Shop Options


Shop tab is provided to manage layout and disable/enable shop and products features, and by using this tab you can reach to your preferred layout.

  1. Shop Page
    1. Shop Layout: It gives you the ability to change the sidebar position.
    2. Default on Grid or List? : Shop, in Deep Theme has 2 types of grid and list which you select the default.
    3. Products per row: Selecting the number of products in each row.
    4. Shop Page Title: By this option, you can disable or change the shop page title.
    5. Shop Page Title Text: This option will be enabled and displayed after enabling the option Shop Page Title.
    6. Show/Hide Sidebar: disabling/enabling sidebar. View here
  2. Product Page
    1. Show/Hide Upsell Products.
    2. Show/Hide Related Products.
    3. Product page title Show/Hide.
    4. Product page title. View here


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