly schedule in frontend
- Optimized: The event data rendering
- Fixed: Showing fees and variations meta box when booking module is not enabled (Pro)
- Fixed: URL issue
- Fixed: HTML content of Frontend Event Submission.
- Fixed: Auto update feature for lite version
- Fixed: Month divider issue on list and agenda skins
- Fixed: Ticket availability issue (Pro)
- Fixed: Showing ticket name in booking details page in backend
- Fixed: Typo on exports
v 3.2.0 – 1 October 2018
- Improved: Speed optimization on data rendering of events
- Improved: Speed optimization on next event module
- Improved: Speed optimization on database
- Added: Elementor Shortcode
- Added: Start/End Time for ticket (Pro version)
- Added: iCal file download link in email in settings > notifications (%%ics_link%%)
- Added: Google Calendar link in email in settings > notification (%%google_calendar_link%%)
v 3.1.6 – 10 September 2018
- Fixed: Auto update in PRO version
v 3.1.5 – 9 September 2018
- Fixed: Issue on showing multiple events in unwanted months when the repeat is set to yearly
- Preparation for Gutenberg Editor
v 3.1.4 – 28 August 2018
- Added: VK social sharing
- Fixed: Titles containing "&" when shared via email
- Fixed: Sold-out message when "0" is set for ticket numbers
v 3.1.3 – 21 August 2018
- Fixed: Language pack - you should re-activate plugin in this version (Lite Version)
v 3.1.2 – 31 July 2018
- Fixed: Update from WordPress (Lite Version)
v 3.1.1 –30 July 2018
- Change admin style
- Change MEC Pro links to new URL
v 3.1.0 – 19 July 2018
- Updated: Auto Update
v 3.0.0 – 11 June 2018
- Developed: New "Booking" system
- Added: Option to uncheck agreement field by default
- Added: Feature to booking reminder notification to send booking reminder to all attendees instead of main attendee
- Updated: Translating weekdays on clean style of timetable skin
- Fixed: Creating one Booking Record for each booking and saving attendees in the booking record instead of saving several records for each booking 
- Fixed: Sending one email for each booking instead of sending several emails for bookings with several attendees.
- Fixed: Displaying of price in emails and booking management menu
- Fixed: Adding booking from website backend
- Fixed: The structure of exporting from bookings and compatibility with the new system
- Fixed: Booking Reminder email and compatibility with the new system of attendees saving
- Fixed: Considering rejected bookings as full spot
- Fixed: Displaying value of agreement field in the notifications
- Fixed: Including cancellation link of the booking in booking reminder notification
- Fixed: Google import by cron job
- Fixed: Time convention issue on import from third party plugins
- Fixed: Getting GMT offset for some time-zones
- Fixed: AM/PM issue at importing from "EventOn" plugin
- Fixed: Importing issue from "The events calendar" plugin
v 2.8.0 – 15 May 2018
- Developed: Geolocation feature for map skin
- Developed: Import integration for Calendarize It plugin
- Added: [MEC_invoice_link] shortcode to show the invoice download link in thank you page
- Added: Option for category archive page to show expired events instead of upcoming events
- Added: Option to display price in list skin of full calendar
- Added: Links for images in list and grid skins
- Added: Notification tag to show total attendees of a booking into the admin notification
- Added: WordPress time format for frontend of MEC
- Updated: The customer of Order and Billing Email If they are not set already.
