Why is Mobile SEO So Important in 2023

In this article, you will get to know about Mobile SEO and its importance as well.

After covering these two topics you will get to know about some tips and tricks which will help in the mobile SEO of your website.

There are millions of online businesses and numerous people will deal with them.

But we all know that online websites only support laptops and pc more than a mobile phone.

According to a survey it is found that mobile users are more than laptop or PC users.

So if you also have a business or a professional website then you must be aware that your website is equally friendly with the computer and mobile phone.

And let us tell you that google made some changes in its algorithm.

According to it, all device friendly websites will mostly appear on the first page.

So now it is also important for you to make your website friendly to all devices.

People indeed like to browse shopping sites when they are free and they use a mobile phone for this.

So you have to make your site more and more mobile-friendly with clear pictures of your products.


What Is Mobile SEO?

What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO refers to mobile search engine optimization.

It means to optimize your website in such a way so that it will support mobile and tablet flawlessly.

Google also supports mobile SEO websites as the number of mobile device users is more than pc or laptop users.

But after optimizing your website you will get to know that it will increase the user experience on your website.

It makes the images and web pages more clear than ever.

And it will also help you to get the chances of showing on the first page results.


What Do You Mean by Mobile SEO Friendly Site?

  • Loads properly in the android phones like laptop or PC
  • Fast load lightning
  • Present the content in a readable manner so that the reader doesn’t have to change size or zoom the text
  • Offer ample room to navigate the touch easily
  • Offers added value especially for mobile users
  • It should be instantly understandable by google search engines

Now you will get to know about mobile SEO very clearly.

And now we will move on to the next topic which is the importance of mobile SEO.


Importance of Mobile SEO

Importance of Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO makes your website easily accessible by a mobile user, he will get the best presentation of your website.

We all know that the world is getting more mobile-oriented day by day.

So if you don’t want to miss a great customer base then you must have to focus on your website and provide more and more valuable content to the mobile users.

Google also provides some guidelines regarding mobile-friendly websites in which it mentions that only mobile-friendly websites will get more ranking than non-mobile-friendly websites.

So if you want to get more rankings on google and high-income returns then you must have to give your mobile users a good experience.


Ways to Improve Mobile SEO of Your Website

Ways to Improve Mobile SEO of Your Website

Image source: Google mobile-friendly guidelines page.

Google guidelines also provides you a lot of ways to improve the mobile SEO. So you will get to know the most important ways to improve the mobile SEO of your website:


Make Sure that The Site Is Responsive

There are numerous ways to provide your website for mobile users.

But the most popular one is responsive design, and it is the technology of google advocates.

When you’re with responsive design then your website will live on only one URL and it also makes it more easy and understandable for google so that it can index it.

Let us tell you that if you’re using a WordPress site then there are more chances that it can support all devices.

But you have to verify your website by using it with google chrome developer tools.

After this if you get that your website is working properly then it is good but if not then you should have to contact your web developer and ask it to fix this problem soon.


Improve Website Speed

The most important factor to improve mobile SEO is to improve the loading speed of your website.

We all know that we leave the website if it takes a lot of time in loading and then never come on it again.

In the same sense, your visitors can also leave the site if it takes time to load.

Google also shows that loading time is also a factor of google ranking.

So you have to improve it to get higher rankings.


Optimize Images

Optimizing images is the best option to reduce the loading time of the website.

So make sure that you’re not putting higher pixels HD images.

Before uploading images on the website make them of the correct size by using WordPress plugins or tools like ImageOptim.

You will get a lot more tools on the internet.


Minify Code

Every request gets by your website will also affect its speed. So if you reduce requests then you can increase the loading speed of your site.

You can do it easily just by minifying code. In simple words, the browser will load fewer files with faster sites.

You can use WP Rocket for it as it solves all your catching needs.


Browser Caching

The work of browser caching is to store the page element into the cache so that the browser doesn’t have to load the whole website when visitors visit the website again.

The browser will load only new and dynamic elements for the second time.

It will reduce the loading problem of the site.

You can do this by yourself or you can use external tools for it.


Reduce Redirects

If you don’t know about redirects then let us tell you that it leads the visitor from one page to another because the previous page is deleted or not working properly.

