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If you have imported one of the Deep demos and have made some changes in theme options but they are not as you want, or you want to get a backup from the changes you made in Theme Options or for any other reasons, you can use this option. Go to Import/Export menu in Theme Options and follow the steps below.


Import Options

There are 2 options to import, one from URL and another via the file.
To use URL, you need to put the URL in the related box and import.
But via the file, you need to go to the file and paste all the content in a related box. If you want to import theme option content form one of the demos, refer to your preferred demo folder in DummyContent folder.



Export Options

To get export from all the settings which you have set in Theme Options of Deep Theme, you can use one of these 3 buttons.

  • The first one from left, you can provide us the content.
  • The second one prepares the file for downloading.
  • The last one provides us the URL.

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