- Updated: Owl carousel to 2.3.4
- Fixed: Not supported language in weather module
- Fixed: HTML encoding on PDF invoice
- Fixed: Category filter on some of skins like agenda skin
- Fixed: Changing the active day in monthly view when new month is loaded
- Fixed: Word wrapping on PDF Invoice
- Fixed: Date in yearly view of full calendar skin when placed as events archive skin
- Fixed: Showing a wrong start / end date when custom days are set as event repeat and the dates are not in correct order
- Fixed: Hide Search Module metabox when the current skin does not support search option
- Fixed: PHP notice regarding Getting WooCommerce Order ID
- Fixed: GMT offset rendering
- Fixed: GMT offset to Time-zone convert
- Fixed: "Export to Google Calendar" feature
- Fixed: Image type on iCal export when CDN plugins are installed
- Fixed: Displaying QRCode and Weather modules on event details page when the layout is set to default and single widget is placed into the MEC single sidebar
- Fixed: Settings link in "Installed Plugins" menu
- Fixed: Single widget
- Fixed: RTL in Owl carousel
- Fixed: Daily view skin
- Fixed: Autoplay on mouseleave in Owl carousel
- Fixed: Current month of monthly view when month picker is not available in search options
- Fixed: Frontend booking form
- Applied: some clean coding on list and grid skins
v 2.7.2 – 25 April 2018
- Fixed: Issue in getting original event ID in multilingual websites
- Fixed: line break issue in carousel skin
v 2.7.1 – 23 April 2018
- Added: Import MEC XML Feed feature
- Added: WP Hook to import events programmatically
- Added: filter to cancel redirect upon activating
v 2.7.0 – 19 April 2018
- Added: New feature to cancel the bookings when their related order in WooCommerce is canceled
- Fixed: Issue in emailed invoice links
- Fixed: Loop in carousel
- Fixed: Select 1 ticket in booking form instead of 0 when there is only 1 ticket to book
- Fixed: Timetable skin
- Fixed: Typo issues
- Fixed: PHP notices on map skin
- Fixed: Multiple instance issue of Google Maps in Accordion style of list skin
- Fixed: Booking module issue on Accordion style of list skin
- Fixed: Register menu on Accordion style of list skin
- Improvement: Google Maps
- Improvement: Cleanup the codes to optimize speed and queries
- Updated: Spanish translate (Alexandro Lacadena Gómez)
v 2.6.3 – 28 March 2018
- Added: Container Width option for normal and large screens
- Added: Save Setting notification in backend
- Updated: Language files
- Fixed: Multilingual events for tickets and booking and availability
- Fixed: Display of sharing box in List and Grid type
- Fixed: Some minor issues
v 2.6.2 – 15 March 2018
- Added: "Novel" style in "Grid" view
- Added: Hungarian language (Thanks to Andreas Novotny)
- Fixed: "Autoplay" and "Count in row" in Carousel/Slider
- Fixed: "Coupon" word
- Fixed: Local Time widget style in single events (default view)
- Updated: German translate (Thanks to Jürgen König)
- Updated: Language files
v 2.6.1 – 8 March 2018
- Fixed: jQuery Carousel in Slider Shortcode
- Fixed: jQuery Carousel in MEC Widget
v 2.6.0 – 6 March 2018
- Added: Enable/Disable option for additional organizers so users can disable it completely if they do not need it
- Added: KingComposer shortcode
- Added: Ability to import hourly schedule of event-on plugin
- Improved: Address to geo point convention system to increase its success rate
- Improved: Documentation
- Improved: Google Calendar import process
- Updated: Owl-carousel to version 2.2.1
- Updated: language files
- Fixed: Try to convert the address to latitude and longitude on the single event Google Maps module if the geo point is not set or is invalid
- Fixed: PHP warning on additional organizers
- Fixed: Some issues on share by email feature
- Fixed: Search issue by all items (Category, Organizer, Location, Label) on all skins when some items are predefined in the shortcode generator
- Fixed: Frontend Submission issue in firefox
- Fixed: Empty checkbox style in Booking form
- Fixed: Switcher in backend
- Fixed: Auto Update
- Fixed: Cost field on "Frontend Event Submission"
- Fixed: Some PHP notices in different sections like dashboard
- Fixed: Invoice link on email notifications
- Fixed: Adjusted the font and column size of PDF invoice for ability to show more words
- Fixed: Free spots issue on Available Spot skin
- Fixed: Active date issue on monthly view skin
- Fixed: Modal issue on yearly view skin
- Fixed: Some translation issues
- Fixed: RTL style
