Payment Gateways

You need to have your Booking enabled from MEC Settings before you can choose a payment gateway. After enabling the Booking Module, a new item will be added to MEC Settings, named “Payment Gateway,” and as you can see in the image below, you can set any of the options in this menu for your ticket reservation.

  • Pay Locally: makes it possible to test the payment method and also purchase a ticket on your localhost.
  • PayPal Express / PayPal Credit / Card Stripe: are the payment methods available in MEC, which need APIs and Secret Keys from their providers. If these APIs and Keys are not set up correctly, then the payment process won’t complete.
  • Pay by WooCommerce: you can find everything about this option in the following link:

It’s worth mentioning that in the comment section, you can use HTML code (or any other code) to display the cards available for purchase. (*)

Payment Gateway - WordPress Event Calendar

WooCommerce Addon (add to cart addon for Woo):

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