5 Best WordPress Theme for Web Design Company 2023

WordPress Theme for Web Design Introduction

Web design, in general, refers to all of the components needed for creating a website. The required services include UX/UI design, SEO, standard codes, responsiveness, and some other important issues. Companies who offer web design services need a proper website to introduce their expertise and abilities to the customers in an encouraging manner.

wordpress theme for web design

When people buy a product like a house, they commonly consider that they are paying for the parts and materials used in the construction of that place. Actually, they see the windows, walls, and other parts of the house and know that they are paying for them. However, the situation is not the same for a web design service.

The buyer is not going to get a physical product and might not be able to realize all the related aspects. In fact, the customer will pay for a package of time, effort, lines of codes, etc. The responsibility falls on you to convince the individuals about the real cost of a digital product they are getting.

wordpress theme for web design

But, how can you really provide enough information in a way that would seem persuasive in their minds?

The most effective factor in this regard is your own website. You should consider it as a showcase for your job to present what advantage you can bring them. The design of your website reflects favorable impacts on your clients.

As we all know, WordPress has become the most renowned CMS that can be utilized for any business. So if you intend to promote your job with a WordPress website, you will need to evaluate the web design themes and choose the best paid or free WordPress theme for web design.

Read on to form a more precise idea about the general aspects of such a website and get familiar with the best free WordPress theme for web design.


How can web design be important in a business?


wordpress theme for web design

Establishing, highlighting, and promoting your online presence, which is your website, is the principal factor for any business nowadays. Owning a website is not considered an optional feature anymore since all your rivals have already started investing on their website. According to statistics, about 94% of people reported web design as the main motive for rejecting a website when they open it and not trusting it.

As the owner of a business, you can consider your website as a strong marketing asset for you. You should be able to convey an enthralling message about your identity and capabilities to your visitors in a straightforward approach by choosing a good WordPress theme for web design. Most of the websites have succeeded through their online marketing activities by using proper tactics and principles.

wordpress theme for web design

You ought to remember that traditional design practices cannot measure up to contemporary tastes and expectations. Therefore, you need to put special focus and effort on a suitable WordPress theme for web design. Although it may cost you a lot of money, investing in this field can generate substantial profit in the long run. Below we have discussed the important features of web design for any business and the way it impacts them.


1. Forming the first impression of your business and customer service


wordpress theme for web design

The first few seconds when someone visits your website are the golden moments to form a positive impression for your business in their mind. If your WordPress theme for web design would not seem appealing enough to them, they will surely get a bad feeling about you and leave it right away for a rival’s page.

Web design leaves an effect on the way people recognize your brand. The impact you leave on them defines that either they remain on the page and see your products and services, or just close the tab and search for another proper website.

wordpress theme for web design

Moreover, by looking at your website, people start judging the way you will be treating them. From another point of view, you should consider your WordPress theme for web design as a customer service clerk. The brighter and more welcoming it is, the better the impression you leave on your audience. A good website lets them know you are open to new customers.

On the contrary, an outdated and dull website shows your business as a cold and unapproachable one. Your website is the digital representation of all the activities you are doing that greets visitors. You never want to lose a customer when he/she walks into your place, and the same condition applies to your website as well.


2. Assisting in SEO strategy


wordpress theme for web design - SEO STRATEGY

The elements and practices used in your WordPress theme for web design affect the way you publish content on the internet. This, in turn, influences the activity of web crawlers that index your website. This is an important feature that should not be underestimated since your visibility on the web completely depends on it.

Not only the way you publish your content but also the codes of your website should be written properly and SEO-friendly. This might be a bit hard to understand for those who are not familiar with coding. The best approach to ensure this fundamental feature is to leave your tasks to a team of experts with good background and successful projects.

3. Developing trust


wordpress theme for web design

The Internet has widespread usage in the modern world of today. Users visit a lot of websites every day and form ideas about them in their minds. In a thriving market like this, a badly-designed WordPress theme for web design results in losing your audience. When people see outdated information and practices on your pages, they won’t trust you for investment and receiving your services.