v 2.5.0 – 10 February 2018
- Added: Alert for name and emails if they are empty
- Added: "Other Organizers" text to the message options so users are able to change the text to their desired label
- Added: Validation for dropdown fields as well
- Added: Feature to import from third party plugins to import featured image as well
- Improved: UTF-8 support of CSV and MS Excel export
- Fixed: Issue of category link in single skins
- Fixed: Color issue of labels in modern layout of event details page
- Fixed: Offset issue when there are many events on one day
- Fixed: Google error in auto suggestion field when no API key is set
- Fixed: PHP warning in other organizers when debug mode is enabled
- Fixed: Hide "Other organizers" completely when there is no organizer
- Fixed: Some conflicts on total booking limit feature
- Fixed: Some issues on booking form
- Fixed: Issue in not hiding "Load More" button on list / grid and agenda skins
- Fixed: Issue in not appearing "Load More" button on list / grid and agenda skins after search
- Fixed: Wrong link in the settings tabs
- Fixed: Sort by date and time in backend via All Events menu
- Fixed: Some minor issues
v 2.4.0 – 8 January 2018
- Added: Events Schedule WP Plugin third party integration
- Added: Multiple Organizers Feature
- Added: Multiple organizers Feature to Frontend Event Submission
- Added: New style of timetable skin
- Fixed: Bounce animate conflict with Visual Composer
- Fixed: Select box style in Booking from in single event page
- Fixed: A notice in single skin of MEC related to single sidebar
- Fixed: Some minor issues
v 2.3.0 – 12 December 2017
- Added: Import events from eventon plugin.
- Added: Import events from The Events Calendar plugin.
- Added: Masonry skin to available skins.
- Added: Masonry skin to the archive page available skins.
- Added: Ability to import categories of Eventons and The Events Calendar events to MEC.
- Fixed: QR Code issue on PDF invoice.
- Fixed: An offset issue that creates duplicate event issue when the shortcode is set to show only expired events.
- Fixed: Duplicate month divider issue on list skin.
- Fixed: Some minor issues.
v 2.2.6 – 21 November 2017
- Fixed: Countdown issue on Edge/IE.
v 2.2.5 – 19 November 2017
- Added: Card holder name to the Stripe payment form.
- Fixed: Two PHP7 compatibility issues on PDF library.
- Fixed: An output issue on get available spots.
- Fixed: Issue in getting draft and waiting events on AJAX Call on all skins.
- Fixed: Issue on downloading event image from Facebook.
- Fixed: Issue in converting location address to latitude / longitude upon updating the location.
- Fixed: Issue of ongoing events in showing multiple days events.
- Fixed: A typo in Google Maps.
- Fixed: A language compatibility issue in weather widget.
- Fixed: Issue of showing -1 instead of "Unlimited" word in booking form in some rare cases.
- Fixed: Some issues regarding total booking limit and ticket availabilities in booking form.
- Fixed: Some issues about validation on booking form.
- Fixed: "th" from countdown default date format.
- Fixed: An issue about coupon limits when bookings are scheduled for future.
- Fixed: Deselected terms in search widget of all skins.
- Fixed: An issue in grid skin for showing multiple events dates.
- Fixed: Documentation link on welcome page of MEC.
- Fixed: Booking button sync with styling option.
- Fixed: Quick changelog demonstration on update.
- Fixed: An issue regarding single event skins (countdown, cover and available spot skins) when selected event is invalid.
- Updated: Hide empty terms in shortcode menu for simplifying the user experience.
- Updated: Applied some clean coding.
v 2.2.0 – 16 October 2017
- Added: Available spot skin focused on remained tickets.
- Added: Weather Module in all layouts of Event Details page.
- Added: Booking reminder notification to MEC notifications.
- Added: An ability to set different days for booking reminder notification.
- Added: Sn option for disabling "Express Booking Form" (Fill other attendees information like the first one) feature.
- Fixed: Sn issue regarding custom days events in "Frontend Event Submission"
- Fixed: some minor issues.
v 2.1.0 – 14 September 2017
- Added: Ability to add booking by admin from backend.
- Added: PDF invoice for all bookings.
- Added: "Download Invoice" link to success messages of all payment gateways.
- Added: Variable %%invoice_link%% for booking notifications to insert a link to invoice download page in emails.
