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In general, you can start from here to add posts WordPress Admin > Posts > Add New



Before anything, you should know that you can appear page elements from Screen Option.
No1: Enter Post Title here
No2: You can change Post Permalinks here
No3: Enter description post. You can use Visual Editor bar to customize the posts and set color/link/alignment/list etc so you can create your preferred posts. You can also use WPBakery Page Builder in these pages, please check this article.
No4: It is WordPress default Text Editor and Visual Editor. In Text Editor mode, you will see HTML tags and in Visual Editor you see as Front-End. In Text Editor mode, you can see the shortcodes more easily.
No5: It is Post Option which has been explained in this article.
No6: In this section, you can add a summary of the posts. If you use Page Builder in these posts, it is recommended to put them.
No7: It sets the Post format.
No8: It is possible to set a new category here. You can also do it from WordPress Admin > Posts > Categories.
No9: You can add this post tags.
No10: You can upload featured images from here, or if you have uploaded them already, you can select them from here. It is recommended to use featured images and please note that the width and height should be preferably the same, because it helps the appearance of your site.
No11: It sets your post mode, you can set your post as Draft/Pending/Published. If you have completed the post, now you can publish it.



Check this link for more information on posts.


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