Assume that you sell products online and people can place orders on the website. Customers are going to spend money on that and if your web design does not convey the required trust, they will surely look for other better options on the web.

wordpress theme for web design

On the other hand, a stylish WordPress theme for web design that is prepared in accordance with the latest trends and formats that includes some eye-catching photos and menus gives them a wonderful feeling. The visitor sees how much time and effort you have put on your online presence and trusts your business to check out the website further.

Trust is the means by which you can be sure your visitors remain on the website. The longer they remain on your pages, the more chances you have for capturing leads and increasing sales.


4. Beating off the competition


wordpress theme for web design

Believe it or not, your competitors have already embarked on utilizing web design services for their website. If you need a reason for using these services for your business, simply just search for competitor websites on the web and see the way they have done that.

Of course, you want to stand out from the competition, and the key to this achievement is having a well-designed website with better quality than them. The more appealing your WordPress theme for web design appears, the more leads you attract.

This is the opportunity you have for setting yourself apart from the rivals. You probably have the same cost and services that your competitors offer. But, you need one thing to offer the audience as your advantage. This is the chance to convince them you are a better option for what they are looking for.


What are the most important features of a quality web design?

After knowing the importance of web design for your business, we should take a look at the most important related elements.


1. Navigation


wordpress theme for web design

Your WordPress theme for web design should have a well-labeled bar or menu by which the user can easily have access to all the pages on your website. Your audiences want to easily find whatever they are seeking without getting confused. If your navigation is designed poorly, they will be discouraged and won’t be staying on your page and never come back.


2. Mobile-friendly design


wordpress theme for web design - mobile friendly design

With the recent advancements in smart cellphones, the responsiveness of your WordPress theme for web design is a mandatory feature that should not be disregarded. Your customers access your website from their computer, cellphone, and tablets and you should keep everyone satisfied by your site if you are willing to earn profits. Furthermore, search engines like Google consider this feature as an important metric for your website ranking and SEO which impacts your overall appearance on the web.


3. Content and Visual aspects


5 Best WordPress Theme for Web Design Company 2023 1

These two aspects should go along together to convey an upbeat message to your visitors. Overdoing any of them won’t do any good to you. Although the visual elements are great for breaking up the text, having too many pictures and videos overwhelms the audience and they won’t like it. Your WordPress theme for web design should have included enough empty spaces to let the eyes of the visitor rest while reading your content. So try to use a mixture of text and multimedia elements in a purposeful way.


4. Useful copy


5 Best WordPress Theme for Web Design Company 2023 2

Content marketing is a growing trend in the world of digital marketing that can leave great impacts on your business. People open your website to obtain valuable information and will be annoyed if they see low-quality content that is directly copied from other sources. You should spend enough time and money to provide good content in a style aligned with the general goals of the website. A useful copy that attracts the attention of the visitor to read through the text and as a result, increases their engagement.


5. CTA (Call to Action)


5 Best WordPress Theme for Web Design Company 2023 3

Once you have considered all the previous aspects, it’s about the time for conversion. A proper and perfectly-designed call to action button guides them to proceed to the next steps. It must be provided in your WordPress theme for web design in a way that draws the attention of the people and motivates them to click on it. By merging the CTA button inside your design, you’ll get better results.


6. Loading speed


wordpress theme for web design

Consider that you have created a perfectly-balanced website owning all the required features; but what happens if the customers will never get to see that?

Page speed is another impactful factor for your business. Nowadays users have adapted themselves to fast-loading webpages and hate to wait a few seconds for a webpage to load. If that happens, they will get back to the search results and click on another website. As a result, a good WordPress theme for web design is the one that loads quickly without wasting the time of the visitors. You can use different tools like Google page speed insights to check your website’s loading time.


5 Best WordPress themes for web design companies

Now that you have formed a clear view of your website’s importance and its features, you should choose the best option to use. We have analyzed five of the most famous WordPress themes that can help you in your final decision.


Divi theme


Divi wordpress theme for web design

The Divi theme is a multi-purpose theme that has a versatile page builder to help website owners customize the pages easier. The dedicated page builder replaces the standard post editor of WordPress that brings new features for users with ease and efficiency. The templates give you a lot of options to design pages in the way you like and save them for future uses. You can use this product as your WordPress theme for web design.

