Creating a Post


To add a post, go to WordPress Admin > Posts > Add New.



Before doing anything, keep in mind that you can show page elements from Screen Option if you do not see them.

Let’s get down to it:

  1. Post title goes here.
  2. You can change post permalinks here.
  3. Here you can add a description to your post. You can use visual editor to customize posts and set color, links, alignment, list, etc. for them. You can also use WPBakery Page Builder, check this link to learn how.
  4. This is WordPress’s default text and visual editor. Text editor gives you the HTML view (tags) and visual editor gives you the view that your visitors see, i.e. frontend view. If you need to see the shortcodes go to the text editor.
  5. Post Options.
  6. Here you can add a summary of your posts. If you are using page builders for these posts it is recommended that you fill out these fields.
  7. Here you can set the format of the post.
  8. You can set a new category here. It can also be done by going to WordPress Admin > Posts > Categories.
  9. Here you can add tags to your post.
  10. You can upload or use an already-uploaded image as your feature image. We recommend that you use featured images for you website and that use images that have the same height and width, preferably.
  11. Here you can set the mode. You can set your post to be draft, pending, or published. Only publish if you have completed the post.


Click the link below to learn more about posts.


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