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To change Blog Options please go to WordPress Dashboard > Deep > Theme Options > Blog.

  1. Blog Template: Deep has 3 templates for blogs (default template, magazine, and personal blog).
  2. Blog Template Layout: After selecting a template, you can choose your preferred layout, as shown in the image below.
  3. Blog Sidebar Position: In this section, you can set the position of sidebar; right, left, or none.
  4. Excerpt Or Full Blog Content: You can show all the text or a fixed amount of characters to show for each post.
  5. Excerpt Length for Large Posts: In this section you can set the size of excerpt for large posts.
  6. Excerpt Length for List Posts: In this section you can set the size of excerpt for list posts.
  7. Blog Page Title: By using this option, you can disable blog page title which you have set from wp-admin > settings > reading.
  8. Blog Page Title Text: By using this option you can change the blog page title.
  9. Read More Text: At the end of each post in blog page, there is a button that opens more text to read. You can customize this button from here.
  10. Featured Image on Blog: This option shows the enable/disable status of featured images.
  11. Default Blank Featured Image: When this option is activated and a post doesn’t have featured image, an image is set by default as a featured image.
  12. Post Title on Blog : This option enables you to disable/enable all the post titles in blog page.

In this tab, there are options included for sidebar. Options such as template, padding, margin, switching between different types and widget titles

  1. Sidebar Layout: The sidebar layout contains different types for different designs of sidebar.
  2. Widgets Custom Padding/Margin Options: By enabling this option, fields related to padding and margin will appear between widgets that you customize or use the default fields.
  3. Widgets Title Options: By using this option, new fields will appear which are as follows:
    1. Title Shape: The option to switch between different types of widget title.
    2. Widgets Title Margin Option: Margins for titles.
    3. Widgets Title Padding Option: Padding for titles.
    4. Widgets Title Border Option: Border for titles.

Single blog page options are included in this tab. Here are the options:

  1. Single Post Sidebar Position: With this option you can set the sidebar to left, right, or none.
  2. Featured Image on Single Post: The option to enable/disable featured image in single posts.
  3. Next and previous post: The option to activate navigation between posts (next and previous post).
  4. Social Share Links: Activating social sharing for single posts.
  5. Social share layout: One of the theme features is the possibility to share blog posts on your socials. You can switch between different types and select your favorite design.
  6. Single post Authorbox: By activating this option, the author box will appear at the end of the post.
  7. Recommended Posts: By activating this option, recommended post will be added at the end of the post.
  8. User Rating: In Deep theme, post author can check and rate the subject of the post and can consider items for rating and apply them in post back-end.

In single posts, there are post metadata which you can manage using this tab.

  1. Metadata Gravatar
  2. Metadata Author
  3. Metadata Date
  4. Metadata Category
  5. Metadata Comments
  6. Metadata Views 

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