For changing Theme Options go to WordPress Dashboard > Deep > Theme Options > General.


there are a number of options under General tab that you can enable or disable. These are:

  1. Responsive: This option shows the status of responsive mode.
  2. CSS Minifyer: By enabling this option, theme CSS is minified and performance and loading speed will improve.
  3. Adaptive images: Please follow this link.
  4. Smooth Scroll: This option is to activate or deactivating smooth scrolling.
  5. Preloader: By enabling preloader, one preloader is added to frontend before loading the content and will be shown until the website loads completely.

Here you can play with the container and change the size of containers. Options are:

  1. Layout: This option enables you to select your primary layout which has two modes: boxed and wide.
  2. Wide Container: The wide container option which is also used in the demo, increases the container width to max and you can create full sections with it.
  3. Container max-width: To set the container size on the desktop.
  4. Mobile Container max-width 768px: To set smartphone container size
  5. Mobile Container max-width 480px: To set smartphone container size
  6. Mobile Container max-width 320px: To set smartphone container size.

The scrollbar options enable you to customize the scroll which is on the right side of the browser.


The back to top options enables to disable/enable or customize back to top button. 

Fast Contact Form

It is shown in bottom right corner in front-end.

Toggle Top Area

It loads a small plus icon to the top right corner of your website.By clicking it, it opens and shows the content that you set before. To add content, Go to appearance > widgets and add your desired widgets to Toggle Top Area Sections widget areas.

Admin Login Logo

With this option, you can set WordPress Admin logo instead of the WordPress default logo.


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