AI and WordPress: 10 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help You

Building and maintaining a successful website requires a lot of factors to be considered.

In particular, UX / UI, SEO, communication with visitors, writing quality content.

It can be difficult to take everything into account at once. Artificial intelligence (AI) can cope with this.

With its help, you can not only automate many tasks but also provide the most effective forecasting. Therefore, we will tell you what AI is.

Also, let's take a look at 10 things you can improve by simply adding a plugin to your WordPress site.


What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Artificial intelligence is a component of machine learning.

The tool is programmed to mimic human intelligence and perform creative tasks.

To do this, AI analyzes colossal amounts of data. In the process of work, it learns itself.

This combination allows you to find the most effective solutions to achieve your goals. For example, to drive traffic.

What is AI? | How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your WordPress Website?

Here are 10 of the most important ways artificial intelligence can help your WordPress website:


Personalized Suggestions

AI analyzes the user's interaction with the site and makes appropriate recommendations.

The person receives relevant content.

Therefore, he spends more time on the site, researching a company or product.

AI is already being used by platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

The algorithms collect data about the shows watched, suggesting the ones that are most likely to interest the user.

By the way, Netflix can be integrated into your site by providing relevant video content to your visitors.


Taking CX to The Next Level

Chatbots and a virtual assistant provide the most efficient service for website visitors.

Able to answer the most popular questions.

The tools are based on natural language processing.

Through it, the chatbot or virtual assistant recognizes speech (request) and responds accordingly.


Search Functionality

AI is able to “understand” user requests.

Thanks to this, it can automatically correct typos and make recommendations.

This is actively used by Google.

As soon as the user starts typing in the search box, the tool gives options for queries.


Voice Search Capabilities

In 2019, almost 60% of adult users have used voice search.

This is an easy and quick way to get the information you need. AI allows you to maximize it.

The most effective in the matter of voice search are:

  • Amazon Alexa – 40% more people owning smart speakers in 2018;
  • Google Home – The algorithm responds correctly to queries 87.9% of the time.


Content Curation

AI tools analyze information about current topics and requests of your target audience. Provides guidelines for creating truly valuable content.

Also, AI can improve the content of the site. For example, correcting grammar and making AI writing undetectable.

But don’t forget to use the help of professionals from the dissertation service to ensure the context quality of your posts.

In 2020, AI is used over 70 news companies in 32 countries to create content.

One of them is The Washington Post.

Heliograf's proprietary technology has enabled the company to produce 850 articles in a year.


Multipurpose Themes

Often the site has an identical design. It varies minimally depending on the page.

This is bad for UI / UX.

Multipurpose website templates allow you to customize the look of each page, adapting it to the behavior of users in a specific situation.


Motion User Interface

Motion UI is a great way to grab a visitor's attention quickly. Provides a stunning appearance for the resource.

But the best thing is that you can implement it even without deep knowledge of JavaScript.

There is a whole library of Motion UI with a huge selection of themes.

Let's add:

  • Animation;
  • Smooth transitions;
  • Animation series.



AI effectively predicts possible threats.

Takes into account the current state of affairs and makes forecasts.

For this, mathematical models are used through which AI analyzes colossal amounts of data.

Machine learning is already being used by companies like Google (Android Threat Intelligence) and Amazon.

On websites, AI provides protection through:

  • malware detection;
  • spam blockers;
  • fraud prevention, etc.


Sentiment Analysis

Easily evaluate the effectiveness of content after users have read it.

But what if the article provokes a bad reaction? AI plugins help you to find out.

They explore the audience and content, predicting the emotions that the reader will experience.



AI takes into account the specifics of the site, existing content, competitors, and popular keywords, providing recommendations for search engine optimization.

To create content in bulk and at a rapid pace, utilizing an AI SEO content generator is essential.

Using just one plugin, you get a whole promotion strategy.



Artificial intelligence, although not human, can perform many tasks much more efficiently.

Therefore, it is necessary to use it for business.

Especially if you want to make the site more useful, interesting and attractive to users.


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