- Added: Invoice layout for QR Code module
- Added: Download invoice link to the booking view page in backend.
- Added: QRcode module to all layouts of event details page including default, modern and lightbox layouts.
- Added: Ability to have 100% discount on coupons.
- Added: Expiry date for coupons.
- Added: Target event option for coupons in order to create coupons for certain events.
- Fixed: An issue when client applies multiple coupon code or apply a coupon code multiple times.
- Fixed: An issue regarding importing all day events of Google Calendar.
- Fixed: An issue in Feature image section of "Frontend Event Submission".
- Fixed: An issue in UTF8 font of FPDF library.
- Fixed: Issue of modal method in timetable skin.
- Updated: Applied some clean coding.
v 2.0.5 – 17 August 2017
- Added: timetable skin.
- Added: timetable skin to available archive skins.
- Added: introduce tour help to setting and import export modules.
- Added: two different filters for disabling MEC dashboard elements by third party developers.
- Added: a patch to make sure "New Event" notification do not send in auto drafts.
- Improved: details map scenario to only show the current event instead of all events with same location
- Improved: sort of labels in Add/Edit event page to alphabetical.
- Fixed: some issues regarding week switching in weekly skin and timetable skin.
- Fixed: an issue in countdown module of event details page.
- Fixed: some show date issues on multiple days events in list, grid and carousel skins.
- Fixed: an issue in "Frontend Event Submission" form regarding adding duplicate events.
- Fixed: an encoding issue in iCal export button of frontend and iCal export in backend.
- Fixed: a date issue for multiple days events in clean style of grid skin.
- Fixed: an issue in local time module when the visitor time-zone did not find.
- Fixed: widget carousel and grid style.
- Fixed: styling issue on slider shortcode.
- Fixed: some minor issues.
v 2.0.1 – 31 July 2017
- Fixed: Backend styling issue.
v 2.0.1 – 28 July 2017
- Fixed: Some minor issues.
v 2.0.0 – 24 July 2017
- Added: Yearly view skin.
- Added: Agenda view skin.
- Added: New setting option framework.
- Added: Individual booking form per event.
- Added: Location auto suggest for address field of location taxonomy.
- Added: "Ticket" and "Tickets" word to translatable messages.
- Added: Feature for using first attendee information for other tickets and do not filling all the tickets.
- Added: A feature for disabling Booking notification form.
- Added: Year skin to the full calendar skin.
- Added: Agreement field for booking form.
- Added: Agenda and Yearly view to the available archive skins.
- Fixed: A quote escape issue on payment HTML comment form.php.
- Fixed: A quote escape issue on Notification subjects.
- Fixed: An issue when start date of skins are set to Today.
- Fixed: Some minor issues.
v 1.9.7 – 14 June 2017
- Added: price to booking related notifications.
- Added: feed support for MEC categories just like MEC events.
- Added: booking price to book exports.
- Added: an option for showing year ranges in the date filter based on "Include Expired Events" and "Show only expired: events" options.
- Added: end dates of multiple day events to most of grid styles.
- Added: a new option for defining static fees to be applied on total amount of booking instead of ticket prices.
- Added: end date for multiple date events to skins: accordion, Grid clean, Grid Modern, Grid Colorful, Carousel Type3.
- Improved: date label function for not showing both of end date and start dates if they are same. Also added a class to the end date for using in UI jobs.
- Improved: tickets availability on booking module.
- Fixed: referred date issue on some event types.
- Fixed: an issue in next event module in some rare conditions.
- Fixed: an issue in custom_days events for showing next occurrence in countdown module.
- Fixed: Dutch language issues.
- Fixed: a content display issue on modal and accordion styles.
- Fixed: an offset issue in list and grid skins.
- Fixed: an issue in ticket availability.
- Fixed: an issue in showing attendee name when there are different attendees with same email.
- Fixed: some date and interval issues in Google and Facebook import and auto sync.
- Fixed: an issue in category feeds.
- Fixed: a sorting issue on events.
- Fixed: an issue in sold out message on tickets.
