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The general use of King Composer is like WPBakery Page Builder WPBakery Page Builder

King Composer


There are two modesو Live Preview and Back-End Editor in King Composer which you can use Page Builder live.



KC (King Composer) is a strong and fast plugin. if you have a little knowledge and experience of using WPBakery Page Builder, you can use it smoothly.


In the marked box with #1, you can create a row and row columns at the same time. After adding a row, you can also make changes in columns, #2 is referring to this. If the columns set by King Composer are not properly set, you can set them manually based on 12-column and apply them.

The column structure used in Deep is 12, this is why it should be based on 12.

If you want to have a row as 2column 4column 4 column 2 column do as follows:

2/12 + 4/12 + 4/12 + 2/12

That based on deduction it would be:

1/6 + 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/6

This is also possible to right click on your preferred shortcode or ROW and do some functions such as copy, paste, edit or delete.



Another feature of KC is that you have the possibility to restore the items that you have deleted from page builder. Remember that only the 10 last items will be restored.



Press Ctrl + S in KC and it saves automatically and the page cache will be cleared. Because this plugin has a cache clearing system.



When you are working as live preview editor you can check the responsive mode at the same time.


To use all features of King Composer, you can activate PRO version of this plugin from this link:


King Composer


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