White screen (blank page) after installing theme

To fix this issue, here we are providing some solution for it:

1. Disable Plugins

If you can still access your admin area, a quick way to fix this is to navigate to “Plugins” and select “Deactivate” from the bulk actions menu. This will disable all of your plugins. If this fixes the issue you’ll need to find the culprit. Start activating them one by one, reloading the site after each activation. When your front-end goes down, you’ve found the misbehaving plugin. You can then reach out to the plugin developer for help or post a support ticket.

If you can’t access your admin area, you can FTP into your server and rename your plugins folder to something like plugins_backup. Then check your site again. If it works, then you will need to test each plugin one by one. Rename your plugin folder back to “plugins” and then rename each plugin folder inside of if it, one by one, until you find it.

2. Resolve Syntax Errors

If you were editing the code on your WordPress site and you accidentally mistyped something or have the wrong syntax. One bad character in the wrong place could take down your entire site. Yes, this is kind of scary! That’s one reason why you should never edit code on your live production site.

You can always connect to your site via FTP and revert the change you made manually. If you don’t know what changed caused it, this is why you should have a WordPress backups file.

3. Switch On Debugging

To enable debugging you’ll need to open the wp-config.php file of your WordPress install. Within it you should find the following line:

define(‘wp_debug’ false)

You’ll need to replace false with true and reload your site. If it doesn’t exist, you can add it to the top.

4. Increase Memory Limits

This can be done through the wp-config.php file on many installs.

upload_max_filesize = 32M

post_max_size = 48M

memory_limit = 128M

max_execution_time = 300

max_input_vars = 1000

max_input_time = 300

Php: version: 5.6.40

5. Check File Permission Issues

Permission and ownership issues can cause problems, make sure all of the file and folder has the correct permissions.

files should be 664 or 644,

folders should be 775 or 755

and the wp-config.php file should be 660, 600, or 644

6. If all the above steps didn’t help you, activate one of the WordPress default themes and check it again, if your site is loading default theme properly, we need to check your site back-end for more investigation, please create a new ticket and let us check your site.