- Fixed: owl carousel conflict with themes slider shortcode and carousel shortcode.
- Fixed: accordion style js issue on multiple shortcodes.
- Fixed: backend label styles.
- Fixed: loader issue with ajax response in all shortcodes.
- Fixed: booking button, google map pins, styling option and booking form css issues.
- Fixed: date and time sorting issue of map module in single event page and map skin.
- Fixed: an issue in calculating availability spot of tickets when a booking canceled.
- Fixed: date option in accordion.
- Fixed: an issue in the event details countdown.
v 1.9.6 – 23 May 2017
- Added: Custom sidebar (ability to change single default widget bar, add and remove default sidebar items and add your own widget to single page (default view).)
- Improved: Single event html (google calendar and iCal).
- Improved: Change order of back-end event filters to alphabetical order instead of order by count.
- Fixed: A date time conversion issue in google calendar import and facebook calendar import that happens in some websites in rare conditions.
- Fixed: Compatibility message on update page.
v – 14 May 2017
- Added: "Only Expired" filter for showing only expired events in following skins: Monthly View, Weekly View, Daily View.
- Added: "Ongoing" filter for showing only ongoing events in list/grid skins.
- Added: "Only Expired" filter for list, grid, full calendar, carousel and slider skins.
- Added: Descending order feature for expired events.
- Improved: "Multiple Day Events" Method and include Slider and Carousel skins.
- Fixed: Next occurence modal style.
- Fixed: Event attende list style.
- Fixed: Issue of disabling previous month button in weekly view.
- Fixed: An issue in calculating available spots of events.
- Fixed: An issue in showing subscribers and contributers in author filter.
- Fixed: Some date issues in weekdays and custom days events.
- Fixed: Do not show ticket when all available spots are sold.
- Fixed: An issue in showing sold out message.
- Fixed: HTML issue on Google Calendar Export.
v 1.9.5 – 9 May 2017
- Added: Toggle List view.
- Added: Reporting Dashboard.
- Added: An option for hiding the events based on Start time (Default Value) , End time ,  1 Hour after start time , 2 Hours after start time.
- Added: Link protocol automatically to organizer if it is not set by client.
- Added: Show end date for multiple day events in carousel skin.
- Added: Message Options :
- Added: Ability to change weekdays abbr
- Added: Ability to change label of taxonomies such as Label, Location, Organizer and Category
- Changed: Single Event Page, Add/Edit event page in backend, Frontend Event Submission, Backend menus, Filter Options in shortcodes menu, Search Form Options in the backend and frontend, All events menu in backend, CSV and MS-Excel exports.
- Fixed: A date issue on modal that created by Next Occurrence method of date.
- Fixed: Showing wrong end date in list/grid skins when all days are set to show instead of first day.
- Fixed: End date issue in iCal export. 
- Fixed: End date issue in Google Calendar link in frontend.
- Fixed: Requred field style in booking form.
- Fixed: List view standard issue style.
- Fixed: Modal counter issues.
- Fixed: Attende module style.
- Fixed: Fes form submit button issue on responsive.
- Fixed: Full Calendar PreLoader isssue in fire fox.
- Updated: German translate.
- Updated: Italian translate.
v – 30 April 2017
- Added: Description field for tickets.
- Fixed: Some issue about modal.
v 1.9.4 – 25 April 2017
- Added: Modal option for list skin (Grid, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Full calendar).
- Added: Slider view type 5.
- Added Description field for tickets.
- Fixed: 2 issues in booking export feature when no booking is selected.
- Improved: Show "The event is ongoing." message if the event is started but not finished.
- Improved: "Sold" message if all of event tickets sold instead of showing booking module.
- Fixed: Issue of event title in the modal.
- Fixed: Http:// issue in the more info link.
- Added: Some guide for zoomlevel option of Google Maps in settings menu.
v – 10 April 2017
- Fixed: an issue on some servers when the booking request is too long and server could not respond to the long AJAX requests.
- Fixed: issue of WP reset password email issue when the email content type is set to HTML instead of plain text.
- Fixed: an issue in local-time module.
