Currency Options

You can change the currency for your event’s cost plus its appearance in this part of MEC plugin settings. Setup your event calendar currency options below:

Currency Options in Modern event calendar plugin

Setting up your event calendar currency options:

  1. Currency: Here you can change the currency for the ticket.
  2. Currency Sign: If you cannot find the currency label in the top drop-down box, then you can manually add it here.
  3.  Currency Position: You can set where to display the currency label.
    a. After the number
    b. Before the number
  4. Thousands Separator: Change the sign of the separator.
  5. Decimal Separator: Change the sign of the decimal separator.
  6. No decimal: Remove the decimals and show an integer.

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Vinicius Brand October 11, 2019
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Hello. Before purchasing your plugin I would like to know if it accepts more than one currency at the same time for bookings. For instance, I want to have one event being charged in BRL and the other being charged in EUR. This must be linked to Paypal.Thank you.