Hourly Schedule

If an event is comprised of different sections, you can explain what will be going on in the event using an hourly schedule. Just click the add button and add as many hours as you want. The final work will should be looking like this:

Hourly Schedule in WordPress modern Event Calendar
new hourly schedule in front-end WordPress Event Calendar

Note 2: “multiple days functionality to the hourly schedule” option, enables you to show your multi-day events in more detail.

Note 3: To setup speaker for hourly schedule, please follow the steps explained in this article article

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sarmad December 2, 2019
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where "hourly schedule" data stored in sql database there is only two tables of mec. How to store "event schedule times" in new table. I need documentation about database. kindly help Thanks

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pb52 July 13, 2019
| |

Is it possible to remove the Hourly Schedule from the single event page?  I have disabled it in the Event Submission page and I expected that to disable it on the single event page too.

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Fleuve June 4, 2019
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Is it possible to place that hourly schedule higher on the page? (i.e. before the coundown and the social sharing sharing options)Also how can we display on the hour informations several timeframes (basically, some of our events have two occurences the very same day, we do not want to display them in separate events, yet we could need to make it very obvious to our visitors that on a certain date, they can either attend the first shot at 4m or the second one at 8pm