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When you want to publish a post in Deep, you have many options available. This article can help you find the best option.

From WOrdPress-Admin > Posts > Add New create a new post and add title and description for it. Complete Feature Images, Category, Tag and…, then go to Webnus Post Options section and the general appearance is as follow.


Webnus Post Options are as follow:

  • Post Style
  • Recommended Postes Style
  • Post rating
  • Video or Audio iFrame
  • Post Excerpt
  • Review description

Now we explain each one individually.

Post Style

In Post Style we have one field select in which there are 6 types. Except Inherent from Theme Options type, the rest is as follow which we have put on image.


Recommended Postes Style

Post rating

It is possible to add Post Rating in back-end. By +Add more button you can add a feature from posts to rating and set it and put it as review in front-end page. By using the red symbol in front of each row, you can remove it. In the last Webnus Post Options box, there is the Review Description which is marked in the image that where it will be shown.

Video or Audio iFrame

To put Video or Audio in post, when you take it out from post format, here is a proper space, it is plaved before featured image.

Post Excerpt

It is post summary which we recommend you to use in your posts, it will help seo too.

Review description

Refer to Post Rating.

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