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Modern Event Calendar is integrated with Google Maps and helps you show your event location on a map. The plugin needs an API key to interact with Google Maps API and fetch your requested map. For activation, check the Settings > Modules > Google Maps Options.

Google Map - WordPress Event Calendar

1. Getting the API Key

a. Click here or click here to get a key from google. When the page is fully loaded, scroll down and click on GET A KEY:

Google Map API - WordPress Event Calendar

b. Sign in to your Google account. If you don’t have a google account yet and need help for registering please check out this link before moving on.

 c. After logging in, the user will be directed to the following page. Choose Create a New Project from the drop-down menu then click on continue.

Google Map API - WordPress Event Calendar

d. Congratulations you got the key!

Google Map API - WordPress Event Calendar

e. Copy your key here. Now, Modern Event Calendar can interact with Google Maps!

Google Map - WordPress Event Calendar

Please Note

To use GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude), first you need to enable Google Maps Geocoding API for your API Key.

Please go to the following to find Google Maps Geocoding API, and click on the name, then in the new page click on GET A KEY for your API. Also, to add GPS coordinates, please go to

Google Maps APIs

2. Zoom level:

You can change the zoom level using this option.

3. Google Maps Style:

Set a style for your map on single event page. You can find these styles by their name on Google.

4. Direction on single event:

There are two different styles for showing your exact location on the map.

Map - WordPress Event Calendar
Google Map API - WordPress Event Calendar

5. If you activate Google API on your WordPress plugin or theme by checking this box, MEC will not load API again.

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