Despite the good features of this theme, when we talk about simplicity, it somehow disappoints us. The reason behind that is the two distinct interfaces: the standard customizer and the dedicated panel of customization. This leaves an inconsistent experience for the users. In fact, it can in some cases confuse the person where to change a design option. The situation even gets worse in the updates where Divi 4 builder is presented and you literally have to cope with 3 different interfaces!

Moreover, the theme is developed with a lot of shortcodes that let you create impressive layouts for the pages. This is a great feature as long as you use the theme. But should you ever switch themes, your lovely content will be messed up with a bunch of shortcodes that deeply infects everything you have! If you are one of those WordPress users who often change themes, you should think twice before installing this product on your website.


Monstroid2 theme


Monstroid wordpress theme for web design

Monstroid2 theme is a modern and flexible theme that could be a good option for a broad range of websites such as a WordPress theme for web design. It installs pretty fast and the main focus has been put on the user experience and functionality. The theme is equipped with multiple customizable layouts for different parts of the website which has a good set of plugins as well.

In spite of the advantages it presents, some of the elements take too much time to load which could slow down the page speed on your website. Using the features can be somewhat confusing for the users. Also, the design of the theme with sliders, counters and other parts seems to be a little outdated.


Avada theme


Avada wordpress theme for web design

Avada is another multipurpose theme that includes a front end page builder with a good range of theme settings and demos. It is properly integrated with WooCommerce and lets you have a lot of customization options in your WordPress theme for web design. The theme comes with the Fusion builder that lets you edit the pages by dragging and dropping.

The price you should pay for this theme is a bit higher when compared to other WordPress themes. The team support will provide services for only six months and after that, you need to pay $80 per website for each year. It is also a shortcode-based theme that can cause problems for users when they want to change their theme. The theme is overloaded with a lot of features that you won’t ever need.


BeTheme WordPress theme


betheme wordpress theme for web design

Betheme is a responsive theme that lets you focus on the content instead of spending your time on designing your WordPress theme for web design. It has about 160 pre-made layouts that can be installed easily. The Muffin Builder is included in the theme, too. Demos are designed professionally and you can use different options for slide menu.

Providing different options has made it hard to use the theme. Also, unlike other WordPress themes, you cannot preview the demo from inside the admin section. Unfortunately, it is not equipped with a frontend builder and you can only find a backend one. You have to purchase a separate license for each domain you have and the blog section lacks good layout options which could be much better.


Easyweb theme


Easyweb wordpress theme for web design

Easyweb is a specialized theme that is developed with the aim of being used specifically for hosting, web design, and SEO companies. We find it as the ideal WordPress theme for web design. It is loaded with fully-practical real content that lets you start your web design website in a couple of minutes. The theme covers advanced options with live customizer and special features for a web design company. It is the first Themeforest theme dedicated to these three fields of activities.

The developer team, with more than eight years of experience on Themeforest, have spent much time preparing reusable and real content instead of the common “Lorem Ipsum” stuff. The advanced modern design and powerful features let you use the theme for your web design company in the easiest way possible.

It is a responsive WordPress theme for web design with a modern and useful navigation bar and perfectly-balanced content integrations. Codes are completely optimized to be SEO-friendly and have the fastest loading speed. The stylish theme colors and features leave a great impact on your customers and motivate them to click on your CTA buttons. You can use the WordPress web design theme free download link to see what it offers to you.

Deep wordpress theme for web design

Gaining a successful experience from this theme, the Webnus team has gone further and developed the Deep theme. A versatile multi-purpose WordPress theme that is improved dramatically and covers the need of all companies. It has a variety of “easy demos” that include web design, hosting and SEO companies as well. In other words, the great features of the Easyweb theme are expanded deeply and gathered in another group called “Deep theme”.


WordPress web design website maintenance

As we mentioned earlier, perfect management of your website is a key factor in the success of your business. The content of your website should be uploaded and published in accordance with standards in order to increase the overall visibility and engagement of the website. Furthermore, good monitoring of the website and taking care of the problems and errors in the shortest time can improve your website’s ranking compared with competitors.

wordpress theme for web design

In this regard, we have put a team of experienced experts together to offer you a complete package of WordPress maintenance tasks. You can choose your WordPress theme for web design and let our colleagues take care of everything for your website at reasonable prices. You can just leave the responsibilities to our experts and shift your focus on the success of your web design company.


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