10 Practical Tips for Choosing The Best WordPress Blog Theme

It’s not easy to choose a WordPress blog theme. If you ask your developer what is the best blog theme, he or she would come up with an exclusive CMS idea.

The reason is controlling a blog or journal which is fulfilled with tones of different types of contents is not easy.

But WordPress has been created for those who want to get out the most out of a website with the least cost. It doesn’t matter where you live or how much you know, for starting a website, you should just trust WordPress.

How to Choose The Best WordPress Blog Theme?

As we said, WordPress is able to make all your dreams come true, but choosing a theme for an online blog is not easy.

For creating a perfect theme for an online blog, creativity, elegance, simplicity, and vision is crucial for developers because of user experience. Also, trustworthy means everything to a blog, journal or even an online newspaper.

With all these descriptions, how should we pick the best blog theme for our WordPress website? Which features are important to consider and why they are important? These are the questions that we are going to answer in this article.

Put Easy Surfing at The Top of Your List

All the efforts and endeavors of the website owners are in line with increasing users visit time and as a result, decreasing the bounce rate. The very first step for doing this is facilitating web surfing on the website.

Your selected theme should contain some features that ease your surfing experience.

For example showing well-designed and desirable recent and similar posts section, handy categories, and obvious tag section could help your visitors have a great experience reading your blog.

You can improve all your statistics and encourage users to stay on your website, by just using a good surfing experience and also a good content strategy and without any complicated method.

By improving these factors you can directly affect your SEO condition and by standing on better ranking in the search engine result page, you also could make money out of the advertisements.

Premium Themes Are Always Better

A key characteristic of premium themes is their support and available developer team.

When you deploy a premium theme on your website, you could be relief that there is a support team that cares about your need and got a duty to help you with your issues.

You can contact them in cases that you can’t solve your problem for free.

Next great feature of premium themes is their frequent updates. They collect data from customers and when they realize that many of the users are experiencing the same problem, they release an update for their product.

By gathering and analyzing feedback from users, the theme developer team will be able to solve the problem in updates, even those you have not experienced yet.

Look for A Simple and SEO Friendly Blog

Don’t search for luxurious and busy themes. Users will respect your content, not your shallow-luxury design. The simplicity of your WordPress theme lets the users find what they desire easily.

Also, simplicity is a great factor in the technical aspect of your website, though.

Long tail codes and unnecessary elements won’t affect on your site unless by clutter and lag.

Actually, a blog should try fulfilling the user’s needs in the shortest possible time, not to welcome them with a huge slider.

There is another good point for simple themes that they usually are closer to the blogging SEO standards, or you can achieve these standards with spending less time and less money.

Therefore don’t look for a luxury blog theme, but don’t miss that you have to consider the beneficial effects of colors. Using colors, even very simple and tiny, could help your users to find what they need easier.

As a result, look for a simple, light, colorful WordPress theme.

Browser Compatibility: Don’t Even Think About Not Happening It

There is nothing to say about browser compatibility. If the theme that you have chosen is not compatible with all the useful browsers, don’t even think about choosing it. Easy-peasy!

Keep the Multilingual Features in Mind

This refers to your long-term targets. If you are looking to start Content Marketing Business, you have to keep the multilingual feature for your website in mind from the beginning, but if you are targeting a domestic area, it won’t be necessary.

The point is this feature should be available for you.

Maybe you think you will solve this using a plugin and introduce your website as a multilingual website to the Google, but the fact is Google has promised that it won’t index an auto-translated website in the result page.

Considering all these descriptions, know that if you want to have a multilingual website, you have to create content for it, not having original language contents translated automatically.

Golden Triangle: Responsive, Mobile Version, AMP Design

It’s been a short period of time that Google introduced Mobile First Indexing algorithm. When you search down in it, you can easily understand that AMP has been created just to emphasize the importance of none-computer versions of your website. Mobile version and tablet version of a site is getting more and more important these days.

Maybe you think that having a responsive website is enough for you, but actually, It’s NOT!

Being responsive means that your website got a good view of the different sizes of screens. It more points to the design of your website which should keep their position when the size of the screen changes.

But a mobile version refers to the good and smooth design in smaller screens, especially mobile. In hand elements and “easy to achieve” design of the elements like menu and share buttons is in mobile version criteria. You can say that being responsive is one of the factors of a good mobile version.

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a display method which eliminates removable scripts like java scripts from a web page and loads the web page with great speed.

This method has been released by a Google co-developer team and Google confirmed its importance by placing a section in search console for AMP pages.

If you are going to start a new website, you have to consider existence and comparability to AMP in your theme, but if you already have a website, choose more wisely.

Statistics show that most of the sites which deployed AMP got a bit slip in their Google ranking in short periods of time.

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Quality Page Builders: Respect Your Developer Dreams

You can’t deny the importance of the page builders in your website. If you doubt it, even an amateur developer could give you this answer.

If you are willing to customize your template, a good and practical page builder is crucial to you.

All themes use a page builder by default so you have to consider this in equal circumstances when you want to choose between two same-level themes.

Design Features and Layouts Variety

Various options for page design and layouts is something you can’t ignore. for making a blog, your theme should have different types of layouts, so you can adjust your website with your targets and your users’ needs.

A WordPress theme will provide you with pre-built designs, different layouts, and featured plugins so you can save more time and money for customizing your blog theme.

For example, a sidebar is irrevocable in an online blog for better access and easy categorizing, so you should look for a theme which provides you a practical sidebar regarding your desires.

Or if you want to start a Lifestyle blog, there will be lots of categories and sub-categories in your content strategy, so you will need a practical mega menu feature to create a good view and better user experience.

Don’t Forget About Social Media Effects

Even giants websites with a huge amount of visitors are working on their social media these days.

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tweeter and other social media help you to become famous in your expertise.

These media help you to aware your brand to new audiences and keep old ones loyal.

Compatibility with social media could help you to grab your visitors and keep them in your community.

A good blog theme could provide you with practical features for syncing your website with social media accounts.

Desirable share buttons, Instagram feed, RSS feeds, Bookmarking features are some of the features you should check before picking your blog theme.

Easy Commenting and Participation: Panda Favorite

If you want to improve your SEO, if you want to decrease your Bounce Rate, if you want to get new users trust, if you want to cheer Panda algorithm up and many other ifs, you have to make participation easy in your site.

Encouraging users to participate should be discussed in Content Strategy criteria but preparing tools of participation are the main point here.

A good WordPress blog theme should contain well-designed commenting, rating and review possibilities on it.

Using subscription features and user-friendly email-marketing strategies could help you to increase your participation rate easily.

Also, if you want to create a reliable brand, you have to make sharing your content easy besides providing high-quality content so users could tell each other about you.

Wrap Up

All the points that we mentioned are crucial to start a blog theme, but so many other things should have been considered for starting a WordPress blog.

Things like fonts, crystal clear categorizing, ads placement and others that can be considered after you choose your theme and during the design.

What do you think about the crucial points of choosing a WordPress blog theme?


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