How To Setup BuddyPress Demo

In this article, we would explain the steps of importing to running a forum with Deep. Stay with as we show you the steps:
First, you need to apply the required configuration on your site. This link will help you in this regard:
Then, you need to install Buddypress pre-required plugins to import the demo, please do the steps and if you need any help, check this link:                  and import BuddyPress demo.

Now that you have installed all the recommended plugins of BuddyPress and imported the demo, you need to set the main pages to create a forum. To do this, follow these steps:
Go to Dashboard WordPress > Settings >BuddyPress

Components Tab

You can enable or disable your preferred components based on your needs. For more information about Components, check this link please:             You can activate all the components.

Options Tab

In this tab, you can set template pack and some other features are available which you need to adjust them. It is strongly recommended to adjust Template Pack on BuddyPress Legacy which shows you the main template created for Deep. This option should be set as the following image, then save the changed and go to the next tab.

Pages Tab

You can set the required pages in this tab. By installing BuddyPress and importing the demo, pages will be built but you need to make sure these pages are set for BuddyPress. Before anything, go to WordPress Settings > Permalinks and set permalinks on Post Name and save so the pages link will appear nicely. Go back to this tab settings and set the pages. You can also get view here. Now it is done and you can use Deep and BuddyPress alongside each other.
Here we explain some plugins which are related to the forum.

For more information and more details on the plugins, please check these links:

In the links mentioned above, you will get to know the plugins that are compatible with Deep and BuddyPress which can help you in completing the forum.

For instance, to adjust the article forms, you need to have Social Articles installed, then go to the menu in WordPress Settings > Social Article and from form tab, adjust the order of forms for sending a new form, then in Front-End, go to Article and create articles.

Install the plugin WP ULike and use Like and Dislike for topics and posts.

Install the plugin Invite Anyone and create invite your friend’s section. This plugin is also compatible with CloudSponge.
By the plugin BuddyPress Follow, following members on the forum will be available.

Here we explain some important adjustments for BuddyPress which can be helpful.

In Deep, you are able to personalize your profile. Please go to WordPress Users > Profile Fields and by the available form builder, create a specific form to customize and personalize the user’s profiles. To set social networks, user their names. To create a form with your preferred fields, click on add new field and create your preferred field. The items of each field will appear beneath that field.

In front-end, go to Profile and adjust your profile settings. For other general adjustments, you can check the plugins documentation and BuddyPress.

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