Best Phone Integrations for WordPress in 2023

While it seems as though chat and other forms of communication have surpassed the telephone in terms of convenience and cost, having phone integrations on your WordPress website is still a good idea. Many customers continue to prefer, or at least want the option of phone communication, including being able to call businesses or using services that allow them to know who’s calling.


Best Phone Integrations for WordPress

Below are some of the best phone plugins and integrations out there.


Foenetic Web Callback

Foenetic Web Callback is a WordPress plugin (Chrome and Safari Extension) that allows you to make phone calls from your browser. With Foenetic Web Callback, you can pay only for the minutes used when making outbound calls. No monthly fees or contracts. You configure the rates yourself with the administrative dashboard in two clicks.

For example, you may configure all calls to a UK landline to cost 1 penny per minute, and all calls to landline phone service in the USA to cost 10 cents per minute.

If your customers in London call you on Skype, it will be cheaper for them than if they call you via your ordinary phone carrier.

The plugin can be configured for any country and any type of number. Incoming calls are free to answer, unlimited in time and come from a randomly generated phone number that is never recycled.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Alternative Telephone Numbers Integrated into Your Website's Design
  • Calls from Chrome Extension or WordPress Plugin (No Phone Lines Required)
  • No Monthly Contracts Only Pay For the Minutes Used
  • Make Outgoing Calls from Browser or WordPress Plugin
  • Unlimited Incoming minutes Free to Answer
  • Clean, Intuitive Dashboard & Reporting Graphs Provided for All Apps
  • Pay As You Go Rates Configurable Using Our Admin Area (Calls Between Countries)


International Phone Number Display

This displays an international telephone number on your WordPress website. The plugin lets you display the country code, city/regional code or phone number directly in your post or page content without having to edit any template files. This is a great way to let visitors know that they can call you from anywhere in the world using their own local telephone network.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Display Country, City or Telephone Number Directly in Your Content (No Template Edits Required)
  • Location Detection Automatically Detects the Caller's Location
  • Works with WordPress Widgets
  • Shortcodes for Easier Configuration (Display Phone Numbers Within Content)
  • Set Your Own Telephone Carrier
  • Use Your Own Telephone Number
  • Shortcodes for All Countries & Localities Supported by WPML (Currently 76 Countries, 302 Localities)
  • Unlimited Settings and Customisation


Telephone Number Linker

This plugin automatically generates a telephone number link that can be used to call you by people clicking on the link. You can create as many numbers as you like and configure each one individually.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Automatically Add Numbers to Your WordPress Posts and Pages Without Templates (Just Insert an Image As You Would Normally)
  • Unlimited Configurable Phone Numbers
  • Set Different Styles for Each Telephone Number Link, Including Colour & Size of the Number Displayed
  • Choose Which Countries' Telephone Numbers to Add
  • Works on Any Website No Additional Integration or Code Required
  • Unlimited Style Customisation & Configuration Via SEO Dashboard
  • Phone Call Tracking From Web Calls, Inc. with Detailed Reporting (Call Duration, Incoming Country and Network)


Click to Call Buttons

These are simple click-to-call buttons that you can place in your WordPress content. The plugin makes it easy to add phone numbers to any post or page so that visitors know they have the ability to call you directly from your website without having to search through contact details.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Unlimited Clickable Phone Numbers
  • Unlimited Configurable Clickable Phone Numbers (Styles & Features)
  • Set Different Styles for Each Click to Call Button
  • Works on Any Website No Additional Integration or Code Required
  • Automatically Detects Faceted Navigation Filters (i.e. Location, Language)
  • Auto Formatting of Country Abbreviation & Telephone Number (i.e. United Kingdom: +44, USA: 1)
  • Set Your Own Contact Page URL or Default “No Answer” Message
  • Use the Built-in Online Forms to Capture More Leads Make Outgoing Calls from Chrome Extension and WordPress Plugin

This is a simple plugin that lets you make outgoing calls from your browser or WordPress plugin. You can use it to set up a live chat service for website visitors, to open a direct line of communication between customer and business, or just give people the option to call you without having to pick up an inbound number.


VOIP plugins

VOIP plugins are nice features to have on your WordPress site because they let people make calls to landlines and mobile phones. All types of businesses can benefit from this, including eCommerce brands that want visitors to be able to contact them directly, SaaS companies who are looking for better lead generation or practice management solutions for medical professionals.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Unlimited Configurable Phone Numbers
  • Unlimited Configurable Phone Numbers (Styles & Features)
  • Set Different Styles for Each Click to Call Button
  • Works on Any Website No Additional Integration or Code Required
  • Automatically Detects Faceted Navigation Filters (i.e. Location, Language)
  • Auto Formatting of Country



Having phone integrations on your WordPress site is a nice way to offer an added layer of convenience and security for your site visitors. It also lets you capture leads from customers who would otherwise be pushed to a competitor because they couldn't contact you.

Even the simplest phone integrations require some form of integration with WordPress, which is why it's important to know what type of plugin or add-on will best suit your needs.

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