Gallery Options

Gallery Options:

When from Installing Plugins in Deep Theme, you open the Webnus Gallery Plugin and activate it, a new menu called Gallery Option in theme option which has two submenus. Here is an explanation of two submenus:


1- Basic Options: There is an item show/hide here which you can use to show the title of archive gallery page. When the item is in hiding, the title doesn’t appear on the page. When it is on Show, you will see a title on an archive page. You can change the text of this page as you prefer here.



2- Set Gallery: We have included TheGrid in Deep Theme, you need to have the plugin installed in order to use archive gallery. After installing and activating this plugin, the option Set Gallery will be added to theme option as a submenu of Gallery Option. Please note that you should have created a new gallery already with the help of this link or import a new gallery. Then, a dropdown list will open that shows all your grids. In order to use the grid in gallery archive page, your TheGrid should be created by Webnus Gallery Post Types, otherwise, no gallery will display.

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