A Beginners Guide To Write SEO Friendly Content in 2023

Google analytics have proven that about 75% of users do not scroll past the first page of the search engine. Additionally, the first three search results get around 60% of all traffic from a particular web search.

Search Engine Optimization allows your content to rank higher in search engine algorithms which in turn increases the exposure rate of your content.

All online businesses have taken to using SEO-friendly content to their advantage by applying digital marketing tactics into online content to sell their products or services.

How Can SEO Friendly Content Benefit You?

SEO friendly content can benefit your business in several ways.

  • Search engine optimized content increases the flow of organic traffic to your website.
  • SEO friendly content allows you the opportunity to have sustainable growth.
  • Search engine optimized content provides you with better leads and a huge surge in your conversion rates.
  • SEO friendly content also increases your overall revenue.
  • Search engine optimization allows you easy access to the target audience for your content.

Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Content

It is easy to understand the importance of SEO friendly content however, it is a challenge to actually generate content that ranks higher on search engine algorithms. Here are twelve tips that can help you in writing SEO friendly content.

Estimate Type of Content and Research Relevant Keywords

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The first step is to identify the theme of your content and assign it a category. There are countless types of content on the internet, so it is important to stand out in whichever category best suits your content.

After the proper theme of your content has been estimated, it is time for research. You need to find out which keywords are relevant to your content type and make sure to use all of them at least once in your content.

For example, if your content type is a lifestyle and beauty blog then the relevant keywords for your content would be fashion, travel, make-up, design, decor, etc.

Determine the Appropriate Content-Length

Setting the content length is very important for a higher listing. Appropriate content length is different for each type of content.

For example, the appropriate word count for a lifestyle blog is around 600-800 words while an infographic blog should have around 1000-1600 words of content.

Have an Eye-Catching Title

Titles are everything when it comes to persuading users to click on your website. The title of your content is the first impression of your content so it should be both engaging as well as relevant to your content.

Make sure your title is under 60 characters and has your target keyword in the beginning for a higher listing.

Using certain words and phrases has also been shown to Improve your ranking on search engines. These phrases include; “the best”, “top 10”, “how-to”, “Tips for”, etc. Having a stimulating subtitle also helps a lot in grasping the user’s attention.

Structure Your Content

Structure your content and carry out keyword research

Content structure has become an integral part of content listing ever since Google has updated its listing algorithm structure.

To increase the probability of getting more exposure it is important to keep your paragraphs short and easy to retain for the users. Appropriate headings also help in your content listing.

The overall structure should make algorithmic sense and have a clear introduction, a content body, and a proper conclusion that summarizes the main idea of your content efficiently.

Write High-Quality and Shareable Content

The content produced should be high-quality and have a shareability factor to it so that your readers can not only generate you revenue but also give you additional exposure by sharing your content.

A good way to enhance the quality of your content is through transition words as they help your readers retain information more easily by understanding the relationship between different sentences or paragraphs.

Some good examples of transition words are; “additionally”, “however”, “for example”, “similarly”, “in short”, etc.

Optimize Related Images

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Optimizing the images related to your content is the best way to engage your readers and get your point across. It is not possible for search engine algorithms to interpret text in images however, it can interpret the relevance of images related to the content.

This is done through particular components like Alt text, image captions, titles, and file names. These components are not visible to your readers but only to the algorithm so it is important to use relevant keywords just like in the case of content titles.

For example, in a travel blog if you are including a picture of Paris during a sunset, you can write its Alt text as following:

<img src=“Paris.jpg” alt=“Paris Sunset”/>

Optimize Meta Description

Meta description is your content description that shows up on search engine results along with your content title. The typical meta description includes 155-160 characters so it is imperative that you use relevant keywords in your meta description in a way that seems natural and does not disrupt the flow or sense of your sentence.

Include Related Links and Links to Previous Articles

Links to reputable sources will increase the credibility of your content. It is also important to link previous articles as it would make your recent content appear stronger in the eyes of the readers. This is called internal linking. It not only helps your readers navigate your site but also helps your content listing rank higher.

Optimize Content For Universal Accessibility

Universal accessibility entails that your content is available for access on all devices, i.e., laptops, mobiles, tablets, and PCs. Since mobile phone usage has increased tenfold in the past year, it has been estimated through recent studies that if your content is not universally accessible you could lose up to 60% of potential readers.

Get a Second Opinion Before Posting

It is also important to have a fresh perspective before posting any of your content so make sure to get a second opinion. This also includes making sure your content is coherent as well as grammatically correct.

Update Content Regularly

Updating your content regularly would help your site to rank higher as it gives the algorithm multiple listings of your content. You can monitor the effect of the same by using a SERP API that gives real times updates of your SERP ranking.

Use Content Optimization Services

SEO content optimization services help you manage your content, keep it relevant, stand out from the competition and enhance growth as well as revenue.

Since search engine optimized content is difficult for inexperienced writers to tackle, there are many services available that can help elevate your content.

Out Origin is an SEO Service Company that is well versed in producing original search engine optimized content with a diverse portfolio of working for businesses from various industries and sectors.


To conclude, search engine optimization can greatly benefit your content as well as give excellent exposure to your business.

However, the best way to get instant and sustainable growth from SEO friendly content is by using SEO services provided by professionals who are well-versed in procuring high-quality, original content with a high shareability factor.

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    Paul Evans June 25, 2021

    Currently, content is crucial in SEO. There are some key points to stick to. This post presents some key points that must be followed when writing content. If the user appreciates the entry, we have a good chance of high positions in the google search engine. But the entry must be better than any other entries that already exist.