It will lead to a good user experience as they are getting instant alternatives on your site.

But these redirects will slow the speed of your site. So make sure that your site has fewer redirect pages.

And if possible then delete the post which is redirected and create new ones.

It will take a little time but increase the speed of the site.


Don’t Block JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

As you get our point that we are not going to advise you to remove JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

There is a deep reason behind it, if you remove the JavaScript, HTML, and CSS then your website will not access by Google and it leads to bad rankings.


Don’t Use Pop-Ups

As Google penalized the sites who use large popups for newsletters, sign-up forms, or ads.

Because of these things the user will not get qualitative search results.

So if you’re not using pop-ups then it’s good but if you’re using it then make sure that you’re following the Google’s guidelines properly.


Improve Legibility

Legibility is the major factor on which you have to focus upon because if you will not keep focusing on it then you can lose a huge number of the customer base.

Make sure that your website is properly readable so that every visitor will get your point.

Typography plays a major role, when typography is good then it attracts more and more visitors.

But if visitors will not get your point then he will never visit your site again. It leads to bad rankings as well.


Improve Tap Target Size

We all know that the screen of the phone is a smaller comparatively laptop or tablet.

People find it more irritating when any button or icon is not selected or clicked by them.

So if your website has small click buttons or icons then fix them in proper size.

But while designing your website make sure that you are providing good sizable click buttons or menu bars.

When you take care of the customer’s comfort then he will visit your site frequently and it leads to the higher ranking of the site.


Choose the Correct Viewport

If you don’t know about viewport then let us tell you that viewport determines the width of the page for the device used to view it.

Every device has a different page size so your website has to be adaptable according to it.

By selecting a correct viewport the visitors will get the best version of your site on their specific devices.

It increases the user experience of the mobile user which leads to his frequent landing on your website.


Verify Mobile-Friendliness

There are numerous ways to check whether the website is user friendly or not.

So here you will get to know about two ways to verify your site:


Chrome Dev Tools

The very first way to verify your site is through chrome.

Chrome will provide you developer tools by which you can check that your site is working properly or not.

But let us tell you that you have to check each and everything very deeply by visiting every page of the site.

And font forgets to check all the clickable buttons and icons. If you have a shopping site then make sure that the payment page will be very neat and clean.

The visitor will not have to face any kind of difficulty while paying the amount.

Make sure that the buttons on the payment web page will be larger so that users find it easy to click.

And never put too many page processes for the mobile users as they find it too irritating and may also leave your site.


Other Mobile-Friendly Websites

The second way is so easy as you don’t have to do anything.

All you have to do is just search sites to check mobile-friendly sites and you will get numerous results.

You can use any of them according to your convenience. they will tell you all the errors so that you can fix them soon.


Tell Google About Your Website

Before working on the mobile SEO on your site you have to give a mobile usability test.

It is important to get to know where you have to start.

Once you get an idea then it will be easy to start fixing your site.

While you’re fixing your site you have to check the site frequently to note the progress of the site.

Once it will be done you have to tell Google about it so that it can check and index it as well.

We will recommend you to use the Google search console to stay on top of your site.


Investigate Google AMP

Accelerated mobile pages is a new and advanced initiative by Google.

It helps the visitor to get the web pages to download super fast on mobile devices.

By wrapping your content in HTML and CSS codes you can allow it to get special treatment from Google.

The web pages are cached by Google and then presented by it in a stripped manner so that it will be delivered to the visitor at a very high speed.

Undoubtedly, AMP is relatively new but it is rapidly growing.

Almost every website can take advantage of it but if you’re using WordPress then it is too easy for you.

You just have to install the official plugin and set up it and use it.



These are the details of the mobile SEO in which you will get to know about the meaning of mobile SEO, its importance, and ways to improve mobile SEO as well.

So if you follow all the above ways then your website will support numerous devices.

Mobile, internet, and technology is the future, and the future is now.

So you have to do your best to make your website mobile-friendly and hiring web design services will be a better option for that.

Once your site is mobile-friendly then the chances of getting more and more visitors will high.

Along with this, you are able to make high sales into your business.

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