• Including MEC in Your Theme

    Including MEC in your theme means for seamless integration of both, you need to adjust dummy shortcodes. If you’re going to include the Modern… Continue Reading

  • MEC Hooks

    List of the category Taxonomy page, single page, archives and shortcodes Hooks

  • Importing Events via SQL

    You can import your events to MEC in two ways: The first method is to use the option in the plugin. In this method, you can simply go to the MEC dashboard> Import / Export

  • Overriding Shortcodes Skins

    MEC supports many skins for showing events and all of them are override ready! For example if you want to customize the grid skin for MEC

  • Overriding Single Event Page

    MEC is created by developers for developers! And it’s highly developer-friendly so you can simply override MEC templates in your theme and make it compatible with your theme style or use MEC filters/actions to customize it.

  • How to get custom field on single event page?

    The event custom fields data is stored in WordPress meta, and you can access them using the get_post_meta function. Please… Continue Reading