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Deep Theme is a product of Webnus and in it we have included a number of plugins plus two premium sliders (Slider Revolution and Layer Slider). According to Envato rules regarding plugin license, we can only update the plugins with the theme. So, you need to get the license from Codecanyon. You can use the following button to receive license.

Purchase Slider Revolution Purchase LayerSlider


By purchasing the plugins, while supporting the plugin’s author, you will enjoy earlier updates and technical support.

However, your purchase of Deep does not give you license for Slider Revolution and Layer Slider to use or download as you wish. Due to license rules, we can only release new plugin updates when we release theme updates. So anytime Deep is updated, the latest versions of Revolution Slider and Layer Slider will be included. This is in compliance with licensing rules enforced by Envato, and out of our hand. In addition, this also ensures that we fully test the plugin to make sure there are no critical bugs that are in conflict with our own update. This has the benefit of every version being tested before inclusion in the theme.

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