• General Settings

    This feature is useful for SEO, categorizing, and indexing for search engines. Not to mention sorting out your events.

  • Single Event Settings

    1. In single event page, you can change the date format. For more information please refer to All Date Formats.

  • Frontend Event Submission

    Front-End Event Submission offers the users several options to register their events in the current page, without having to enter a dashboard.

  • Booking Settings

    By enabling booking module service, Modern Event Calendar will be able to handle ticket services. Using the registration form you can easily build up your own form to get the information you need before processing payments.

  • Booking Report

    you can see all the participants in your events and send an email to these users and/or view a list of them.

  • Custom CSS Settings

    Sometimes you may want to add your custom CSS codes to the single event pages or shortcodes. There are several reasons for this, so you can insert the CSS code in MEC.