Content Slider Shortcode


To build an in-page slider, you can use Content Slider shortcode.

Here is how to use this shortcode:

1- First, go to the page you have created and in page builder shortcodes, select Content Slider shortcode.




2- Now you will see the shortcode’s settings. It contains 4 tabs:

  • General: You can adjust the Height and Speed of the slider in this tab.
  • Arrow: You can adjust Arrow Type, Arrow Position and Arrow Color in this tab or set your slider as Without Arrow.
  • Bullets: You can set the bullets type on none or use 9 positions which are available in this tab. If you would like to use this element to show slider counter, you can set Background Color and Number Color as well.

and save changes.



3- What you can see now is as the image below. The blue color is referring to the basic settings which were mentioned above. The yellow color is referring to the settings that are supposed to be in Content.


4- You have 2 tabs here by default that by clicking on ‘+’ you can add new tab and by editing the tab, you can adjust the slider basic settings from the yellow section. These adjustments include 3 tabs that are as follow:

  • General: You can adjust the width of this tab, edit the title or set extra class for Custom CSS.
  • Background: You can adjust the background settings.
  • Animate: You can set the animation of appearing this slider.(the way the slider appears)


5- In any main tab that we can name slider, it is possible to put a ROW within and even an Inner Row that you can put any shortcode (all Webnus shortcodes, except Content Slider) you prefer within them. We had no plans to put slider within another slider and if it happens, it causes conflict, otherwise you have no limits to use this shortcode. Also, without adding a new ROW, you can add the shortcodes, but by using ROW, because you can add columns, you have more options to build creative sliders. You can see an example of an slider back-end here:




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