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However, Instagram has long ago become a multifunctional platform. In 2016, Stories appeared, two years later-IGTV, and +- recently — Reels. And the new tool is ideal for “Instagram” advertising for businesses and products.


What Is Instagram Reel and How Does It Work?

Actually, it is not new. Reels is TikTok's “Insta” follower. It consists of vertically oriented reels that last up to 30 seconds. The addition has already been introduced in several countries a year ago, but it arrived in Russia only in June this year.

instagram reels

Unlike stories, it offers more comprehensive video editing and processing capabilities, and the videos themselves do not disappear 24 hours after they are published.


Real advertising opportunities

A logical step has been the advent of advertising media in roles. It works on a principle similar to “the image plus text” target format. Videos are embedded in the tab, in the corresponding feed and displayed to the user based on their interests, geographical location and other data.

Promotional videos, like ordinary videos, can be liked, commented on, archived, and shared. To accelerate the initial results, most entrepreneurs prefers buying Instagram followers in addition to this, get real Instagram followers and other involvement metrics. This allows to create a trusted first impression, raise the brand status and increase the retention rate of new users.

Like well-known Insta targeting, Reels ads fit most niches, from beauty salons to consulting firms. Campaign goals can be very different: when setting up the ad office, you will be asked to select Conversions, reach, traffic, video views, brand awareness, and app installation. Each goal and tool allows you to increase Instagram likes and views and turn more visitors into customers.


What to expect from a new type of ads?

Instagram reels ads are a new option. Developers are investing heavily in promoting the new format: for good reason, the “Reels” button has been placed in the center of the app's navigation bar. We have already tried this type of advertising and found that ads in reels offered greater reach than those in feeds and stories.

Another reason to try a new advertising platform is that the competition is low and there is no competition in some niches. In this regard, at the beginning of the launch of this Add-on, it will not be necessary to invest heavily in advertising.

And it can become a good supplement to a practice to get Instagram followerslikes on Instagram, comments, views, etc. This way you can quickly start the process of natural scaling of the profile.

Finally, the short videos show a high level of people's involvement and help demonstrate all the benefits of the product in a simple, clear and interesting way. The reels are organically integrated into the tape. They do not disturb the user, and the video editor features allow for quick creation of expressive and memorable creations.

Instagram has long been an advertising platform with a large audience, and the introduction of another tool is good news for anyone looking to increase their reach and attract new customers.


Why you should try Reels

  • More coverage than regular Instagram videos and posts.
  • You can edit right in Instagram: add text and music (both your own and from Instagram's library), apply filters and effects, change format and duration, speed up or slow down playback. Plus, there's a countdown.
  • In Reels, unlike Tick-Tock, you can select any segment of the music track.
  • Instagram is always actively promoting new features and the authors who use them. Do not miss the opportunity to attract subscribers and promote your account for free. In addition, everything new is always interesting.
  • You can shoot online or post a separately filmed video.
  • Instagram has a more age-appropriate audience than Tick-Tock. Therefore, Reels will watch more conscious and adequate people, which, for example, is important when promoting a business.
  • Reels don't disappear like storis after 24 hours (if they aren't pinned up to date).
  • Reels can be shared, which will help increase reach.
  • Reels can be used to increase reach and interaction with content, which has an overall positive impact on the account.
  • Reels actively promotes authors who have fewer subscribers.


How to make grooves popular

Systematic posting is a free tool for promoting a BA . Daily useful information about your product or service increases the trust of your target audience.

Instagram itself is interested in familiarizing its audience with the new implement. Therefore, the first Reels-videos are very popular. It doesn't matter how many followers you have. Be aware that your first Reels could be seen by thousands of people.

To get into recommendations, get more views and reactions, you need to understand what is interesting to the audience. Content is basically similar to Tik-Tok – funny primitive videos. As the first practice shows, funny videos with animals, exciting and extreme videos, sports are relevant.

instagram reels

Oddly enough, still popular are videos with cross-dressing and changing bows, unpacking, reviews, professional tips. But it all has to be interesting, succinct, fast and casual. Again, you can look at what's trending right now and make something similar, but with your own twist, with your own vision.

To make Reels popular, try to maintain momentum throughout the video. This can be done by editing or effects. Create a “Clickbait” screensaver so that the user is curious. And wanted to fit in. Make the grooves visible and understandable so that they are controlled. Be sure to share your Reels on stories and feeds, because your subscribers are the most loyal audience.



Reels is a new and so far free advertising tool. But as we know, Instagram loves to monetize its features. You shouldn't ignore the roles now. Because not all users know it yet. You can shoot Reels every day and recruit subscribers for free. Try different forms of channels, don't be afraid to invent something new.

But you have to make sure that users watch all the way to the end. You can create intrigue or just make a cool, high-quality and beautiful video that you can't take your eyes off of. As a final note, there's a secret to what videos are almost always watched to the end – “Before/After.


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