10 Methods to Find Skilled Developers in 2023

The pandemic and global isolation have brought almost all businesses online. It led to an imbalance in the IT industry when demand became higher than supply. Finding qualified developers who fit perfectly into your project is still a challenge nowadays.


Methods to Find Skilled Developers

This article has collected 10 techniques to help you pick the right engineers for your team.


IT Outsourcing

Team extensions provided by services like Sibedge are gaining popularity nowadays. It is because IT outsourcing has many undeniable advantages:

  • reduction of time for searching and hiring engineers;
  • lowering of financial costs;
  • the ability to quickly scale your state;
  • access to specialists from other countries;
  • seamless work process.

Instead of finding and hiring full-time developers for your staff, you can turn to outsource platforms to complement your team with the talent you need. Moreover, thanks to such services, you can access professionals from those countries where production costs are lower. This way, you can save money and apply them in another direction.



You can find good developers in your environment or through people you have worked with before. Ask your friends, family members, colleagues, and employees whom they could recommend to your team. It is quite possible that this specialist will be interested in your proposal. The main thing is to write an attractive and engaging job description. This method allows you to build a more trusting relationship with a potential employee, and most likely, you will not have to doubt their reputation. On the other hand, this way, it’s pretty hard to build a large team, so it is better to use it in addition to other methods.


Recruitment Agencies

Contacting recruiting agencies is perhaps one of the most commonly used ways to find engineers. Thus, you kind of transfer some of the responsibilities and duties of hiring professionals to other people. That is why you should contact trusted firms that carefully select all candidates, and their employees have extensive experience checking CVs and conducting interviews. Although this method does have undeniable advantages, it is at the same time one of the most costly ones.


Social Networks

Hiring workers through social media is becoming more common. It is a bit like working with referrals. You can search for professionals through connections with other contacts, followers, using hashtags, and in topic groups. It can be Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or more professional networks like Linkedin. It is a completely free way to search for candidates which is effective if you or your company have a lot of followers. Nevertheless, it will take you a pretty long time to study the profiles that interest you and weed out unsuitable people.


Freelance Platforms

You can find freelance software developers on these platforms. Depending on the specialist you are looking for, you can start your search from “common” platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, or Freelancer. Here are professionals from a wide variety of disciplines. If you are looking for devs only, check out highly specialized services like Codeable or Arc. The downside to hiring freelancers is that they might not be as involved in the process as in-house engineers. Please note that these platforms are not free to use.


Job Boards

If employees talk about themselves on freelance platforms, then job boards are designed so that companies can declare an open position. You can quickly post a job ad and work with incoming applications and resumes. Both free and paid versions are available, where you can bring your position to the top or make a unique, more attractive design for it. Since anyone can respond to an ad, you will have to process many emails and filter out inappropriate options.


Online Communities and Forums

Specialists of various fields often gather at thematic forums. You can find developer communities on Reddit, GitHub, Quora, and StackOverflow. By creating a profile for your company, you can attract representatives of your target audience. This method requires you to be very active, participate in discussions, and search for suitable topics. Still, it allows you to contact a specialist directly and quickly conduct an initial selection. Since people come to such forums to ask questions or share knowledge, there is always a chance that they are currently busy with another project and not looking for a job.


Student Groups

You can also place an announcement about an open position and find a candidate suitable for you with the help of student thematic groups. This is your option if you are ready to work with and train newcomers in the IT field. Although you will need to invest a lot of time and effort in such a specialist, you will have the opportunity to make them the professional you need. Besides, young people tend to be more open to new knowledge and ready to develop. You can search for candidates in university student groups, training courses, and programming boot camps.



Every sphere regularly hosts professional conferences, presentations, and meetups. The IT industry is no exception. There, people not only talk about technological innovations but also make professional contacts. At such events, you have the opportunity to either find the right developer or someone who can recommend one to you. Considering that many such meetings have been transferred to the online format, you can access local and international conferences.


Ads and “Career” Page

Paid advertisements with your positions may be placed on many online platforms. You do not have to search for candidates manually. They will receive information about vacancies thanks to social media algorithms and will be able to react if they are interested. You can also place a “Career” page on your website with a simple form to fill out. This method really works if your company has a well-known name. Nevertheless, you can have it as an additional option.


Assemble a Professional Team for Any Project

Finding highly professional and skilled engineers is not an easy task, but a real one. Use these ten techniques and the resources described to build a team from scratch or complement your staff with the right people. Please share your experience in finding and hiring developers in the comments. Which techniques and sources do you find the most effective?

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    Marilyn K January 14, 2022

    Hello, in 2022 there are plenty of developers in the market but your tips helped me a lot to find the best developer I found one Python developer from an online institute at he said he was a great learner and knows all about programming languages that is why I hire him.

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    glenda davis December 20, 2021

    Finding quality learning aids is most essential for gaining your dream grades in college.