- Fixed: minor css issue.
v 1.9.3 – 06 April 2017
- Added: Local Time module for showing event time based on visitor timezone.
- Added: an option to enable removing MEC Data on uninstall (Disabled by default).
- Added: Guest Email and Name to the FES.
- Added: limitation to attendees module.
- Improved:Show separated price per ticket instead of total price in booking backend menu.
- Improved: MEC update system to do not run when not needed in order to speed up the initialization.
- Fixed: an issue on adding fees price to the booking.
- Fixed: an issue in Custom Days Repeat System.
- Fixed: an issue on exporting exceptional days to Google Calendar.
v 1.9.2 – 15 March 2017
- Added: An ability to import old events from Google Calendar.
- Fixed: A translation issue.
- Fixed: A GMT date issue on Google Calendar and iCal export.
- Fixed: An issue on showing selected color in Frontend Event Submission.
- Fixed: Some front end submisssion ui issue.
v 1.9.1 – 13 March 2017
- Improved: RTL style.
- Fixed: An issue with polylang plugin.
- Fixed: A PHP notice in countdown module.
- Added: Swedish language files (Thanks to Mats).
v 1.9.0 – 6 March 2017
- Added: Auto Synchronization for Google Calendar Import/Export and Facebook Import.
- Added: MEC transaction ID into Stripe description.
- Added: Organizer, Locations, Hourly Schedule, Tickets, Booking Options, Fess/Taxes sections to the Frontend Event Submission.
- Added: ability to disable/enable FES sections from settings menu.
- Fixed: Some issues on Google Calendar and Facebook Calendar Import and Synchronization.
- Fixed: An issue in countdown skin.
v 1.8.8 – 26 February 2017
- Added: Slider Shortcode into predefined shortcodes on plugin activation.
- Hided: organizer element on modern layout if it is not set.
- Fixed: some issues on adding/editing locations and organizers.
- Fixed: owl carousel issue on full calendar skin.
- Fixed: Css issues and countdown issues.
v 1.8.6 – 23 February 2017
- Fixed: JS and CSS Issues.
v 1.8.5 - 22 February 2017
- Added: Ability to import facebook event image as featured image of event in Facebook Importer.
- Added: New auto update and verification
- Added: %%attendee_full_info%% to booking notification email.
- Added: Carousel and slider view auto play time option.
- Added: mailto: and tel: option for organizer email and tel in the single event page.
- Added: Polish language files (Thanks to Łukasz Szmigiel).
- Improved: Settings Form Security.
- Fixed: An XSS issue on the custom styles.
- Fixed: Default issue for single event layout.
- Fixed: A PHP notice issue on single event page.
- Fixed: Issue of not setting Customer on WooCommerce Order when guest user is paying.
- Fixed: Issue of custom days events for showing main date of event.
- Fixed: Issue of not converting notification new lines to paragraph in MEC Notification system.
- Fixed: 2 notices on PHP7.
- Fixed: Responsive of sliders issues.
- Fixed: Option for date suffix.
- Fixed: Next Event Module.
- Fixed: Flip countdown issues for days more than hundred.
- Fixed: Countdown issues on edge / IE.
- Fixed: Countdown reponsive.
- Fixed: Event title is mandatory on "Frontend Event Submission" form.
- Fixed: A conflict between MEC and WC Strip gateway on Stripe payment form.
- Fixed: Load Google Maps assets (JS and CSS) only when needed instead of loading them always to optimize the speed.
- Fixed: Load OWL assets (JS and CSS) only when needed instead of loading them always to optimize the speed.
- Fixed: A translation issue.
- Fixed: HTML validation.
- Cleanup: On frontend.js codes.
- Updated: Brazilian portuguese language (Thanks to Rodrigues Santana).
- Updated: German language (Thanks to Jürgen König).
v 1.8.0 - 7 February 2017
- Added: WooCommerce Integration.
- Added: Next Event module to be shown on single event page.
- Added: A new style named "Modern" for single events page.
- Added: Full Slider skin.
- Added: Time options to "Frontend Event Submission".
