Header Elements

You can drag and drop elements and place them on the right, middle and left cells.

You can change settings on how the element is displayed within the layer. Hover over the element and click Edit.

Note: You might not want the top bar (or some of the header area row), so you can take all the elements out of the row to make the theme disappear.

Header Builder Elements


logo element Logo: Upload your logo and style it.

menu elementMenu: Menu list for site navigation. This element comes from the main WordPress menus.

search elementSearch: Insert a search form to your header.

login elementLogin: Login widget provides access to common options for your users.

icon content elementIcon Content: Display a specific message with a clear and attractive icon.

Hamburger Menu element Hamburger Menu: Display a type of navigation that is very popular especially in mobile devices.

social elementSocial: Show the social media icons, depend on your setting in theme options.

google mapMap: Display a location on Google Maps.

cart elementCart: Display a cart if you have a shop site, integrated with WooCommerce plugin.

contact elementContact: Display your forms in modal way, integrated with Contact Form 7 plugin.

button elementButton: Create any kinds of buttons that you want.

text elementText: a block text.

language elementLanguage: Display a language switcher for multilanguage websites, integrated with WPML plugin.

weather elementWeather: Display weather widgets, integrated with WP Cloudy plugin.

icon menu elementIcon Menu: Create a menu with icons. The content of this element comes from the main                                                      WordPress menus.

wishlist elementWishlist: Display wishlists if you have a shop site, integrated with WooCommerce plugin.

profile elementProfile: Display name, avatar and social network links, suitable for personal or CV/Resume                                        websites.

date elementDate: Display time and date.

advertisment elementAdvertisement: Display advertisement banner or put HTML codes in there.



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