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WooCommerce is an open-source, completely customizable eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs worldwide. We have included five WooCommerce add-ons in Deep Theme to help professional stores. Go beyond the confines of traditional eCommerce solutions, and be limited only by your own imagination.

1. Variation swatches for WooCommerce

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce is a plugin that provides a much nicer way to display variations of different products. This plugin will help you set a style for each attribute as color, image, or label. With this plugin, you can present product colors, sizes, styles and anything else in a fancier way; ways that are not supported by vanilla WooCommerce. Using this plugin you will have more options for showing your products’ variations with various swatches. Plus it does not mess with the default dropdown style that WooCommerce has so; you don’t need to worry about that. What you need to worry about is deciding what color, image, or label to add to each attribute in the management page, since there are so many of them. From the product editing page, you can take advantage of its quick-add feature.

Variation swatches for woocommerce


2. YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers

According to research, best sellers are products that sell best. Genius huh? Let us not concern ourselves with what best seller is but how to achieve it. Its simple. You just find out which of your products is selling more, then use YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers to create a section for them. This way you can present your best selling products in a manner that is bound to get some attention. Your users can find the best deals easily and you can sell more products. Its a win for all!

YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers


3. YITH Woocommerce Compare

YITH WooCommerce Compare is an extension of WooCommerce that allows your users to compare various products of your shop. The selected products are displayed in one single table and the users can compare and contrast them. When configuring your product, you can set different features for them. You can also add a simple widget that contains a list of the products that the users have added so you can manage them easily.
Oh and one more thing. Remember that compare table we talked about? Well you can customize that as well.
Yith Woocommerce Compare


4. YITH Woocommerce Quick View

You seen those small images on product cards that really strain your eyes to understand what is it that you’re looking at? That’s really annoying. But fear not my friends for YITH WooCommerce Quick View is here to save you. With Quick View your users do not have to go to the product’s page to read its description and see its image. They can do that while scrolling the list of the products. This way they can easily navigate to what the like in one page and not having to open a bunch of pages and examine the contents of each separately. I mean it’s convenient, what else do you want?

Yith Woocommerce Quick View

5. YITH Woocommerce Wishlist

How nice would it be if you could create a wishlist of the items you want and share it on social media? Very nice. In fact, it’s good for both the user and the website. Users can get feedback from their friends on social media by sharing a list of products on your website and you increase the chances of creating more users by this. It’s like free advertisement, or more technically, it increases indirect sales. Just imagine during the holidays or birthdays, how many people will be looking at your user’s wishlist and say “oh let’s get this for her”. To help this, all you have to do is install WooCommerce Wishlist and it will generate a link of your product that can be shared with others.

Yith Woocommerce Wishlist


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