- Added: Ability to set title for gateways to be shown in the checkout form.
- Added: Activate the only gateway in the checkout form if only 1 gateway is enabled.
- Fixed: Fixed an issue in booking dates when some dates excluded from event occurrence dates.
- Fixed: Tags Archive Page issue by adding mec-events CPT into the query.
- Fixed: Issue of changing year when ignore date option is selected.
- Fixed: End date issue when an occurrence is selected.
- Fixed: Some UTC date issues in Add to Google Calendar button and ICS download button in single event page.
- Updated: German language (Thanks to Jurgen).
v 1.7.0 - 18 January 2017
- Added: BuddyPress Integration.
- Added: Showing Attendees list on event details page.
- Added: Add an activity to user BuddyPress profile after booking a new event.
- Added: Stripe Payment Gateway.
- Added: Mailchimp integration to add bookers data into a certain list with a certain subscription status.
- Added: New flip countdown skin added.
- Added: Event note option for frontend event submission.
- Added: Use Post Excerpt if exists instead of post content in list skin.
- Added: %%event_note%% placeholder for new event notification.
- Added: An ability to place %%event_title%% into title of "admin notification" and "new event" notifications.
- Fixed: Issue about http_build_query function in some servers.
- Improve: Front end submission UX.
- Improve: Search month and date can be ignored.
v 1.6.0 - 3 January 2017
- Added: Google Calendar Integration.
- Added: Ability to import events from Google Calendar.
- Added: Ability to add MEC events directly to Google Calendar.
- Added: Facebook import feature for importing events from a certain Facebook page.
- Added: Russian language. (Thanks to Runa Simi Tours)
- Added: An ability to change countdown main color.
- Added: Ability to export filtered events into CSV, MS Excel, JSON and XML formats.
- Added: Ability to export all events into CSV, MS Excel, JSON and XML formats.
- Added: Ability to change weekdays and weekends.
- Added: A new option to show event date in single event page based on referred date instead of next occurrence.
- Added: Target window option for "Read More Link".
- Added: Thank you page for opening after booking.
- Added: An ability to send "Booking Notification" and "Admin Notification" to event organizer.
- Updated: Sorting system of events.
- Updated: Search form in all skins.
- Fixed: An issue in setting full calendar layout as archive skin.
- Fixed: Issue of showing expired events in map skin.
- Fixed: An Issue about next/previous month navigator in monthly, weekly and daily skins.
- Fixed: Issue of 6th week in weekly view.
v 1.5.1 - 15 December 2016
- Fixed: Countdown Issues.
v 1.5.0 - 14 December 2016
- Added: Carousel skin with 3 different styles.
- Added: Countdown skin with 3 different styles.
- Added: Turkish language. (Thanks to Toptan Bilgisayar)
- Added: Brazilian Portuguese language. (Thanks to Rodriguez)
- Added: Italian language. (Thanks to Michele D.Amico)
- Added: An ability to include custom fields into CSV and MS Excel exports.
- Added: Ability to change date format of booking module.
- Added: Date format option for cover, single and map skins.
- Added: Date format option for carousel, list and grid skins.
- Added: An ability to the event cost to insert texts instead of number.
- Added: A new event repeat option for selecting completely custom days.
- Added: An ability to hide regular events on some certain dates.
- Added: a new option for increasing maximum dates in booking form.
- Added: Mandatory option for check-box and radio buttons in booking form.
- Added: Ability to change booking status form in booking details page.
- Updated: Front-end Submission Form.
- Updated: Change sort method of locations and organizers to alphabetical.
- Fixed: An issue in showing event description in the skins.
- Fixed: An issue in search form.
v 1.4.0 - 25 October 2016
- Added: Full Calendar new skin.
- Added: Search Form ability for all MEC skins.
- Added: Ability to search by category, location, organizer and labels to the search form.
- Added: Text Search option to search form.
- Added: Year and Month filter to search form.
- Added: Ability to disable search fields and search form completely.
- Added: Ability to disable archive event page and replace a normal WordPress page instead.
- Added: Some new options in "Frontend Event Submission" such as categories, labels and event color.
