User Dashboard

Using this addon, you can create a specific page for each user. It contains information about purchased tickets, registered events and many more. Users can now log in to purchase tickets.

User Dashboard 1

User Dashboard Addon

Key Features

Exclusive shortcode

Provides an exclusive shortcode for user dashboard to be used anywhere on your website

Editing Organizers

Users that have been assigned Organizer role can edit the Organizer.

Managing events

Easier event management in User Dashboard

User Profile shortcode access

Easier access to User Profile and managing submitted events from Front-end Event Submission

Instant cancellation

You can cancel the ticket you have purchased for an event

Force Login for tickets

Requires users to log in to book a particular the events

Exporting or viewing the attendee list

You can export a list of your participants, when there is an event, in two different formats for the Excel.

Managing user data

Manage User Dashboard sections through the general settings page of MEC

Editing Speakers

Users that have been assigned Speaker role can edit the Speaker.

Managing tickets

View the purchased tickets

Google Maps directions

If you have set a location for your event you can view it on Google Maps and provide any directions for it

Public option for all tickets

Adding public login option for users in Booking Settings of MEC to apply to all tickets.

Quick login to the shortcode

Users can quickly log-in through the shortcode page of User Dashboard

Edit your profile

Complete your profile, If you have been assigned Speaker & Organizer roles by the admin, you can complete your profile for those as well.