Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

In this article, I am going to talk about the top 3 digital marketing trends for 2022. If you need to know more about digital marketing, check the following link: 11 Helpful Digital Marketing Tips to Write Better Content.


Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Let's get right to the point:


Accelerated Online Shopping Adoption

The past year has seen a dramatic rise in online shopping. The movement from brick-and-mortar stores to the online space has been happening for years but with huge portions of the global population being locked down for months at a time, the rate of online shopping adoption has gone through the roof.

Couple this with the fact that people are spending more of their time online than ever before (people spend an average of 192 minutes per day online as compared to 170 in 2019) and you can see that this is the age of the digital marketer.

This article will discuss three digital marketing trends we can expect to see more of in 2022. These are by no means new developments in marketing but are ones that we are going to see come to the fore through the year.


Voice Search and No-Click Searches

Traditionally SEO has been obsessed with the number 1, page one of Google. Now, we are seeing that coveted spot supplanted by the number 0 spot. The information is featured on the google search page without even having to be clicked by the user. It is separated from the rest of the search results by a box at the top of the page.

Video Marketing Trends | Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

It might seem illogical that you would not encourage click-throughs to your site but the value is in the distinction of being a thought-leader and the visual contrast is worth more than a few clicks.

If you are aiming to get your content featured in this way then a good idea is to lay out your content using bullet points and tables as these are the formats they like to feature because it is clear, concise, and fits in the box.

Connected to this no-click search is voice search results. When you ask “ok Google…” your phone will immediately tell you in a robotic voice the answer which appears in the featured snippets. With 500million using Google assistant monthly, it’s a great idea to optimize your marketing with voice searches in mind.

People do not speak the same way they type so if you want to take advantage of this growing search method you should optimize your SEO search terms for more speech-based searches.


Inclusivity and Environmentalism

You only need to switch on the TV or read the paper to see the significance of inclusivity in today’s news narrative. Many demographics, especially younger millennials and generation z, are more and more concerned with the treatment of minorities and marginalized peoples and so being representative in your marketing content is an excellent idea.

It is a good idea to align your brand message, including your social media and even the types of product you offer so that they appeal to and are accessible by people of all races, genders, sexualities, and abilities. People have become sick of seeing the same, unchanging message presented over and over so why not mix it up? People will thank you for it if they sense that your message is genuine.

As with inclusivity, people are very concerned about the environment in 2021. Young people are aware that the single greatest challenge they will face in their lifetimes will be problems resulting from climate change. They are worried about the environment and want to know that the companies they buy from are environmentally aware.

Consider rehashing your video with some stock videos of environmental content, more representative subjects, and more diverse people as a low-cost way to do this.



This is an older trend that is seeing increased adoption through 2022 and relies on the idea that people want to engage with the content they see online and squeeze a little enjoyment out of their viewing and shopping experience.

Nike was one of the trailblazers with this back in 1999, with NikeID, now Nike by You, which allows customers to design their own trainers. This is still going strong and we’re seeing more and more companies take it on in 2022.

It can be as simple as putting a survey in a social media post or as extensive and involved as building an immersive VR world for people to interact with your product like Kit Kats 360 degree video which managed a remarkable 48% completion rate. The important thing is that people feel more engaged in a conversation rather than just being on the receiving end of a barrage of advertising.

Interactivity increases the amount of time people spend on your content and invites deeper thinking about the content if done well which is obviously good for engagement. Not only that, the increased time visitors spend with you, means that your ranking will increase in algorithm-based searches.


Final thoughts

These trends are some that we feel will be worth paying attention to for the end of this year and into next year. They by no means break the mold but if you want to be a part of the more progressive marketing language then we recommend you give them some consideration.


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