- Added: Optional more info link.
- Updated: List and Grid skins.
- Fixed: An issue about using two different protocols for backend and frontend of WordPress.
v 1.3.6 - 19 October 2016
- Added: German language. (Thanks to Jens)
v 1.3.5 - 11 October 2016
- Added: Ability to upload featured image for events by guest users.
- Added: Lightbox for showing details of events on map skin.
- Added: Auto Update feature by purchase code and security token.
- Added: Duplicate event feature.
- Added: A new option for showing only first day of multiple day events on list/grid skins.
- Updated: "Front-end Event Submission" structure.
- Updated: Map skin interfaces.
- Fixed: Issue of not showing end date of multiple day events next to start date in single event page and other skins.
- Fixed: Some issues on notifications.
- Fixed: Issue of removing featured image.
- Fixed: Issue of showing past events when "Show Past Event" option is disabled.
v 1.3.0 - 3 October 2016
- Added: French language. (Thanks to Chris van den Berg)
- Added: Dutch (Netherlands) language. (Thanks to Mario Leblanc)
- Added: Category archive skin selector for showing desired skin in category archive pages.
- Added: New colorful style for grid skin.
- Added: An option for disabling loading of Google Maps API for fixing conflicts with other third party themes/plugins.
- Added: A pre-loader style for booking button.
- Fixed: Social buttons issue on iphone.
- Fixed: Issue of empty booking form.
- Fixed: An issue in Google fonts.
v 1.2.5 - 28 September 2016
- Added: A new repeat type for repeating events on certain weekdays.
- Added: An option for showing only first day of multiple day events on the calendars instead of all days.
- Fixed: Issue of invalid currency code for bookings.
- Fixed: An issue in "Add to Google Calendar" button for setting correct time-zone.
- Fixed: Issue of showing all days of multiple day events in list/grid skins.
- Fixed: Calendar/Monthly skin issue.
v 1.2.1 - 26 September 2016
- Fixed: Issue of count-down module in Safari browser.
- Fixed: An issue for showing wrong occurrence date for events.
v 1.2.0 - 25 September 2016
- Added: A new placeholder for showing full attendee data such as name, email and registration form data in the "admin notification email".
- Added: 24 hours format is added to backend form and "Front-end Submission Form" as well.
- Added: "Auto Confirm" feature for bookings.
- Added: "Hide end time" feature for events.
- Added: Booking form builder is completely re-developed and optimized.
- Added: Tel and Email fields for Booking form builder.
- Added: Show registration form data in booking view page in back-end.
- Fixed: All day time issue on some skins.
- Fixed: Booking form validation issue.
- Fixed: Date localization issues on daily view.
- Fixed: Issue of hiding notification tab when booking feature is disabled.
- Updated: Applied some clean coding.
- Updated: Backend Design.
v 1.1.0 - 19 September 2016
- Added: "Front-end Event Submission" feature. Now all of your website users are able to post/manage their events from front-end.
- Added: Google re-captcha feature for protecting your website more on booking module and "Front-end Event Submission" feature.
- Added: A new hour format for showing hours based on 24 hour format on front-end in addition to 12 hour format.
- Added: Hundreds of currencies for improving internationalization of Modern Events Calendar.
- Updated: Backend UI design
- Fixed: Some issues on booking module.
- Fixed: Date localization issues. Now, month names, week days etc shows based on current language.
- Fixed: Social icons in grid view
v 1.0.3 - 11 September 2016
- Added: A new feature for changing mec-category slug/permalink to the desired slug/permalink.
- Fixed: A time-zone issue on countdown module.
- Fixed: Some jQuery conflicts.
v 1.0.2 - 07 September 2016
- Fixed: Some conflicts with other plugins.
- Fixed: Broken links on support menu.
v 1.0.1 - 06 September 2016
- Fixed: No event issue on weekly skin.
- Fixed: "0000-00-00" issue for event end date.
- Fixed: Some PHP notices.
- Fixed: Post reset issue on Map skin.
v 1.0.0 - 01 September 2016
- Initial Release


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